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Found 14 results

  1. LOST SERVICE DOG - URGENT: Bella, our beloved dog is still missing (4 days now) but we have new hope if you help us. Bella has a "Tile" bluetooth GPS tag on her collar that transmits to cell phones within 150 feet running the "Tile App". If you are Lakeside, PLEASE HELP US. It will take less than 5 minutes and may SAVE Bella's life. TILE INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Download the Tile App (no cost), quickly create an account, and enable Tile Notifications: /www.thetileapp.com/es-mx/ 2) Message me (+1 415 746 0768) with your email address used for Tile account. 3) We'll "Share" her collar tile with your account and you will see it in your Tile app. 4) Keep the Tile app OPEN in your cell's background and make sure Bluetooth is "on." The main top Tile icon will light up green if you are within range of her. If you get a signal, call me at +1 415 225 3258 PLEASE, at ANY hour. "Tile" does not access your data; any website about it confirms it is a legitimate app. Alone, finding Bella is a needle in a haystack but with Lakeside community help it becomes a dragnet and we will find her!! If you don't want the reward we will give it to a shelter. Please also SHARE this info.😭 OUR BELLA: Bella got scared of the fireworks and jumped out of a crack through an under-construction elevator shaft and dropped 9ft from our house at 6pm Thursday night and does not have the skills to survive on the street. She is a 10-year old white Maltese, ten pounds/4+ kilos, last seen on Rio Lerma in Rancho del Oro. Small but fast so she could have covered a good distance by now. Friendly, approachable, loves kisses. Wearing a blue/yellow/red striped collar with white GPS Tile tag. Silver name tag reads Bella and gives both "415" and "650" phone numbers for Mel and Aura, and a California address. She is visiting and not likely to know the way back here. If you find her please call 376 766 2863 or +1 415 225 3258. If you have friends around Lakeside, please SHARE this post. 🙏 We're beyond devastated and just want or baby back. 💔
  2. A Mexican friend found a cat this morning in downtown Ajijic, near the church. He/she has a rabies vaccine tag dated 2016 from The Hampstead Animal Hospital, in Hampstead, New Hampshire. http://www.hampsteadanimalhospital.com/ I've contacted the clinic, and by law, they cannot give me the client's name. The clinic did say that they only have a local number for the owner. and will continue to try to contact them from their end. I believe that the owner is probably snowbirding here on the Lake. If you know this cat or people from New Hampshire in general, please share this information, widely and liberally. Thanks! My friend says that the cat is "huge."
  3. Hello, I know this is a long shot but these earrings have sentimental value (and are beautiful). I lost one on my way back from walking on the Malecon on December 26 in the late afternoon. I know I had the earring when I reached the far end of the Malecon. From there, I walked along Independencia, up Colon, along Guadalupe Victoria, across the Carretera and up Encarnacion Rosas before turning left on Lazaro Cardenas. The earring is one single stone of turquoise, in a rounded teardrop shape, with a hole at the top. The hole is banded by silver filigree and the earring hangs with a traditional hook. It measures about 2 inches by 1 inch. If you find it, please contact me here. Thank you.
  4. My dog, recently rescued from Lucky Dog escaped this morning from fenced in yard. She was wearing a Thunder-shirt and had a blue and brown collar on. She is a Poodle/Schnauzer mix, mostly black with white eyebrows and white paws. $200p reward. Please call Marlene at 3335970503 or email syver117@gmail.com.
  5. A friend has found a very sociable golden retriever in Ajijic. If anyone knows of a missing golden (or possibly golden mix?), please post or PM ...
  6. Kelsey, a very shy 7 year-old Shih Tsu, went missing around 7:00 pm tonight. Last seen at Obregon and Zaragoza in west Ajijic. He's grey and white with long hair on his ears and tail, but short hair everywhere else. He weighs about 8-10 pounds. He will probably try to run away if anyone comes near him, but if he's really tired he will probably let you approach him. Best to call the owners at 766-2216 if spotted.
  7. Lost in Ajijic/Riberas area: a small black leather billfold (not a wallet), containing a Permanente Card, Driver's Licence, credit cards and a debit card. If found, please contact H. MacLennan at 376-765-2716 or MACL7622@gmail.com. Thank you!!
  8. If you lose your Mexican immigration card outside Mexico you need a special visa to enter Mexico, if you enter as a tourist then they will cancel your old temporary or permanent. You need a police report, photo, passport and payment of a small fee. I have been fighting with many Mexican consulates as they do not know what to do, I have made a sheet from their own manual telling them how to help foreigners in this situation, if you need it, print this file and bring it with you to avoid suffering consequences in Mexico for their bad advice. File is here http://www.chapalalaw.com/RoboExtravioVisa.pdf
  9. Today my husband and I decided to try a different Costco and he managed to leave his keys we think on the cashier's counter. We hate to make a new trip back just for the keys and wondered if anyone is planning to go to Costco this week for shopping. We would really appreciate someone picking them up. There is a picture we can email that shows the keys so it is not likely you would pick up a different set. We already tried Lakeside Express and they go to the other Costco. Please PM me.
  10. Hello everyone. My stepfather lost his beloved binoculars this Sunday after a day trip around the lake. Somewhere between an amazing dinner at Tango and dessert at the Blue Bell, he misplaced a brown bag containing among other things his wallet (some credit cards, drivers license, and a little US cash) and a small set (but very valued) of binoculars. He has had the binoculars for 40 years!! We have checked with both establishments but have not had any luck or leads. If anyone has seen any of these items, please contact me (Thomas) via local cell (331-193-9637) or by contacting directly Bob Pyle at his email address tlpyle@gmail.com Gracias!
  11. So I was as LCS for Genealogy DNA lecture. You can tell what genes I got. I believe I left my keys in the door lock or possibly on top of my burgundy Mazda station wagon. If you are the very nice person that picked them up (so that a not so nice person would not do it) can you contact me, please. The ignition key costs 800 pesos. Thanks from the distracted one.
  12. We just got home after a 5-day holiday trip and discovered that our dog has been lost. I don't have all the exact details, as our neighbors were pet-sitting and we haven't spoken with them directly, but apparently she got out sometime late Saturday morning, and they've been unable to find her. She is a 9yo black-and-white border collie, very friendly, though possibly spooked by cohetes. Lost from our residence off Zaragoza between Juarez and Aquiles Serdan. Please contact me if you've seen her at all in the last two days. We are frantic.
  13. The cat that appears in my avatar appeared at our door last evening. This kitty is stray but NOT feral and was clearly owned by someone at some point. Very affectionate and sweet. Orange (almost strawberry blonde) and white long haired with a bushy orange and white striped tail. This cat is very skinny but otherwise in pretty good nick. No collar. Help me find the owner (or a new one?)! Thanks.
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