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Found 7 results

  1. Jose Louis Gonzales 331-326-4662 I had problems with my water pump (bomba) and had two different plumbers who came three different times and could not resolve the problem. I'm German and Scottish and my Italian neighbor (go figure) recommended a bi-lingual plumber (Spanish/English) who came out, took my pump to the shop to have the pressure valve(s) fixed, came back the next morning and reinstalled it and everything worked fine... but not until he replaced some guts in my toilet (which was leaking slowly and regularly into the bowl) and put a new pilot light unit on my hot water heater (which I requested) but the pilot still wouldn't stay lit (which I could verify) because the thermostat was bad. He had a bigger one for a different water heater which he brought back the next day and sold me for less than the actual model for my water heater, that works better than the original. This one will likely even save me propane. I recommend this lumber highly. His knowledge was excellent, he was punctual, his work skills commendable and his prices were reasonable and competitive.
  2. We have a blockage in a drain pipe that serves the toilet and the shower next to it. Despite 3 tries, our plumber has not solved the problem. The last effort involved 3 guys and a device that blew air at high pressure thru the drain pipe. That fix lasted about 3 days. Obviously, we still have an obstruction somewhere. We have heard that there is a camera that a plumber can put down the pipe to find where and what the problem is. Has anyone had experience with this, and if so, can you advise as to who has one of these cameras? TIA.
  3. Something keeps the toilet from flushing fully. Tried all the in house remedies, looks like I'll have to spend money to solve the problem. Hook up to street probably 30 years old.
  4. My jets aren't working on my jacuzzi bath tub. Anyone know of a plumber who is knowledgeable to fix this? Thanks.
  5. Some people I know will be moving to the Raquet Club, and I know they'll need employees. They are new to the area so won't have any leads on good people. I live in Ajijic, and my rolodex is filled with people who work around here. If any of you who live in the RC or nearby have recommendations for possible employees in that area, I'd love to hear them. The newcomers speak no Spanish, so employees with at least some English are even better, though not completely necessary. Thanks. Housekeeper Gardener Electrician/Plumber Handyman
  6. Need recommendations on excellent plumbers in the Lakeside area or even in Joco? I've got a pressurization system that is not working and may need replacing or reconfiguring in a fairly new house. Any names and numbers of reliable plumbers that will show up? I've also had trouble with lots of "no shows". Many thanks to all!
  7. Does anyone know of a person who has the equipment to locate an underground water leak? I've had a couple of plumbers over the last several months looking for the problem but so far no success. My pressure pump is coming on every hour or so but there is no evidence of water anywhere on the property. No standing water and no sink holes. We've pretty much eliminated the possibility of the leak being in the house or casita. The pressure tank has been checked and holds pressure if the nearby shutoff valves are closed. I did an air compression test a couple of days ago confirming that pressure drops rapidly with all valves turned off. Unfortunately the pressure they used must have widened the hole because after switching back to water the pressure pump comes on more frequently than before. I may need metal detectors to follow pipes or possible listening equipment to follow those pipes. Losing pressure that quickly should emit a pretty loud sound underground. I have a guy coming back tomorrow to try to locate a T junction so we can test one section of pipe but just in case that doesn't work I'd like to find someone else that has some higher tech equipment for the search.
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