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Found 6 results

  1. I have missed calls from this number for two days. When I try to call back, it is always busy. I have tried to text; it seems to go through, isn't giving me a "failed" notice. If it is Guadalajara, do i need to put a different prefix on the number to return the call? the number is 5517212700 Thanks for any insight you can give. Might be someone's cell from work, I don't know....
  2. Does anyone know the phone number for DHL in Ajijic?? I am back to Canada and I have a returned package with them, I urgently need to call this store to inquire about my package. I called DHL Mexico the other day and surprisingly even they do not have a phone number for their Ajijic store!! I really appreciate anyone could help me out here, and get their number when you are passing by their store. The returned package is very important to me and unfortunately DHL Mexico is not helpful at all. Thank you.
  3. Telecable service has been getting worse and worse. We even filed a complaint today in PROFECO against them. Their local office has no manager and the send button doesnt work to send complaints on their web page. I went to pay by bill for service in Guadalajara in Zapopan and all Telecable signs were down and now they are Izzi Telecom. They have been laying new fiber optic cabling here in Guadalajara, hopefully things will improve soon in Chapala. The representative said the new owner is investing alot, looks like they have good prices. https://www.izzi.mx/home
  4. can anyone give me the contact for La Belle Vida. It is run by Brenda Carol (sp). A friend wants a massage.
  5. My wife and I are moving to Ajijic in a couple of weeks, renting a 2 bedroom near Ajijic centro for a year. I see that most rentals have property tax included, some have some utilities included, and a few maybe all. To help us budget and bargain, we'd appreciate knowing some ballpark figures for expenses we might run up to keep the household running. Such as: Electricity? Propane (Is this what's commonly used for cooking)? Water (for potable H2O I figure we'll buy those big bottles)? Wi-fi? Land phone line? We won't need TV cable or a dish if all we do is stream through our laptop--and that's possible--right? Some places advertise that they have internet available. What's the value of this? Also, some rental listings include maid and/or gardener every 2 weeks. What is this service usually valued at? My sense is that all these expenses might add up to about $150/month. Does that seem about right, generally speaking? I've read about some of the unexpected adventures one might have when paying bills--we're just interested here in attaching some dollar or peso value to what we'll be paying. Thanks for your help.
  6. Here's my situation. I'm probably going through 700+ pesos a month in cell phone usage. (there's no changing that) But, like in the states, where you can get unlimited minutes with a cell phone contract, Is there nothing like that here through Movistar or Telcel, or am I locked into buying 100,200,300, pesos as necessary and dealing with the aggravation when I run out of minutes.
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