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Found 1 result

  1. As a recent client of Banamex California and that debacle, I started to look for a new way and hopefully the cheapest way to get money from USA here to Mex. Banamex. Had beentold by several people that they write a big check, cash it a live on it until they do it again. So went looking for a way to do that. Multiva said no problem. Put it in an investment account, it will clear fast and you can then wire to Banamex. ( we liked keeping Banamex because of ATM's and they pay utilities). Well again several people said they do this through Intercam ( next to Oxxo). One said you don't even need an account if you own your own home. So today I went there and was emphatically told " they and all Mexican banks" will not be able to accept nonmexican checks from Aug on. That they were stretching it because it goes into effect July 31st. Then seeing the notice from Handymail seems to give this some credibility. So Intercam will accept a wire transfer into one of their investment accounts and you can draw from there or they would wire to Banemex. The clincher is that you will need at least $2500p as a constant base . That is @ 2.5% , higher interest needs higher base. You can get checks but 50p /each At multiva there are some accounts that can only be accessed once a month. At least at Intercam lowest levels can be accessed daily and others weekly. Anyone else know about this. We thought this big check thing would work. Now it looks like a $45 wire fee . So 5 days ago Multiva didn't know this???