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Found 2 results

  1. Not my day, can’t find the search engine, email for optician at lcs ..... opticalclaravision at gmail not valid, and too her phone 333 640 2272 not responding. So, anyone have updated information for Luz?
  2. I have severe progressive (pathological) myopia and therefore have two important eye care needs: 1) I need annual retinal scans to monitor deterioration progress, and a retinologist on call for emergencies (such as a retinal detachment). 2) I need an opthalmologist or optometrist who is familiar with the issues involved with high-power myopes and can accurately prescribe contact lenses. The backstory: After canvassing existing recommendation threads on this board, I began working with Dr. Humberto Ruiz Garcia (Integrity Clinic & Guadalajara). He was pleasant and communicative during my initial appointment, even showing me the retinal scans and explaining what I was seeing, so I was hopeful. However, the optometrist at Dr. Ruiz's Guadalajara office was quite simply incompetent, making such errors as only testing my eyes together, not separately. I had to argue strenuously for retests. Finally I got an improved (although not perfect) prescription and new RGP lenses. Dr. Ruiz charged me as much for the lenses as opthalmologists do in the States (MX$2400), or about three times as much as mail order lenses. However, they appear to have been made of some greatly inferior substance. Within two months, with only completely normal wear and cleaning, the new lenses were horribly scratched -- worse than my lenses would normally be even after four or five years. Due to the scratches, I have very cloudy center vision, making certain tasks (like driving) problematic. I tried to contact Dr. Ruiz by email, but he did not reply. I finally made an appointment and he agreed to replace the lenses for free (though charged me for the appointment). I also had to pay a $300 delivery fee to get the lenses to me, as I could not pick them up in Guadalajara that week. Dr. Ruiz also mentioned that the optometrist was no longer working for him, and that he had no replacement yet. Then when I got the replacement contacts, they were both obviously the wrong prescription, and I was completely unable to wear them. Dr. Ruiz had given me his cell number and told me that was the best way to reach him; I called multiple times and left messages over the past two weeks, but have received no response. I also sent another email but got no answer there either. So I am stuck with a pair of expensive but ruined lenses, and a pair that are incorrect and totally unusable, and an AWOL doctor. *** In the short run, I need a good optometrist/opthalmologist *who is familiar with degenerative myopia* and can accurately assess off-the-charts prescriptions. I see multiple recommendations for Dr. Pinto, but also that he flatly refuses to deal with rigid gas permeable lenses. I have been wearing RGPs since they came out, circa 1980 (before that I was in hard contacts from the age of seven). While I would give some consideration to switching to soft lenses, I do not want to be *forced* to switch by someone who won't even acknowledge the benefits (as well as the drawbacks) of rigid lenses for someone with my particular condition. In the long run, I may also need a new retinologist. Although I was fine with Dr. Ruiz's communication during my appointments, I am disturbed by his total lack of response since. I am at high (if not immediate) risk for several emergency conditions such as retinal detachment that would require same-day response and treatment. Someone local would be great but I am more than willing to go into Guadalajara if needed -- more important to get someone good than someone close. Any suggestions?
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