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Found 6 results

  1. looked in the archive and all I could find was a posting 2013. Has anyone has eyebrows done recently? Dermika, Penache? anywhere else? .
  2. I am sure glad I am a Canadian, I recently went to check travel advisory on the Canadian gov. website, I am quite safe to trave lalmost anywhere, than I went to the USA travel advisory. site.let it be hold! I can not go anywhere!, to my condo in ixtapa any more or visit my friends in manzanllo. Cosider becoming a Canadian we are a lot safer here than our American friends! a
  3. There are 2 areas in my garden that are hidey places for mosquitoes. I do ot use pesticides in my home or garden and use DIY products that I know are safe. I am looking for a formula that will KILL mosquitoes not just repel them. I have organic vegetables growing in my garden, dogs, cats and birds. So the spray needs to be very safe. Would appreciate any recommendations.
  4. Hola amigos, I've lived near seis esquinas((very safe these days as apposed to 2-3yrs ago)) for the past 3 years, in a very Mexican street/Mexican house((partner is Mexican)). We fancy a change of scenery and really like some houses in Ribeiras de Pilar-some agent friends have said it's quite isolated and not that safe for ladies to walk on their own, especially at night. Any Ribeiras residents feedback would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for reading. Saludos y k tenga una semana santa.
  5. Hi Ladies/Gents, We are a 40 year old couple. I have lived in the 'hood' for the past 4 years((seis esquinas)) but am now very close to sealing the deal on a house in Lower La Floresta (block or 2 West of Walmart & block down from the Carretera). Security is paramount for my family, but we have just fallen in love with this house. It's on a prominent corner, not hidden away and is quite large, which hopefully helps and not too far from a school. I would be looking to install latest barbed wire/security cameras/alarms etc and do have a dog. Not sure again if it makes a big difference, but my wife has a very large Mexican family who would visit us on a regular basis, so there would be lots of activity and cars coming and going. Would hiring a security guard personally or if a few neighbours agreed be viable option? I believe there are 2 security cars that patroll the estate 24/7? Anyone confirm? Any input, experience or advice from past/current residents or those long standing residents would be appreciated. Safety safety, but can't live in fear Keep smiling
  6. FOR SALE: ELECTRONIC FLOOR SAFE Model ES-031D for home or business. NEW, never used. Two-user electronic lock, allowing you to easily open the safe and change the combination all from the keypad. • UL listed fire resistant, Class 350 degree keeps important documents safe for over 1hr • Two hefty 16 (5/8") solid chrome plated locking bolts • Stationary locking bolt on hinge side to deter prying attack on hinges • Interior shelf • Pre-drilled anchor hole • Anchoring hardware & safe lock batteries included • Door thickness: 2½" • Dimensions: 52cm H x 41cm W x 45cm D (20½" H x 16¼" W x 17½" D) • Weight: 60 kg / 132 lbs Asking $4200 pesos obo. all (045) 331-296-7566 Bilingual.Tried to attach photo but don't think it worked. Link is http://www.cajasfuertesmexico.com/esp/index/item/29/29/caja-fuerte-digital-es-031d-medidas-exteriores-52-cm-x-41-cm-x-45-cm Ooops, so sorry, I didn't mean to post 3 times, but can't figure out how to remove 2 of them. Maybe a mod can help me. Thanks!
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