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Found 8 results

  1. I will be taking a flight from Guadalajara to Tijuana and crossing the border to the USA on the foot bridge at the airport. Has anyone done this before? Where and when do I complete my immigration form before entering the USA and again when returning to Mexico to catch my flight home? I would like to have this information before I go, rather than having to try find out when I get there.
  2. I am going to write the Post that I wish I had found BEFORE my 3 trips to INM AFTER arriving back from the Consulate with my ''Permanente Visa Pre-Approval'.. After waiting almost 90 minutes on my first visit, I was advised that I needed to visit the bank & pay 4,828 pesos, using the form below to direct payment to the correct account... Upon returning with the receipt in hand, I waited another 45 minutes to learn that additional requirements must be met and the attached form would guide me in their preparation. Today, after waiting for ~60 minutes, I successfully completed Part 2 of the process after submitting the listed documents & copies (no photos required yet). I have received an email confirmation & exchanged my FMM - CANJE for a letter saying my application is being processed. Next, I was told to expect a 2 week wait, before needing to return to INM with photos for fingerprints... I'm getting excited...
  3. 2015 Immigration Government fees (Attorney / Facilitator Fees Extra): Temporal 1 year $3,519 pesos 2 years $5,272 pesos 3 years $6,678 pesos 4 years $7,914 pesos Regularization Fee (Plus fines) $1,124 pesos Change fee to change up from tourist to temporary or tourist / temporary to permanent $1,124 pesos ​Permanent Fee (2nd Fee) $4,289 pesos Work permission fee (change for temporary) $2,642 pesos Lost / Stolen / Damaged Document Replace​ment Fee $1,083 pesos Permission to leave while document in process (Travel Letter) $360 pesos As of Dec. 30, 2014 published today in the DOF http://www.dof.gob.mx/nota_detalle.php?codigo=5377721&fecha=30/12/2014
  4. I have just returned from Atlanta where I visited the Mexican Consulate to initiate my request for permanente status. The experience could not have been better. Although the consulate was very busy I was sitting in front of the consulate official within ten minutes. She was extremely helpful, very nice and explained every step thoroughly. Within 30 minutes that detail was complete. I went out to lunch and the visa was ready when I returned. The Atlanta consulate has all requirements in English on their web site. http://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/atlanta/index.php/component/content/article/11-visas/302-visas-to-travel-to-mexico If anyone has questions I'd be happy to help. I have questions for anyone else that has received a permanente: I understand the Chapala office has moved. Can someone tell me where it is located? Is the local process complex? Can I/Should I hire someone to stand in for me with the local process?
  5. I need the latest on exiting MX on this Rte 2 route. Mostly this is directed to the West Coast crowd that return to CA or AZ rather than heading to Nogales from Hermosillo. I drove out this route last September, only to find out that the Banjecito moved to Caborca when I got to Sonoyta, which at that point was 200km in my rear view mirror. At that time the Immigation Center, INM, was above 30km south of the Lukeville crossing. Visas and stamping of passports took place there. On this trip out, I need to have an Exit stamp in my passport and turn in my FMM tourist visa stub. So I want to now if that is process still happening at this location, 30km in from Lukeville, OR can I have this done AT the Lukeville border crossing itself?? The last time I crossed at Lukeville, I held my passport up to a camera/scanner while in the car and then was pretty much waved thru. This time I really need to make sure the computer shows me at exited, since I'll be returning in a matter of days, with my Residente Temporal. I don't want the computer showing me already in Mexico, my Spanish isn't good enough to explain my way out that situation. So again, anyone KNOW that I can get "stamped" and officially exited from Mexico at the stop on Rte 2 outside of Sonoyta, or at an office at the border itself?? Thanks, Gary
  6. Has anyone else gotten a message to pick your INM card up at Lake Chapala Society tomorrow at 4:30? The English Google translation: "I hereby inform you that your green card is ready, we would very much that he could attend this Wednesday March 5 event that will take at 4:30 pm, which will deliver cards the presence of various Federal authorities in the State and Municipal facilities located in LAKE SOCIETY Chapala Street September 16 I number 16 A in Ajijic Jalisco.It is important to have your presence we confirm hereby or at our office in Chapala, to contemplate delivery, bringing the immigration document, you should arrive 30 minutes prior to the event to sign documents, I am at your service" The original Spanish: "Por este conducto le informo que su tarjeta de residente se encuentra lista, nos complacería mucho que pudiera asistir este próximo miércoles 5 de marzo al evento que se llevara a las 4:30 de la tarde, en el que entregaremos tarjetas, con la presencia de diversas autoridades Federales, del Estado y Municipales en las instalaciones de LAKE CHAPALA SOCIETY ubicadas en la calle 16 de septiembre número 16 A en Ajijic Jalisco.Es importante que de contar con su presencia nos confirmara por este medio o en nuestras oficinas en Chapala, para contemplar su entrega, llevando el documento migratorio, es recomendable llegar 30 minutos antes de iniciar el evento para la firma de documentos, quedo a sus órdenes"
  7. A quick look and to me it looks like there isn't an increase from last year but a slight decrease in residency documents issued. It appears that more people who already live here are choosing Permanente and fewer people have been issued Temporal or fewer people are moving here and fewer Temporals issued. I'm sure others will comb through the documents better than I did. I hope I got the links right. I had too many open at one time. http://www.gobernacion.gob.mx/es_mx/SEGOB/Boletin_Estadistico_2012 39404 total temporal issued 2012 3283 Temporal issued per month 2012 20950 Permanente issued 2012 1745 Permanente issued ave. per month 2012 http://www.gobernacion.gob.mx/es_mx/SEGOB/Boletines_Estadisticos Temporal 2013 14141 issued for 7 months January to July 2013 2020 ave, issued per month 2013 permanente 26595 issued in 7 months for 2013 3799 ave. issued per month in 7 months in 2013
  8. A friend of mine wrote me the following: I went in to immigrations today and heard the woman at the desk twice telling people who came in to ask about their visas to keep coming by to check in frequently. She said that they aren’t putting any notices up online when the visa is approved, so it’s on your plate to keep coming around to find out if it has been approved and you can pick up your card. I talked further to the lawyer that I’m working through and she confirmed that they aren’t putting up notices for actual approval online which they did before. They do post when they want you to come down for fingerprinting but not when the cards come in and are ready to pick up. She said that she has to go down and check frequently on all the ones she is responsible for until they are ready to pick up. If you’re doing the process on your own that means you have to keep checking. It’s a hassle but if you’re waiting for notification online, it won’t come.
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