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Found 8 results

  1. My husband and I are seeking a property in lower Riberas that has a large yard for our dogs, but a small house of two bedroom, two bath. The property should be around 2-3 lots of 300 M2 each. Please call 765-7191
  2. Hi everyone, I am a 75 year old guy who has had( lets change that to who is having) a rather unconventional life and have recently decided to move to Ajijic from the Baltimore area. I am flying to Guadalajara on the 15th for a couple weeks to get the feel of the place before I sell my house. I would appreciate suggestions of a real estate agent who is honest, knowledgeable and who you personally like. and if anyone is interested, I would love to meet folks who have lived in Ajijic or Chapala for a while and who can help me get my feet on the ground a bit. I would happily take you to lunch or dinner to ease the flow of conversation. I am a vegan, although there seem to be many good vegetarian restaurants to choose from and I may have a young companion with me. I look forward to being in touch with anyone who would respond. With much gratitude, John Millen
  3. Hey all you rental experts. I do plan on consulting an accountant but I was curious to hear advice from those of you that are renting furnished properties. I just bought an apartment in Guadalajara that I will turn into a high end luxury short-term rental. I'm currently researching what the all in taxes are renting out the property on a short-term rental. Besides the annual property tax, which seems quite low compared to the USA and other places I own real estate, what are all the other taxes involved that are required as a non-resident American renting out their furnished property? I understand that there is an IVA tax (16% for interior of Mexico counties) as well as income/rental taxes. If someone can shed light on their experiences renting out short-term. I realize many probably don't declare all their income and therefore don't pay all the proper taxes but I always prefer to do everything legal. I also understand that there are several items deductible against the income tax like utilities, repairs, cleaning supplies, staff salaries, property management fees, property taxes and replacement of items, etc for Mexican citizens but looks like flat 25% tax on gross income for non-resident foreigners. I'm just trying to do some estimates of what the net taxes will look like. A huge thanks in advance for any information or insight you can provide on this topic along with your experiences. PS. I found this link online but it's a few years old so I wanted to see if this falls in line with your experiences: http://www.theyucatantimes.com/2014/11/facts-to-know-about-taxation-when-renting-your-condos-houses-or-villas-in-mexico/
  4. Hi, Can a tourist visa holder purchase real estate or does that person need to have temporal/permanent status. Thanks
  5. Can anyone recommend an agent locally that has commercial real estate experience or specializes in it.
  6. Hola amigos, I've lived near seis esquinas((very safe these days as apposed to 2-3yrs ago)) for the past 3 years, in a very Mexican street/Mexican house((partner is Mexican)). We fancy a change of scenery and really like some houses in Ribeiras de Pilar-some agent friends have said it's quite isolated and not that safe for ladies to walk on their own, especially at night. Any Ribeiras residents feedback would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for reading. Saludos y k tenga una semana santa.
  7. I am wondering what is happening with the property values / houses in the lake area and especially Riberas Del Pilar, is it worthwhile making an investment in a house at this time. Are the values still declining or have they started recovering?
  8. I remain undecided about a long-term stay in Ajijic for the moment. Does anyone live or know of someone who lives at this complex? It is avaiable on a short-term basis and can be booked via Airbnb with a credit card, which suits me fine. According to Google Maps it is only 2 kms. from the main plaza and very near the lake. The House Rules in the ad say that it is a quiet place and that neither parties or noise are allowed after 10 PM. If anyone is presently living there or has lived there can you post a comment? it would be appreciated. The pool looks large from the ad and from the Google Maps aerial view as well.
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