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Found 5 results

  1. Can anyone share experiences with home health care in the Chapala area: For example, are there any agencies that supervise home health care assistants, so the labor requirements are met, and you don't have to deal with them yourself? What is the going hourly or daily rate? Are you satisfied with the home assistance you've paid for? -- In other words, any and all relevant, practical information, advice, concerns. Many thanks!
  2. This is a private duty nurse whom I know to be honest, caring and good at her work. She will come to your house (preferably Ajijic-Chapala area) for all-day care, helping with meds, bathing, eating, medicines, injections, etc. Please PM me if you would like further information about her.
  3. If you need daily nursing care in your home in the Lakeside area, I can highly recommend the nurse who provided daily care for my disabled friend who recently had to return to Canada. She is a bilingual registered nurse with Mexican certification. In addition to her time with my friend and earlier with another retiree here, she worked with disabled children in a residential setting and home care with a couple in Alabama, geriatric and dementia. She has also done some emergency work. She can draw blood and insert an IV. And she can help with transfers from bed to bath to wheelchair, if needed. She can also drive your car and take you to appointments at Lakeside and Guadalajara. Plus, she is a lovely person from a nice family and has a great work attitude. Please PM me for further info. She is available immediately.
  4. Hello, my name is Julio Mireles and i am an architect by profession and resident of Lake Chapala, born and raised in our beautiful ribera and want to offer my services as a general contractor. I have been working for more than 5 years out of the region and want to offer my services and experience as a builder, property maintenance and property management. My Core Principles Honesty - We are available to contact via phone and email, and always keep communication open with our clients. We don't turn up late or forget to call in advance, and we are always honest with pricing and time estimations. Value for Money - Working with JM / ARQ means no hidden costs right from the start. We offer free no-obligation quotes and work within your budget. Efficiency and Reliability - We don't waste your time by failing to turn up. Our reputation is built on having a team of dependable workers who don't stretch projects out unnecessarily or make excuses. if you have any repair , remodeling or problems with your home , give me a call.
  5. If anyone is looking for someone to assist with elder care in the home, I can recommend Liliana. She speaks English, can drive a car and loves to work with the elderly. She is NOT a nurse, however, she has a daughter who is in nursing training in Guadalajara she can call upon for assistance. Liliana lost her husband in December and is seeking extra work to help keep her daughter in nursing school. She can be reached at her cell: 331-834-7862 She assisted a friend who was ill and helped her until she passed away late last year. Liliana also operates the meat store beside Pacifico with her family.
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