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Found 11 results

  1. Dennys on the way to Guadalajara has a parking lot, can anyone tell me if one has to pay for it while eating at the restaurant or is a voucher given to offset the cost ? TIA
  2. We (2) are looking for long term Housing in the Lakeside area. Parking (1) and we have well behaved dogs that are our only requirements. $1,000 to $1,200 USD per month.
  3. Has anyone had any problem parking in the long-term parking lot at the Guadlajara Airport? Is it ever full? How about the parking lots near the airport?
  4. I am driving to Guanahuato soon by car. Does anyone know of a place to stay -hotel or otherwise that has parking for a car AND is easy to get to given the streets in that town ?
  5. Has anyone used any of the "park & fly" lots north of the airport? Are they open 24 hours? Do they shuttle you to/from the airport? If yes, do you summon them to the airport for pick-up, via cell phone? How responsive are they? Anybody had any issues with these companies?
  6. The municipality of Chapala has revoked the concession for the parking meters and put closed down tapes over the meters.
  7. Be careful, valet parking guys are stealing access cards (they look like a white credit card) from cars to gain entry to gated communities and underground parking of high rise office buildings. This is happening at very nice places, famous restaurants and 3 cards have been stolen in the past week alone so don´t leave these cards in your vehicle as they seem to be a hot item.
  8. Driving at Lakeside Presentation Monday, February 10, 12:15 to 2:00 p.m. in La Sala, at LCS If you thought that driving in the Lakeside area and Jalisco generally is the same as driving in Canada, the US or any other country, you should attend this presentation. Topics will include: Signalling and making a left hand turnUsing the gloriettas on the carretera through La Floresta.Advance green arrows at an intersectionParking on a one way streetGetting a traffic or parking ticketPhoto radar ticketsCrossing the border by carWhat documents must be carried when drivingDriving a foreign plated vehicleDriving licence requirements for individuals with permanente statusWhat to do in an accident.Smog test for foreign plated vehicleUse of an ATV or golf cart on the road. ...And moreThis presentation is restricted to LCS members.
  9. Today I filed the request to suspend the concession of the company who does the parking meters as they haven´t held up their end of the bargain and to verify and provide me with a written report on the cameras they promised to install. http://www.chapalalaw.com/Parking.pdf
  10. Much credit goes to the Delegado, Hector, for the obvious changes we've seen in town, the ramps on corners, the yellow lines indicating parking areas, the clean way the malecon was lined with amusement rides this weekend. Also great was the lack of parking on the north side of the street near the rides, a great advancement! And here is the BUT: All those curb lines with yellow lines need enforcement. I was in town this morning and counted at least four vehicles parked on Colon near the corner of Hidalgo (next to the bank). Oh and 75% of these were "gringo" cars, with USA tags. I realize there is no money, but why paint the curbs if there is no enforcement? Or am I really being a naive newbie to think that a) as residents of this town we should respect the laws or the whole system of laws is a joke? Also, why are merchants blocking so many parking spaces? I understand that there are licenses required for this, and several yellow zones do have the license numbers printed on them. If we want to enforce parking and other laws, these illegal chairs, pails, sandwich signs and tire stands should also be dismantled and the merchants/residents who want a no parking zone required to get them legally. Tilting at windmills probably comes naturally to newbies.
  11. So some clients with foreign plated cars found a supposed parking ticket on their vehicles parked on Santa Cristina in Riberas, and were not parked illegally nor in any zone regulated by parking meters. It appears someone left this crude fake parking ticket on their vehicles to make them think they were facing criminal offenses and a $2,000 pesos fine, perhaps the bad guys got scared off before they could threatent to jail them or impound their vehicle in exchange for a fee. Beware and call the police if you see these guys or anybody tries to extort money from you. http://sphotos-c.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/36532_10152477828210204_386020170_n.jpg
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