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Found 7 results

  1. This evening our female 14 year old honey-colored pomeranian dog went missing in the lower La Floresta area. Her name is Honey, she is about 12lbs, and has some difficulty seeing and hearing. She has heart, liver, and kidney problems. She is in need of multiple medications. Please help us find our little girl. A reward is offered. Please call 331 843-2140. Thanks, Eric
  2. Our Dachshund is missing as of Sunday evening, October 15, from Riberas del Pillar on Sta. Margarita. She left when the gate was open but rarely barks or leaves the yard. Please contact us if you see her or find her. David at: 376-765-7319 or cell: 331-825-7331
  3. Help me find Aspen. whippet white 7 years old. lost on Saturday Sept 23,2017 in San Antonio Tlayacapa. Needs medical treatment. Thank you !!! Cel 3331405546
  4. A white, very friendly pitbull has been staying in the vicinty of Multivalores for 3 or 4 days. It enters business property in the รกrea( and will not leave) and seems to be accustomed to living in a house. Business people wish to locate the owners and have them recover this nice dog. The animal shelters will not accept it as they are very full at this time. If some has lost this dog or knows of a family missing this dog, please PM me for more information.
  5. My neighbors in San Juan Cosala are missing their schnauzer dog, older female. Scroll down to the bottom of this email for a photo of "Sombra". She knows her name. If you see her please email the Kellums at jjkellum(at)yahoo.com. Substitute (at with @. or phone in San Juan Cosala 387 761 0020 Sombra was last seen in the Raquet Club - if you see her please call the Kellums. There is an answering machine and someone will be home until she is home.
  6. Picked up an adorable female 3 1/2 month old black and tan puppy wandering around Barbara's Bazaar near Colon. Took her to Dr. Ladron who check her out and said she was healthy except for a very extended stomach - which is probably worms. Took her to Lucky Dog who will at least keep her safe. If you lost a puppy - please check with Lucky Dog.
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