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Found 3 results

  1. I understand most of you are already very knowledgeable on Medicare coverages but maybe a few will find these useful if you travel north sometimes. 1. Medicare provides one free wellness check and one assessment for signs of Alzheimer's or dementia per year. 2. Free obesity ( Free only for adults with a body mass index BMI of 30 or more) and smoking counseling. 3. Free hospice care if you're given six months or less to live. Medicare of course decides the types of facilities you can use. Medicare will also cover free grief counseling to you and your family members. 4. Medicare pays for disease screenings only when your doctor determines you're at risk for: diabetes, heart disease, hepatitis B or C, HIV, or certain types of cancers. 5. Medicare pays for a hearing exam if your doctor says it's medically necessary. 6. Medicare covers some durable medical equipment, including: wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, blood sugar monitors, walkers, and even hospital beds.
  2. Hello all -- thanks for your ongoing help to a prospective retiree. I thought I saw someone post that at least one medical provider in the Lakeside area accepts Medicare. Anyone remember who that was? My search through the archives was unsuccessful. I'm guessing the coverage in question is a Medicare Part C coverage ... anyone know for sure how it would work Lakeside? To clarify, we want to hedge our bets by maintaining Medicare coverage in case we don't love living in Lake Chapala. (I'm ready to go whole hog but husband is more cautious. :)) But I'm wondering how to have coverage for catastrophic events while living Lakeside. I had thought signing up for SP would work, but read here recently it doesn't cover heart attacks and broken hips -- awfully likely issues.
  3. I have my Mexican address on file with most state and US government agencies (I didn't want jury duty etc). I have had no problem - I receive my Social Security. I currently receive Blue Shield health insurance as part of a retirement package but when I turn 65 next week I will be eligible for Medicare and things change. I have opted to sign-up with Medicare Part B and my current Blue Shield Health Insurance converts to a Medicare Part B supplemental insurance. Now I know that Medicare does not cover services outside the USA. I have separate health insurance coverage for Mexico. However, in calling my ex-employee, Blue Shield, Medicare and the Social Security Administration, no-one can give me a definitive answer to this question. If I have an address outside of the USA on file with SSA and I visit the USA, while INSIDE the USA can I take advantage of Medicare, i.e. will Medicare cover me for services performed in the USA by a doctor who accepts Medicare? I have called the above several times and often get conflicting answers. No-one can point me to any regulations that definitively answer this question. Having the SSA agent tell me "I think so" is not very comforting. Some have told me 'no' - with a Mexican address, Medicare will not cover you for anything inside or outside the US. Even the gentleman giving the emergency medical flights presentation lakeside in the coming weeks could not answer it - and you think the success of his company would depend on knowing the answer to this question. So, is anyone else in this situation? And has had experience with Medicare inside the USA? Is it worth keeping Medicare Part B? (as it is not free)
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