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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, my name is Julio Mireles and i am an architect by profession and resident of Lake Chapala, born and raised in our beautiful ribera and want to offer my services as a general contractor. I have been working for more than 5 years out of the region and want to offer my services and experience as a builder, property maintenance and property management. My Core Principles Honesty - We are available to contact via phone and email, and always keep communication open with our clients. We don't turn up late or forget to call in advance, and we are always honest with pricing and time estimations. Value for Money - Working with JM / ARQ means no hidden costs right from the start. We offer free no-obligation quotes and work within your budget. Efficiency and Reliability - We don't waste your time by failing to turn up. Our reputation is built on having a team of dependable workers who don't stretch projects out unnecessarily or make excuses. if you have any repair , remodeling or problems with your home , give me a call.
  2. looking at buying a used motorcyle, in different states and locally. any taxes for bringing a bike into Jalisco? what about proof of ownership, will bill of sale suffice? any special issues concerning bikes not originally bought in mexico? need list of all things to look for in buying legally. would appreciate any help.
  3. We have taken our 2009 Toyota Rav4 to Dalton Toyota (the one nearest the Gallerias and that Costco) twice since we moved here for maintenance and were never satisfied that they were doing what they charged us for. So we took a friend's recommendation and took our car to Ochoa's Garage in Joco this time for maintenance. They found that the filters had not been changed, the oil had not been filled to the capacity, and a number of other things that we had paid for at Dalton Toyota. My very strong recommendation to Toyota owners here at Lakeside is to forget about the Toyota dealterships and take your car to a reliable mechanic locally. It may cost the same but you will at least get what you pay for and our car now drives like a new car!
  4. Se necesita. Hombre q ayude a podar árbol o lavar patio o cepillar. 1 vez al mes! puedo pagar $40 pesos x hora. en Riberas. conveniente que viva o trabaje por ahí. Grs. Wanted. Handyman, once a month, $40 peso x hour. good if he lives or works by Riberas or Mirasol. just for small jobs.
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