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Found 9 results

  1. Is Lucy Velez at LCS still doing renewals
  2. Does anyone know if we can renew Mx. dr. licenses in Chapala again? If not here, then where? My license expires in June. I am moving to Nayarit. I will be there in May could/should I renew there? Thanks.
  3. Jalisco Car Registration renewal 2015 Car registration renewal cost for 2015 is 476 pesos If you pay in January you get a discount and only pay 405 pesos If you pay in February you get a discount and only pay 428 pesos If you pay in March you get a discount and only pay 472 pesos You can pay in banks but they may charge a commission from 5 to 13 pesos depending on the bank. You can also pay at convenience stores or online with a credit or debit card at sepaf.jalisco.gob.mx Costo de refrendo vehicular en 2015: 476 pesos Pago en Enero: 405 pesos Pago en Febrero: 428 pesos Pago en Marzo: 472 pesos Se puede pagar en bancos pagando una comisión que va de los cinco a los 13 pesos, depende de la institución bancaria El pago también se puede hacer en tiendas de conveniencia Se puede pagar vía electrónica en la página: sepaf.jalisco.gob.mx con tarjeta de crédito o débito.
  4. As many of you may or may not know my office has been taking US passport renewals personally to the consulate in Guadalajara due to the payment issue as they cannot accept cash when they visit Chapala so people have not been able to turn in their renewals to the consulate when they visit the area. When I went today they said that they will probably not come in August due to their inability to provide services as there is no way for them to receive payment after CI Bank stopped issuing US Dollar checks and they cannot accept cash or credit cards when they visit the Chapala area. As the issue of how they can receive payment is not resolved there is doubt about when future visits will resume until the issue is resolved. People who have passports expiring soon will need to go personally to the consulate to present their renewal or have our office do it and you or we can pay cash in US Dollars or Mexican pesos (if you go personally you can pay by credit card). Then the next issue is receiving the passport. Previously we had turned in renewals and had them flagged to be brought to Chapala / Ajijic on the next visit. As the "next" visit has not been defined people will need to personally pick up their passports at the US Consulate in Guadalajara, pay for Fedex to deliver it to their home, or contact the consulate and authorize me to pick it up when I do my weekly visit there. Today they were quoting turn around times of 6 to 8 weeks but also said that most come back in 3 to 4 weeks. People were asking about emergency passports and that is by appointment only and only for life and death matters so please plan your travel accordingly.
  5. Last month, June 2015, immigration circulated an internal update to their offices with changes to how they would treat renewals for people who have work permits. There was no change in the current immigration law or its regulations. This change was made at the whim of higher-ups in immigration. This change will apply to people who did not originally enter Mexico with an offer of employment work visa and will only apply to those who entered with a regular temporary visa and who later changed to a visa with permission to work. People renewing work visas obtained which were changed from temporary visas will be required to submit bank statements to prove that they either have income from outside Mexico or savings that meet the published Residente Temporal guidelines (400 times minimum wage or 28.040 pesos for income or 20,000 minimum wage or 1,402,000 pesos in assets. This makes no sense as one who is working in Mexico will not have income from another job outside Mexico. Also, the income limits are different for applications within and outside Mexico as outside the limits are less. Which income / asset standard will they apply? What is one qualified at the consulate for a lesser amount and now within the country they need to show a higher amount? To be clear, the law and procedure manual published on November 8, 2012 still states in Article 34 that for renewals one only needs to present a letter showing the person still has the same job and how long the job lasts. No other type of renewal visa asks for income documentation to be submitted. The only time a person needs to submit income documentation is if they renew late (regularizacion) or they change the condition of stay (cambio de condicion de estancia) to one where income / assets need to be proven. I am confident that we can win this on appeal or federal lawsuit but that is extra time and money and while we are on appeal they will not allow you to travel unless we file an amparo so you need to plan to be stuck in Mexico for a while. The first administrative appeal can take 4 to 6 months from the time you are denied until we receive a resolution and if we need to file a federal suit in the administrative tribunal (TFJFA) it can be another year extra until you get things back to normal. Those of you out there who are in this situation would be advised to save your money and plan accordingly so you will not have problems when it is time to renew. Lic. Spencer Richard Mc Mullen is an attorney and official court translator who has offices in Chapala and Guadalajara and specializes in immigration and administrative law and has litigated in all courts and wins his cases. Lic. Spencer may be reached at 376-765-7553 Chapala / Guadalajara (33)1592-3801 www.chapalalaw.com
  6. We took a client into Guadalajara today to renew their driver license. They had their original license issued in Chapala. They were given a fake license and the license was seized and cut in half, now the person needs to apply for a new license. Beware as many people may think they have a valid license and gave money to someone who pocketed it and printed a non existent license at Transito years ago.
  7. US Passport and US Tourist Visa Issues Currently the US government has an issue worldwide with its computer systems and this is slowing down the time for renewing US Passports and visas outside the US. Visa applicants who applied prior to June 9, 2015 seem to be ok but those who applied on or after that date have had their appointments cancelled and the following email has been sent out: " The Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs is currently experiencing technical problems with visa systems. This issue is not specific to any particular country or visa category. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working urgently to correct the problem and restore full operability. U.S. Embassies/Consulates are currently unable to process new applications submitted on or after June 9, 2015. Nonimmigrant visa applications who submitted their DS-160 online application prior to June 9, 2015, should plan to attend their scheduled appointment. If you submitted your DS-160 online application on or after June 9, 2015, please reschedule your interview appointment by following the instructions located on www.usvisa-info.com Individuals with urgent travel should follow the instructions for expedited emergency appointment found on: www.usvisa-info.com Sincerely, The Visa Information Service" Lake Chapala area residents have also experienced issues for passport renewals starting with the bank who would issue US Dollar checks for renewals losing their agreement with their partner US bank to do so making it impossible to pay for passport renewals when the consulate does their monthly visits to the Lake Chapala area. The only way to renew is to pay in cash at the consulate. They have also said that they may not come in July although nothing is confirmed yet. Current turnaround times quoted on the State Department´s web site have gone up to 4-6 weeks for regular passports and 8 business days for expedited (these used to be done in a day or two). My office offers the service of turning in passport applications at the consulate in Guadalajara (being able to pay with cash in Mexican pesos or US dollars) and giving instructions to bring the passports to the applicants on their next trip to the Lake Chapala area. The best advice is to renew your passport now if it will expire in the next 8 or 9 months as it may take a month or two to get it back to you and many countries want to see 6 months remaining when you enter. This is also good if you plan to travel this summer. The original news releases can be found at the following links for passports and visas http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/passports.html http://travel.state.gov/content/travel/english/news/technological-systems-issue.html
  8. Hi, I spoke to the US Consulate when they came today and there is currently no way to pay for consular services as CI Bank no longer offers checks and they do not accept cash or any other checks. They hope to have this remedied by next month. I asked and was given permission to take peoples passport renewals to the consulate in Guadalajara and turn them in there and pay cash and they could bring the renewed passport their next trip to Chapala. I am planning on going next Wednesday so if you need your passport by next month I would need your payment, photos and application as well as old passport or statement that it was lost or stolen, renewals only.
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