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Found 3 results

  1. Has anybody tried to prevent salitre by making long cuts in the plaster above the base boards to give the moisture an excape exit instead of climbing up your walls and causing salitre. Our contractor Gustavo has recommended this approach claiming that it is successful 90% of the time. I just wanted to know who else has tried this remedy, and did it eliminate much of the salitre problems. Thanks in advance.
  2. If anyone is considering using his services, you are welcome to contact me privately. After 6 months working with him as architect/builder, we have separated him from the project. For anyone who has built a home anywhere, you will know this was/is a big decision. Beyond my comments, there are other sources of information on his work. For those of you that live locally, Francisco Nando of Las Salvias Aluminum is aware of some architectural review board that covers architects, including those from Guadalajara. If you are aware of this source, you can check on your own or check with Francisco in how to access that information source.
  3. Guys, I realize this is a common topic on this forum. And there is lots of information about salitre rearing its ugly head. I realize that information on this forum can easily get outdated, especially with new techniques being developed every year. We live next to an arroyo and have a beautiful green tropical style garden, due to those factors salitre is horrendous in our home but worse only on certain parts of the home and walls. Last year we had a local handy man dig out the affected areas, refill them and paint the whole house. The walls looked great for about two weeks then the salitre started to bubble out again to our horror. I've heard it rumored that a Canadian guy who claims to be an expert who has a permanent fix for the problem lives in the area. Most of the so called experts have a temporary fix that they guarantee for 3 to 4 years. So, who are the best at fixing salitre and what has been people's most recent experiences with them. Thanks.
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