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Found 3 results

  1. Just as a warning to all! I was in my car outside of Benno's Computer on the Librimento waiting for my husband. I had the windows open because it was warm outside and was reading my email on my cell phone. A Mexican man came up to me on the driver's side and pointed to some keys on the ground next to my car and asked if they were mine. I opened the car door to pick them up and said they were not mine. My wallet was on the passenger side floor mat sitting up next to the divider. While I was distracted picking up the keys another person apparently reached in the window and stole my wallet (they were not my keys!) Lesson learned - never have your windows opened when driving or parked and always have your car locked whether you are in it or not! These were very experienced thieves looking for an opportunity. Within 15 minutes they had gone to Chapala and used my Mexican bank debit card to the tune of 18,000+ Mexican at Soriana's. Mexican banks do not refund money when your card is used. So take heed!
  2. We went to dinner, an hour and a half at max. came back, Jewerly & money all gone, they were in locked drawers.3 men & 1 woman. Here are their pics.
  3. Was at the Bancomer ATM at Walmarts at 1:06pm today Tuesday and was withdrawing money. Noticed a very large white man in Khaki shorts, large smooth head, large nose and I believe a hat but it was hanging by a strap right behind him. I withdrew my money and being nervous about a line behind me left the card in but I was standing afterwards nearby checking my grocery receipt. This fellow after me, withdrew 2,000 pesos without a qualm. Luckily for those that do not know, you can apply for an instant email alert for any withdrawals through the Bancomer bank and just about 4 hours later I was checking my email and discovered the theft and cancelled my card through the phone. So it is not always the natives to suspect when money is stolen, just to let you know. Do PM me if you want the details on how to check your balance and get the email alerts for any withdrawals. I was upset that Bancomer, Ajijic said I would not receive any refund because it was reported after 1:30pm and not if reported the same day. Still, I opened a security search of some sort and may (probably not) but hopefully receive a refund.
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