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Found 29 results

  1. I am going to write the Post that I wish I had found BEFORE my 3 trips to INM AFTER arriving back from the Consulate with my ''Permanente Visa Pre-Approval'.. After waiting almost 90 minutes on my first visit, I was advised that I needed to visit the bank & pay 4,828 pesos, using the form below to direct payment to the correct account... Upon returning with the receipt in hand, I waited another 45 minutes to learn that additional requirements must be met and the attached form would guide me in their preparation. Today, after waiting for ~60 minutes, I successfully completed Part 2 of the process after submitting the listed documents & copies (no photos required yet). I have received an email confirmation & exchanged my FMM - CANJE for a letter saying my application is being processed. Next, I was told to expect a 2 week wait, before needing to return to INM with photos for fingerprints... I'm getting excited...
  2. Wallet stolen in Walmart today, Wed. Aug.2nd. Several hundred dollars charged to Visa and Amex. Bank cards all reported and frozen. Does anyone know what info one has to supply to Immigration to replace my Residente Permanente card? Hopefully it is not as onerous as the initial application!
  3. My cards were stolen yesterday with some money, by a worker painting my casa, he is nowhere to be found, I need someone to help me replace permanente card...
  4. Hi. I had an hour session with an immigration consultant yesterday about options for applying for permanente status. I am ready to move forward with the process but had heard nothing but negative things about working with the local Mexican consul in the Seattle area where my legal domicile is established. She said that I can apply at any consul in the U.S. and that some have much better reputations for offering (and honoring) scheduled appointments as well as making the process a fairly quick turnaround. If I understand correctly, the usual process is an initial interview and doc presentation, followed by a return visit to pick up the visa several days later. Does anyone have a specific recommendation on a U.S. office they used? Of course, I understand that there has to be a visit within 30 days here in Mexico, but I'm fine with that part. Thanks for your information.
  5. A client just informed me that he was turned away at the Laredo, Texas Mexican consulate because he didnt have an appointment and that they said the visa process now takes 3 days. This seems to be a drastic change from before. Has anybody else experienced this?
  6. Can anyone provide clarification of what amount of deposit is required to show proof of when going Permanente? I am assuming they want 12 months of statements still but unclear also as to whether the deposit amount has to remain untouched during the 12 month period? Specifically, I renew late April to go Permanente, and will have my 12 months bank statements meeting just over the minimum amount required, but need to purchase a vehicle with Mex. plates so would like to use 60,000p from my account for this which would be about 30 days prior to INM renewal so would likely show in the last months statement that I withdrew that amount which might put me under the minimum balance. Is this going to cause a problem with INM? Thanks for all advice.
  7. Is there a penalty, fine or negative consequences if someone leaves Mexico on foot crossing in Tijuana without having turned in the lower portion of the FMM form to immigration for lack of finding Mexican immigration while exiting and then returns by plane from US to Guadalajara? Has this happened to anyone? What could one expect from immigration re-entering at airport as a residente permanente in this scenario? Could this jeopardize status as Residente Permanente? Any thoughts on this Spencer? Thanks.
  8. We are looking for a female retired expat for one full day a week, 10 to 5, flat rate $500 mn. Above standard housekeeping skills for 2bd/2ba, living dining kitchen office. Vacuum for area rugs. Full floor mop. Some food and party prep. Laundry and supervise afternoon iron person. Rotation of special clean projects. Additional work available periodically at rental house. Also possible party work and house and pet care when we travel. If you need to supplement your income this could work for both of us.
  9. 2015 Immigration Government fees (Attorney / Facilitator Fees Extra): Temporal 1 year $3,519 pesos 2 years $5,272 pesos 3 years $6,678 pesos 4 years $7,914 pesos Regularization Fee (Plus fines) $1,124 pesos Change fee to change up from tourist to temporary or tourist / temporary to permanent $1,124 pesos ​Permanent Fee (2nd Fee) $4,289 pesos Work permission fee (change for temporary) $2,642 pesos Lost / Stolen / Damaged Document Replace​ment Fee $1,083 pesos Permission to leave while document in process (Travel Letter) $360 pesos As of Dec. 30, 2014 published today in the DOF http://www.dof.gob.mx/nota_detalle.php?codigo=5377721&fecha=30/12/2014
  10. I have just returned from Atlanta where I visited the Mexican Consulate to initiate my request for permanente status. The experience could not have been better. Although the consulate was very busy I was sitting in front of the consulate official within ten minutes. She was extremely helpful, very nice and explained every step thoroughly. Within 30 minutes that detail was complete. I went out to lunch and the visa was ready when I returned. The Atlanta consulate has all requirements in English on their web site. http://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/atlanta/index.php/component/content/article/11-visas/302-visas-to-travel-to-mexico If anyone has questions I'd be happy to help. I have questions for anyone else that has received a permanente: I understand the Chapala office has moved. Can someone tell me where it is located? Is the local process complex? Can I/Should I hire someone to stand in for me with the local process?
  11. We are in week three of the process of nationizing our Canadian plated vehicle in Manzanillo. As this is a federal scenario I am looking to the Chapala group for some wisdom. We read and viewed the numerous forums and posts of the pros and cons of going to the border against hiring an agent to do it locally. With some good referral information we chose to go with a local firm who felt even with the recent delays and changes it would take only approximately 4-6 weeks. In the meantime our 4 years of temporal residente was finishing and we went to immigration to start the permanente paperwork which we understood could take 1-2 months to get the cards back. As we are returning back to Canada ( foolishly ) at the end of January we couldn't delay the permanente process at all. To our amazement the permanente process only took a week and yesterday we got our new cards. With all the research online, the answers were that we needed to have our car nationized or out of the country within ( some say) 5 days,15 days, 21 days (?) upon the change of visa status. So We asked the immigration official . She said that as the delays are being caused by the customs backlog and not by our doing, then so long as we had the receipt and a letter from the importer agent with us, we are legal. Hummm, a bit of Vegas rules here. So I ask the forum.. Does anyone have a recent ruling or knowledge of what is actual ? And secondly if there is a finite amount of time then if we were to park the car and wait and the paperwork comes for the car down the road sometime, will there be any issues when we go to register the car? BTW for the cars from specific provinces in Canada( BC and Alberta ) plus some others , where we don't have an actual car title just a registration form, it is required to do a process before the courts to swear you are the legal owner.
  12. HUGE Changes today (10 Oct 2014) to Mexican immigration law These changes apply to visas issued at Mexican consulates outside Mexico. I am assuming that there will be a publication soon applicable to people renewing within Mexico to harmonize the new lower financial requirements. Reduced income requirements for temporary residence, new income / asset requirements: Balances in bank 5,000 days minimum wage (67.29 pesos) $336,450 pesos or $25,164US, down from old minimum of 20,000 days minimum wage or $1,345,800 pesos or $100,658US at todays exchange rate. Monthly income 300 days minimum wage (67.29 pesos) $20,187 pesos or $1,510US down from old minimum of 400 days or $26,916 pesos or $2,013US 1. Original y copia de comprobante de inversiones o cuentas bancarias con saldo promedio mensual equivalente a cinco mil días de salario mínimo general vigente en el Distrito Federal, durante los últimos doce meses; o 2. Original y copia de los documentos que demuestren que cuenta con empleo o pensión con ingresos mensuales libres de gravámenes mayores al equivalente de trescientos días de salario mínimo general vigente en el Distrito Federal, durante los últimos seis meses. Permanent residents have same income requirements but lower asset requirements: Balances in bank 20,000 days minimum wage (67.29 pesos) $1,345,800 pesos or $100,658US down from old requirement of 25,000 days minimum wage or $1,682,250 pesos or $125,822US using todays exchange rate. Presentar los documentos que acrediten alguno de los siguientes supuestos: a. Jubilados o pensionados: 1. Original y copia de comprobante de inversiones o cuentas bancarias con saldo promedio mensual equivalente a veinte mil días de salario mínimo general vigente en el Distrito Federal, durante los últimos doce meses, o 2. Original y copia de los documentos que demuestren que cuenta con pensión con ingresos mensuales libres de gravámenes mayores al equivalente de quinientos días de salario mínimo general vigente en el Distrito Federal, durante los últimos seis meses. These changes should allow more foreigners to enter as temporary residents and start a small business as one needs their immigration document to be able to get CURP and RFC numbers to be able to set up a business. The changes also talk about requiring apostilles and translations for documents used at consulates but then also mentions the point system for permanentes so hopefully they publish it soon. Another publication should be forthcoming to integrate the changes published for the consulates for the practices with Mexico by immigration so that those within Mexico can take advantage of the new lower limits. The changes were published in the Diario Oficial today, Friday October 10, 2014 and take effect 5 business days after publication, Friday October 17, 2014 http://www.dof.gob.mx/nota_to_doc.php?codnota=5363602
  13. A great solution! Anyone want to sell US foreign plated vehicle? We might want it. We are relocating to a free zone and can take a US plated vehicle for anyone going permanent that is trying to figure out what to do with your vehicle. We have a Jalisco plated Ford Explorer we can leave for anyone that might want to exchange or buy. Let me know or just post some crazy, random, off the wall comment to add some color to this post! bidelacu@gmail.com
  14. If you lose your Mexican immigration card outside Mexico you need a special visa to enter Mexico, if you enter as a tourist then they will cancel your old temporary or permanent. You need a police report, photo, passport and payment of a small fee. I have been fighting with many Mexican consulates as they do not know what to do, I have made a sheet from their own manual telling them how to help foreigners in this situation, if you need it, print this file and bring it with you to avoid suffering consequences in Mexico for their bad advice. File is here http://www.chapalalaw.com/RoboExtravioVisa.pdf
  15. I'm going Permanente this coming winter- 5 years- and wondering if anyone can relate their experience with length of time it took from submitting the application in Chapala, until receiving their card. It would be in February, so pretty much middle of high season when volume is high and waits are longest. Any feedback appreciated! Thanks.
  16. So we learned of a new policy today with regard to people who have lived in Mexico for years and who are at present with a residente temporal document. Before the local office was not honoring prior years on FM2 and FM3 to count towards the 4 years to be permanent unless the renewal number was reflected on the current immigration card. Then recently the new format of the cards does not have the renewal number on them. Today we attempted to do a 2 year temporal renewal of someone who had a 1 on the back or their card and they did not accept the renewal saying that they are now doing a search of all prior years and people who have been here 4 years will be required to go permanent. People will need to review their prior years and history with immigration prior to applying for renewals or you may find they will not accept your temporary renewal and then you will have a fine time getting your money back from the bank. Kind of funny as today we were notified that we won an immigration appeal for someone who has lived here many years and they failed to count prior years for him to jump to permanent without financials even though we included copies of the prior documents. Go figure! This is good news for some but for others is little time to prepare for disposing of their cars in short order.
  17. Anyone selling who is worried about capital gains and where the notary is requiring them to be a Residente Permanente may want to share the following information with the notary, this was published today and should work for temporales to avoid capital gains as the law mentions a presumption that foreigners that sell their homes in Mexico are residents for tax purposes when they comply with the following: I. Declare under penalty of perjury a) That they are residents in Mexico for tax purposes (Here article 9 of the tax code says you are a resident if you have no home in another country but if you do then you would need Mexico to be the center of your interests and would need 50% of our income to come from here). So reading this I can see why if someone has 2 homes the notary would want them to be permanent or have working papers if temporary but not if they only have one home. Their tax home, or if you don't have one an address to receive notifications. The address can never be the property being sold. II. Additionally prove their condition as a resident of Mexico. This requirement is met with a certificate of tax residence (which we can get for you from the SAT office) or RFC sheet you get online with your CURP. Here is the text from the publication today in the DOF http://dof.gob.mx/nota_detalle.php?codigo=5336743&fecha=13/03/2014 Condición para acreditar que las personas físicas de nacionalidad extranjera que enajenan su casa habitación son residentes en México para efectos fiscales I.3.10.13. Para los efectos de los artículos 93, fracción XIX, inciso a) de la Ley del ISR y 9, fracción I, inciso a) del CFF, se presumirá, salvo prueba en contrario, que las personas físicas de nacionalidad extranjera que enajenan su casa habitación son residentes en México para efectos fiscales, cuando se cumplan los siguientes requisitos: I. Declaren, bajo protesta de decir verdad, lo siguiente: a) Que tienen la condición de residentes en México para efectos fiscales, en los términos del artículo 9, fracción I del CFF y, en su caso, de los tratados para evitar la doble tributación que México tiene en vigor. Su domicilio fiscal o, en su defecto, un domicilio para oír y recibir notificaciones. En ningún caso el domicilio señalado podrá ser o encontrarse en la casa habitación que enajenan. ............................................................................................................................................................................................. II. Adicionalmente a lo anterior, acrediten su condición de residente en México. Para tales efectos, se considerará que se acredita dicha condición con la constancia de residencia para efectos fiscales a que se refiere la regla II.2.1.4., o en su defecto, con la cédula de identificación fiscal referida en la regla I.2.4.2. I.2.4.2. Para los efectos del artículo 27, décimo segundo párrafo del CFF la cédula de identificación fiscal, así como la constancia de registro en el RFC, son las contenidas en el Anexo 1, rubro B, numerales 1, 1.1. y 2. ............................................................................................................................................................................................. Cuando la persona física que enajena su casa habitación no sea residente para efectos fiscales en México o no sea residente para efectos fiscales en el extranjero con establecimiento permanente en el país, no será aplicable la exención establecida en el artículo 93, fracción XIX, inciso a) de la Ley del ISR. En este supuesto, los fedatarios públicos, que por disposición legal tengan funciones notariales, estarán a lo dispuesto por el artículo 26, fracción I del CFF, respecto de la enajenación de que se trate, debiendo calcular y enterar el impuesto en los términos de lo previsto en el artículo 160 de la Ley del ISR. CFF 9, 26, LISR 93, 155, RCFF 5, RLISR 130, RMF 2014 I.2.4.2., I.3.10.6., II.2.1.4.
  18. I get different answers from the Immigration office in Guadalajara and in Chapala when I ask the simple question on need for working papers. One says yes, one says no!! Are working papers still required if you are Permanente or, like the old Immigrado, are they not required if you are earning employment income here in Mexico. Does anyone KNOW based on the law versus rumour??
  19. So there is good news and bad news. Immigration fees are rising a bit for 2014, that is the bad news, the good news is that for those of you who have the misfortune of losing your temporal or permanente document, the replacement fee is only $1,040 pesos instead of the full fee for the time you requested originally. New 2014 fees: Temporal 1 year $3,243 pesos 2 years $4,559 pesos 3 years $6,154 pesos 4 years $7,294 pesos Regularization $1,036 pesos Permanent Study fee $1,036 pesos Fee $3,953 pesos Also the laws published today refer to new guidelines for payment forms so be sure to check before using an old payment form.
  20. I was at a hearing in immigration today and they told me that they will be manufacturing cards now in Guadalajara and foreigners will receive them within 2 to 3 days after doing their fingerprints.
  21. Mexico Changes Regulations to its Nationality Law By Lic. Spencer Richard McMullen, attorney and official Jalisco State Court translator Today (November 25, 2013) Mexico published in the Official Federal Gazette (D.O.F) changes to correspond with the changes in the new immigration law. The new immigration law was published May 25, 2011, but did not take effect until after the regulations to the law were published on September 28, 2012 (both to take effect November 9, 2012, per the regulations). The changes affected other laws such as the Nationality Law, and repealed certain portions of the Population Law, such as requiring foreigners to pay for permission to marry or divorce. The changes in the new immigration law eliminated the immigration statuses of No Inmigrante, Inmigrante, and Inmigrado, and replaced them with Visitante, Residente Temporal, and Residente Permanente conditions of stay. For people who seek to become citizens of Mexico, these changes are important as they clarify uncertainty in the relationship between the two laws, although it will be interesting to see how it is implemented. The changes state that the Secretary of Exterior Relations will start to count the time on the new documents from the date the new immigration law took effect. So, most people with existing immigration documents will already have one year under their belt to count toward citizenship. Under the prior regulations to the Nationality Law and the current law, in order for time to count toward citizenship requirements, one must have resided in Mexico for a period of two to five years, as well as held a specific type of immigration document during that time period. The time period is 5 years for those who wish to acquire citizenship by virtue of residence in Mexico, and as little as two years for those with a Mexican spouse (same sex couples included) or those who were born in a Latin American country. The key here is the specific type of immigration document needed in order to count the two or five year period. Up to and until today, the document was Inmigrante (FM2) or Inmigrado. Many years ago this was not an issue, and people could count time on an FM2 or FM3 as well as inmigrado to be able to meet the requirement. The confusion began with the implementation of the new immigration law where the FM2 (Inmigrante) and FM3 (No Inmigrante) were made equivalent to the new Residente Temporal, and the old Inmigrado was made equivalent to the new Residente Permanente. More doubt existed when the rules to become a citizen referred to documents that no longer existed: and if the FM2 and FM3 were equivalent to Residente Temporal, and time on FM2 counted but FM3 did not, how would they handle that? The changes now clarify the position of the SRE (Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores), and, in my opinion, makes it easier for certain people to become citizens, as some people may only qualify to be Temporary Residents due to income or by choice (in order to be able to drive their foreign plated cars). Now (well, starting November 2012), their time as Residente Temporal will count toward the two or five years necessary to become citizens. Lic. Spencer Richard McMullen, Cédula Federal # 7928026, Perito Traductor Folio 641 Original publication in the DOF http://www.dof.gob.mx/nota_detalle.php?codigo=5323146&fecha=25/11/2013
  22. We have been informed of some changes to immigration procedures: Chapala will now want to see original passports with all immigration applications They want ALL pages of bank statements translated, it doesn't matter if all the goodies show on page 1, they are now asking for all pages. And this is on top of making people go to Guadalajara to pick up their new cards, they said they might send batches over or allow people with special circumstances have someone else pick them up, shall we document this by having granny flip them the bird while seated in her wheelchair?
  23. As of today the head of immigration in Guadalajara is no longer allowing facilitators or attorneys to pick up their client´s immigration cards and is requiring clients to go personally and pick them up.
  24. The only people that should enter Mexico as tourists are those who want to leave in 180 days. Immigration is checking and cross referencing and the law states that if you enter or exit as a tourist then you will have your temporal or permanente canceled. Why would people who have one of these documents risk losing everything including all the time and money spent? Some commons reasons: Ignorance about having to show their travel letter (or needing one when traveling while papers in process). Being too cheap to pay for a travel letter Not showing their visa sticker from the consulate in their passport upon arriving in Mexico. Having an ignorant immigration agent who thinks all foreigners are tourists and who tells you to sort out any problems at immigration NEVER leave the immigration counter if you were given a tourist visa and you are not a tourist, they will try to get rid of you but once you leave then you are stuck and risk losing everything. If your FMM form says 180 days then they marked you as a tourist. If you get a visa from a consulate and enter Mexico your FMM form will give you 30 days. Once you leave they will assume that you did wrong, not them and they will cancel your document. People with travel letters need to get both entry and exit stamps on the travel letter, show it at all times and do not let them take it. People whose document expired while outside Mexico may enter within 55 days of expiration and MUST show their expired document and not get a tourist card then apply for renewal within 5 days. A new trick is to call people into immigration and deny them the right to an attorney or translator and then trick them into confessing that they entered wrong and have them sign a form all in Spanish, demand your right to an attorney or translator and NEVER accept blame for mistakes done by immigration.
  25. For the last ten years I have been listed as an "economic dependent" of my husband on our FM-3s and Noinmigrante cards as that's what the consulate in the states started us as. I had planned to change this status at the next renewal, which as it turns out now, is for a permanent visa. I definitely don't want to do anything that could slow down the renewal process. I don't even know if this status still exists. Does anyone have any information about this? And on another note, would the process go faster if we started it in Guadalajara rather than Chapala? BTW, I have a proroga "4" on my card. Thanks.
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