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Found 11 results

  1. Does have a recommendation for a local shop that might be able to do a simple (I hope) repair on a Thule bike carrier? Long story short, the wind up cable on one side never worked properly when we bought it. It looks like there are actually two cables and one has crossed over another. Since this was shipped from the US, it would cost more to send it back than it's worth. Any recommendations would be much appreciated! TYVMIA.
  2. Need to repair or replace kitchen cupboard doors and a drawer. Is there someone locally who can do this? I appreciate any help. 🙂
  3. I need someone to repair my treadmill which is not working. Does anyone know who I should contact? Thanks.
  4. Recently our outdoor gas heater stopped working. It starts but the gas cuts out quickly. Can anyone recommend someone in the Ajijic area who can fix it?
  5. Can someone recommend a person to repair the timer on my washing machine? TIA
  6. My iPad was deactivated and I need help to reactivate it. Anyone at Lakeside that can help me?
  7. I have been in Ajijic just 5 months so I am not yet familiar with all that is available to me. I only brought one pair of glasses with me and yesterday I noticed that one of my lenses is loose. Is there somewhere here in the village that I can take them for repair before they fall apart? Thank you
  8. Has anyone found a repairman here at Lakeside who can repair the motor in a treadmill?? The electric motor in mine is shutting off when in use.
  9. We have taken our 2009 Toyota Rav4 to Dalton Toyota (the one nearest the Gallerias and that Costco) twice since we moved here for maintenance and were never satisfied that they were doing what they charged us for. So we took a friend's recommendation and took our car to Ochoa's Garage in Joco this time for maintenance. They found that the filters had not been changed, the oil had not been filled to the capacity, and a number of other things that we had paid for at Dalton Toyota. My very strong recommendation to Toyota owners here at Lakeside is to forget about the Toyota dealterships and take your car to a reliable mechanic locally. It may cost the same but you will at least get what you pay for and our car now drives like a new car!
  10. Any one knows where I can have a digital alarm clock repair? I went on Colon, Ajijic also the guy in Chapala in front of the bus station and NO. It is not for the radio or getting up early, it is to know the time when I am awake during the night. May be I will have to invest in a new one. J. Guerin
  11. Is there anyone Lakeside that can repaire scratch on 50 year old photo??
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