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Found 9 results

  1. For several years now, a group of friends have been attending a water exercise class in San Juan Cosalá, Purple Door B & B, using their pool. Purple Door recently was sold, and the new owners want to convert the facility into a religious retreat and they don't want us swimming there anymore. The water exercise class is an hour long, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting at 2PM. We do not use obnoxious music (in fact, no music at all). This is water resistance exercise, not aerobics. Each swimmer pays 30 pesos for a one hour class. We bring our own water exercise equipment (floats, styrofoam dumbells, etc.). The average class size ranges from 6 to 10 people, it can vary. When the weather is poor, we cancel, and we would cancel for other reasons as determined by where we end up having our class. So...does anybody have suggestions about a place we could check out for swimming? We need a heated pool, 4 to 5 feet deep. Please don't suggest the Aquatic clubs in Las Redes and Riberas. They want a club membership and are too rigid with their schedule. Montecarlo is out, too expensive, the big pool is not heated. Other suggestions welcomed! Contact Kathy Koches at kkoches@gmail.com
  2. We are looking for a long term rental or house exchange in the Ajijic area. My husband, son, age 10 and I will be here for a year while our son attends primary school in Ajijic. We need 2-3 bedrooms preferably with access to a pool or the Lake. I am a former creative director and designed environments for hospitals. My husband managed residential construction projects and is open to maintaining the property we rent. We are non-smokers, homeowners and extremely responsible. Excellent references. We have a beautiful, spacious 2 bedroom home with a pool in La Paz, BCS as a possible home exchange for 6-12 months. It is 3 blocks from the beach and includes our housekeeper, pool maintenance person, utilities, etc. Kitchen is equipped with Bosch appliances. It is modern, with lots of light and an open floor plan. I can forward photos and provide more information. Thanks for your consideration!
  3. Hello, I'm looking to purchase an automatic pool cleaner/robot. I'm interested if anyone here has one they're looking to sell, or can recommend a good shop in the Chapala/Ajijic area that has them on display or might know their stuff around these (haven't found as of yet with the 2 I tried in Ajijic). Happy for any information, gracias
  4. Our family is moving to Ajijic in July from Buffalo, New York. We are looking to rent a house. We have 3 kids that are enrolled at Instituto Terranova. We have been looking since Christmas time and have been down twice without finding a place we like. We will gladly take any suggestions and are planning to return later this month or early June to rent somewhere. Please see our requirements below and pm us is you have something. Thank you!!! Chris and Anne Marie Our requirements on a house are: 1) At least 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms - it is ok if there is a main house and a casita. More bedrooms and bathrooms is ok too; 2) In the village if possible, La Floresta is ok, West Ajijic, Upper Ajijic or Villa Nova is ok, but no gated communities. We like a more traditional looking house; 3) We need a long term lease - at least 1 year, probably 2 years. We will consider renting something from July - December and have more time to look once we are in the area, but we do not want anything month-to-month; 4) We would like a pool, but it is not absolutely necessary; 5) We would like to get a small dog, also not necessary. Our budget is $1000 - $2000 US a month including utilities and internet. We will pay more for more Thank you in advance for any leads you can provide!
  5. I am thinking of putting in a pool and patio this spring and am seeking advice and recommendations for: 1. Pros and cons of Chlorine vs salt vs ecosmart, 2. Pros and cons of tile vs pebbletec vs shotcrete or other 3. Recommended contractors 4. Ease or difficulty of maintenance 5. Anything else helpful and informative Thanks in advance for all constructive comments.
  6. Where to get magnetic filters for the incoming water to the aljibe? TIA Lots of sand and dirt coming!
  7. I am looking for a 2-3 bedroom house to rent in Ajijic. I have a nine year old child. We have no pets and are non smokers. We are currently living here and need a place from October 11th until November 30. We are looking for a place with a pool. A community pool would be great too - we like people! Please PM me. I have no car so I prefer the area near Casa de Waffle and as far east as La Floresta. We are the perfect fit for someone's place! Thank you, Barb : )
  8. Since our gardener, who also takes care of our pool, was here last Wednesday, the pool keeps draining below the skimmer, about 6". The gardener came out yesterday but he said he didn't see anything amiss. I have NO clue how it all works and my husband has had a look at it and doesn't see what it could be. Any pool experts out there? I HATE wasting water. Yesterday, we installed a new pool filtration system which requires no chemicals except for muriatic acid on occasion. Due to this change-over, we are required to run the pool pump continuously for the next day but the pump won't function if the water level gets too low. I have the phone # for Efryian (I know spelling is wrong) but I don't know how fast he'd be able to come out; I understand he's quite busy. I have had him out here for another pool reason and it took 2 or 3 phone calls for him to come. I read on another thread about a Carlos who works on pools. Would he come out for a 1-time thing? How are his fees?
  9. Has anyone installed a high efficiency or ultra efficiency pool pump ? Or have a lead on anyone who knows how to install one in the Lake Chapala area? I plan to purchase it in Canada - significantly cheaper - but will need a qualified installer once I get it to Mexico. Any experience or advice would be appreciated.
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