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Found 15 results

  1. My husband and I are seeking a property in lower Riberas that has a large yard for our dogs, but a small house of two bedroom, two bath. The property should be around 2-3 lots of 300 M2 each. Please call 765-7191
  2. Canadian retirees looking at providing house/pet care near Lake Chapala. Rates are negotiable for this preferred location and time period 2+ weeks between November 2018 and March 2019), We lived in Panama for 2 years, Frank speaks Spanish, I speak French. contact me for details, business4biz@gmail.com http://thehometeam.site/
  3. According to the Forum Administrator; "No new products, No commercial posts, No commercial services, No real estate, No homes for sale or rent by owner, No promotion of sales agents." Mod 5
  4. Our family is moving to Ajijic in July from Buffalo, New York. We are looking to rent a house. We have 3 kids that are enrolled at Instituto Terranova. We have been looking since Christmas time and have been down twice without finding a place we like. We will gladly take any suggestions and are planning to return later this month or early June to rent somewhere. Please see our requirements below and pm us is you have something. Thank you!!! Chris and Anne Marie Our requirements on a house are: 1) At least 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms - it is ok if there is a main house and a casita. More bedrooms and bathrooms is ok too; 2) In the village if possible, La Floresta is ok, West Ajijic, Upper Ajijic or Villa Nova is ok, but no gated communities. We like a more traditional looking house; 3) We need a long term lease - at least 1 year, probably 2 years. We will consider renting something from July - December and have more time to look once we are in the area, but we do not want anything month-to-month; 4) We would like a pool, but it is not absolutely necessary; 5) We would like to get a small dog, also not necessary. Our budget is $1000 - $2000 US a month including utilities and internet. We will pay more for more Thank you in advance for any leads you can provide!
  5. Trustworthy, Responsable and Young Couple Looking for a place for House Sitting. We┬┤ve been working in many places and we both love pets and can take care safely of your house. Maybe you already know me, i usead to work At Just Chilling Hope find somebody! Thanks for attention!
  6. Hello Everyone! I just arrived in Ajijic a couple of weeks ago. I am taking a Yoga Teacher Training here, that will on March 20th. I am looking for a house to house sit for some months this summer. My dates are flexible, but I would like to stay until the fall, and hopefully not have to move every other week. My little daughter is 4 years old. She will go to school and I will teach yoga and be involved in a couple of other projects here (culinary and artistic). We are French, very respectful and quiet. We do not smoke. My daughter is a very quiet child. She likes animals. Please reach out for more information about us. Warmest, Marie Sonalet
  7. Hello, I am looking to move back to Chapala Centro after a short time living in Guad. Here is a "wish list" of what I am looking for... 2-3 bedrooms or 2 bedrooms + office/ 2 baths/ Can be house or apt spacious light filled/skylights Small garden/green space overhead fans stove ( have a refrigerator) preferably unfurnished, but open to furnished bathtub ( not a deal breaker, just asking) secure very quiet neighborhood screen doors covered terrace good closet spaces well maintained property good lighting in the bathroom will pay up to 5000p for my next sanctuary Remember this is just a wish list Not on Gonzalo Gallo month to month reliable internet service in the house I am a locally known photographer and have lived in the area for 6 yrs now. Please contact me directly at 333 474 1192, or jbarbiery@yahoo.com if you have a rental or know of one. References upon request...Thanks!
  8. In need of some "general" info about buying a house. When a property listing says, "must close with Notario #2," what exactly (or approximately) does that mean? Gracias for any enlightenment on this subject or on life in general if your tag happens to be "Travis."
  9. Hi everyone. I will be in Guadalajara with my wife visiting the family this July and August. (We live in London UK at the moment, my wife is Mexican, I'm British) We are looking for a house in Guadalajara to rent for a short period. We are not fussy as long as the property is clean and secure. We are clean and respectful people too! We need 1 bedroom but since my mother and a friend might be coming with us, its possible that we need a 3 bedroom place. House or apartment could be ok. If any of you have or know of a short term rental property (5 weeks) in Guadalajara then please get in touch! And of course photos of the property would be great to see if you have any. Thanks Richard
  10. Hi there, My husband and I are looking for a house sitting gig in Ajijic November 1, 2015 through January 5, 2016 - all or part of the time. We are retired, very responsible, clean, love gardening, are quite handy around the house, can do basic remodel work, and will care for pets, etc. Please contact me if you need a house sitter or know someone who needs a house sitter during the above dates. Thank you. Lisa NomadLee9@aol.com
  11. I am looking for a 2bed 2bath unfurnished house for long term rent in Ajijic. The lease where I am ends May 31. House needs up to date appliances and covered parking. Otherwise, I have my own furniture.
  12. Hoping someone reading this will PM me with information I need. I'm a retired teacher, single, who has just moved here, and I am looking for a rental in lower Ajijic. I'd like a 2 bedroom house or apartment on one level, downstairs. $800, a little negotiable. Please let me know if you know of one. Thanks!
  13. Hola amigos, I've lived near seis esquinas((very safe these days as apposed to 2-3yrs ago)) for the past 3 years, in a very Mexican street/Mexican house((partner is Mexican)). We fancy a change of scenery and really like some houses in Ribeiras de Pilar-some agent friends have said it's quite isolated and not that safe for ladies to walk on their own, especially at night. Any Ribeiras residents feedback would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for reading. Saludos y k tenga una semana santa.
  14. We are going to be in Ajijic beginning May 1 and are looking for a long term rental. We hope to find something with three to four bedrooms, at least 3500 sq feet, furnished and equiped, preferably modern. Does anyone know anything?
  15. Hi Ladies/Gents, We are a 40 year old couple. I have lived in the 'hood' for the past 4 years((seis esquinas)) but am now very close to sealing the deal on a house in Lower La Floresta (block or 2 West of Walmart & block down from the Carretera). Security is paramount for my family, but we have just fallen in love with this house. It's on a prominent corner, not hidden away and is quite large, which hopefully helps and not too far from a school. I would be looking to install latest barbed wire/security cameras/alarms etc and do have a dog. Not sure again if it makes a big difference, but my wife has a very large Mexican family who would visit us on a regular basis, so there would be lots of activity and cars coming and going. Would hiring a security guard personally or if a few neighbours agreed be viable option? I believe there are 2 security cars that patroll the estate 24/7? Anyone confirm? Any input, experience or advice from past/current residents or those long standing residents would be appreciated. Safety safety, but can't live in fear Keep smiling
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