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Found 3 results

  1. I have a 2009 Toyota with 57000 km on it, and the check engine light has come on for the third time. Both previous times I took it to local (here and in Manzanillo) non-Toyota mechanics who put it on their little hand-held diagnostic machines, said everything checked out fine, and that they think it was just the sensor. I want to sell the car so want to make sure that all is okay with it. Do I need to take it to a Toyota dealer in Guad so that they can check it out officially and perhaps set that engine light so that it does not come on again until the next maintenance is due? Is there more than one Toyota dealer? If so, which do you recommend? Anyone have experience with Dalton's service dept? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  2. I rented a property from Chapala Mgt It was promoted and advertised as having a common heated pool and hot tub Most of the time these facilities are not working Also the phone service is intermediate It is a private phone service Now they are insisting on painting the property while I live there I will have no privacy
  3. We need to renovate a bathroom which will require quite a bit of work. I have spoken with Rudy "Rodolfo Renteria. We would not have to do this had we had a capable construction person and honest realtor. Wasted a lot of money on redos. Trying to be a little more informed this time. So I need Rudy recommendations ( can PM) .Will need someone who has or is an architect. Thanks
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