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Found 15 results

  1. Is there a FEGLI office in the Consulado in Guadalajara? TIA. Or if someone knows how to contact them in México....
  2. Any info about FEGLI scams? yesterday I got a letter from a USA lawyer asking for a reimbursement of a check that was given to me 11 years ago by FEGLI! I guess any issue from 11 years ago is expired, no? TIA.
  3. I will be driving from the U.S. to Chapala/Ajijic in a couple of weeks and will need to purchase Mexican car insurance. The rates vary quite a bit for similar coverage - from about $350 (U.S) to $500 for six months of coverage, but I can find no information on the companies themselves and how likely they are to actually pay a claim. Do any of you have a company you've had good experiences with and would recommend?
  4. I received a charge for the first time for Seguro Inbursa Integral, on my telephone bill, Has any one been able to get payment for any of the things they cover, Do they send you coverage documents or do you have to go to Telmex office for that..
  5. My premium increase notice arrived today, hiking the cost up $600.00 USD what it was last July/2015. AND... the deductible up another $1000.00 over what it was last year. AND.. (here is the icing on the cake... tadaaaaaa) The notice came in today to my email June 3rd. Giving me notice that I must renew or cancel by June 15th, and submit a payment no later than June 24th, a total of: 2016 Annual Premium: $1940.51 USD I just think that is terribly unethical. Now I ask you, If you were not young and without health to go elsewhere, and the extra funds to push out, maybe you might have to let your insurance expire or beg of relatives? Thankfully I am not in that position, but my heart goes out to those who are in that situation, and received this short notice. I emailed Bellon Insurance, which comes highly recommended. I asked how they handle their rate increases, and what type of notice they provide to customers, before the due date. They not only responded quickly via email and then phone, but the response confirmed my thoughts: Bellon provides 60 days notice for a rate increase. I have my appointment with Bellon this week!
  6. As rates change every February, here is the price list for 2016, many higher tiers for people over 60 have gone up 1,000 pesos and the lower tiers around 300. Grupo de edad Cuotas 2016 0-19 $ 2,250 20-29 $ 2,700 30-39 $ 2,850 40-49 $ 4,000 50-59 $ 4,250 60-69 $ 6,150 70-79 $ 6,450 80 y más $ 6,500
  7. OK guys.... I just had my gallbladder removed and had it done through the Mexican Seguro Poplular system. If you have any questions I can answer about the process and paperwork etc., I will be happy to try and answer. Have a fabulous day.
  8. I have my Mexican address on file with most state and US government agencies (I didn't want jury duty etc). I have had no problem - I receive my Social Security. I currently receive Blue Shield health insurance as part of a retirement package but when I turn 65 next week I will be eligible for Medicare and things change. I have opted to sign-up with Medicare Part B and my current Blue Shield Health Insurance converts to a Medicare Part B supplemental insurance. Now I know that Medicare does not cover services outside the USA. I have separate health insurance coverage for Mexico. However, in calling my ex-employee, Blue Shield, Medicare and the Social Security Administration, no-one can give me a definitive answer to this question. If I have an address outside of the USA on file with SSA and I visit the USA, while INSIDE the USA can I take advantage of Medicare, i.e. will Medicare cover me for services performed in the USA by a doctor who accepts Medicare? I have called the above several times and often get conflicting answers. No-one can point me to any regulations that definitively answer this question. Having the SSA agent tell me "I think so" is not very comforting. Some have told me 'no' - with a Mexican address, Medicare will not cover you for anything inside or outside the US. Even the gentleman giving the emergency medical flights presentation lakeside in the coming weeks could not answer it - and you think the success of his company would depend on knowing the answer to this question. So, is anyone else in this situation? And has had experience with Medicare inside the USA? Is it worth keeping Medicare Part B? (as it is not free)
  9. Appreciate your feed back and experience with liability for non profit board members in mexico specially state of Jalisco Mexico. Who sells it, what does it cover? Any board members actually file a claim. any one have any issues, with a fall or accident on the premises of the non profit. person not covered by IMMS Accident with volunteers in non profit vehicles. employee dismissal that they have been taken to court and held personally liable. Did they get a court judgement that could take your assets? bank accounts, household furniture? How did you protect your assets. what are the pros and cons when deciding to purchase this insurance? I have a friend who is 82 years old and has been in mexico for over 30 years, rents, no bank accounts. his response he said to a lawsuit,or major liability was a suitcase and a plane ticket the to USA the that day. i have bank accounts in Mexico and own a house and love mexico, a plan to stay here the rest of my life. thank you for any response.
  10. I am seeking a medical travel insurance agency, going to the states for 12 days. And would like to have some medical insurance. Thanks in advance.
  11. I will be travelling to the USA and Canada in the near future with my newly Mexican plated car. I have Mexican insurance but it does not provide enough insurance in the US and Canada. Does anyone know who I could go through to get sufficient insurance?
  12. Fees change each year in February, the fees for 2015 to 2016 are as follows for people who only have medical insurance (afiliacion voluntaria) 0 to 19 years old $1,900 pesos 20 to 29 years old $2,250 pesos 30 to 39 years old $2,400 pesos 40 to 49 years old $3,400 pesos 50 to 59 years old $3,600 pesos 60 to 69 years old $5,200 pesos 70 to 79 years old $5,450 pesos 80 and older $5,500 pesos
  13. Just to let you all know that on Monday, November 3, 2014 the civil courts (Juzgado Primero y Segundo de lo Civil) moved from downtown Chapala to Riberas. Their new address is Hidalgo 77, they are in the space where Zona Gym used to be on the Chapala side of Mascaras Clinic and next to the upscale retail store. IMSS is also in the process of moving their Chapala clinic to now be located next week by Cristiania Park and Red Cross, González Gallo #23.
  14. So, we have managed to finalize the purchase of a used Jalisco-plated vehicle. We now need to acquire reasonably-priced liability insurance (no collision coverage) -- emphasis on the 'reasonably-priced'. Suggestions on how to proceed, anyone? (I had no trouble finding information online that allowed me to insure our US car in Mexico, but information about Mexican insurance for Mexican cars is much more elusive.)
  15. So I was called to assist at an accident scene this morning and had to negotiate with an impatient transito and a foreigner who had hit the car of some Mexicans. The foreigner had a car with South Dakota plates and an insurance policy that covered her foreign plated car although she did not have the policy with her. I called her agent, got her policy information and the claims number, called the claims number and gave them her info, policy info and car info. An hour later the adjuster shows up and say he needs the original policy. we went round and round to not have the car towed as the adjustor would not guarantee coverage and was requiring the client ask the insurance company for another original policy even though he could easily check that the policy was paid and even though a few blocks from the accident scene was a Qualitas insurance office. Moral of the story, keep the original of the insurance policy in your vehicle if your insurer is Qualitas and if you cannot fine the original then ask the company to issue you another original. They wouldn´t accept a scanned copy either! We were able to negotiate with all parties but had things been more serious somebody could have gone to jail and had their car towed all due to the ridiculous insistence on having an original policy in the car!
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