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Found 6 results

  1. I am taking the ETN bus to Nuevo Laredo and then need to cross over into Laredo. (I have taken Turimex in the past - they go right in to Laredo but the bus is full the day I need to travel). What is the best way to cross over into Laredo? I suspect by cab, but I've heard the rates are ridiculous. Any hints, insights from people who've done this are much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone have contact info for a specific driver fron Nuevo Laredo bus station to Laredo, TX airport? A return from the airport in the U.S to MX is also needed. Thanks!
  3. Rideshare space available to Nuevo/Laredo next Sunday (29 March). PM me if you're interested.
  4. Our professional transport from Nuevo Laredo to Ajijic has been secured. He will not cross over into Texas, to pick up us and our dogs. That person is staying at hotel la embajada, overnight. I am not sure about the safety of that area, or if that is an advisable hotel for americans to check into. We will most likely meet him at that hotel, and arrive via taxi. We will probably need a taxi that is a van. It is probably wise to have that van stay put with us, until our connection comes to meet us? Prior to meeting that contact in Nuevo Laredo: We will drive our rental car (which is not allowed to cross over into Mexico) to Laredo TX. We must find a reliable transport from Laredo TX to Nuevo Laredo Mexico. We may have to stay overnight in either Laredo TX or Nuevo Laredo Mexico. 1st: Which overnight location is recommended, and what hotels would be safe? 2nd: Which Laredo TX transport/taxi companys do people on this board recommend? Thank you for your time!
  5. How much time should we expect to spend in Nuevo Laredo dealing with immigration, on the inbound trip? We have already received our TIP by mail, and will be just stopping for our tourist visas -- and customs, if we get the red light.
  6. Looks like I am going to have to make a trip to the border to get my U.S. plated car Nationalized. I talked with Veronica at Strom White Moving thinking she might know a reliable Broker there but she only knows Brokers who deal with Household goods. I'm hoping someone has had personal experience with a Broker in Nuevo Laredo and can share the information with me. I can combine the trip North with a shopping trip while there so I don't mind driving to the Border. Mainly, I want to make sure I find someone who is legitimate and fair. Any info./help would be appreciated! As always, thanks for the help, Valerie
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