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Found 13 results

  1. If anyone is considering using his services, you are welcome to contact me privately. After 6 months working with him as architect/builder, we have separated him from the project. For anyone who has built a home anywhere, you will know this was/is a big decision. Beyond my comments, there are other sources of information on his work. For those of you that live locally, Francisco Nando of Las Salvias Aluminum is aware of some architectural review board that covers architects, including those from Guadalajara. If you are aware of this source, you can check on your own or check with Francisco in how to access that information source.
  2. My friend's SS deposits stopped in January, and they are telling her the only way to fix it is to go into the American Embassy in Guadalajara. Has anyone out there had any experience dealing with a SS problem at the Embassy in Guad? Any help will be much appreciated.
  3. Has anyone had cataract surgery in Guadalajara AND chose to enhance it with prescription lens implants? There are several 'options' (multifocal or accommodative , Toric, etc) available NOB these days. What did you/spouse have? Recommendations? Thanx
  4. What time period is considered morning "rush hour(s)" in metropolitan GDL? Thank you.
  5. This article, again I do not consider political, if it is, it will disappear. Is about a documentary film maker's account of life in the super premium gated communities of Guadalajara, many of which house senior cartel leaders. It is another plane of Mexico I never knew existed. Anyhow, an interesting read, with no political agendas intended or implied. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2017/04/29/the-narco-trafficker-next-door.html
  6. Hi All! I made this AWESOME Video from when I visited Chapala and Ajijic. What a beautiful area! Hope you guys enjoy!
  7. Hi, Does anyone know of an organisation like the British RSPCA or American ASPCA in Mexico, more specifically in Guadalajara? My in-laws have a case of their neighbours poisoning three dogs. Vet saved one so he knows the history surrounding it all. Any contacts or information about what can be done would be greatly appreciated. Thanks p.s apologies for British spelling!
  8. Viva Mexio! 'S' Arte! will bring together, for the first time in the Ribera de Chapala, a select group of Tapatio (Guadalajaran) artists, hand picked for this pre-El Grito weekend celebration. This select group of artists will bring a fresh, innovative breathe of creative air to our community. Sunday Sept. 13th, 2015 12 noon to 5 p.m. el corazon creativo Galeana # 14 Ajijic In addition, local son Maestro Antonio Lopez Vega will open his new art studio that same day at 5 p.m. at el corazon creativo. Not to be missed...we hope you can join us! For more info: www.artxikxik.blogspot.mx www.artxikxik.blogspot.mx
  9. Hi everyone. I will be in Guadalajara with my wife visiting the family this July and August. (We live in London UK at the moment, my wife is Mexican, I'm British) We are looking for a house in Guadalajara to rent for a short period. We are not fussy as long as the property is clean and secure. We are clean and respectful people too! We need 1 bedroom but since my mother and a friend might be coming with us, its possible that we need a 3 bedroom place. House or apartment could be ok. If any of you have or know of a short term rental property (5 weeks) in Guadalajara then please get in touch! And of course photos of the property would be great to see if you have any. Thanks Richard
  10. Does anyone know of a good travel agent that speaks english in Guadalajara?
  11. Has anyone used Tapatio Tours (http://www.tapatiotour.com) for sightseeing in Guadalajara? I have read TripAdvisor and the general comments are good. I'd like people with first hand experience to respond. The price ($110 mxn) seems good and the hop-on-hop off feature is like we had in London. Any feedback would be appreciated. Also, which guidebook(s) have you found most comprehensive and portable for a tour? I do not want to drive all over Guad, neither can any of us do a whole lot of walking. THNX
  12. I recently needed a cardiac catheterization, and my doctor (Dr. Santiago Hernandez) recommended the above hospital, both for the facilities and staff, and for cost savings. It's in an older, run-down area of Guad, which looks pretty intimidating from the outside. However, the interior, facilities, rooms, etc are modern and very clean. The cardiac area is new with state-of-the-art equipment, and I'm told this hospital does a lot of heart procedures (possibly more than the newer, more visually appealing hospitals). I decided to go with the recommendation, and was there for cardiac angiogram with overnight stay. I'd previously been there for a cardiac (chemical) stress test the week before. Before deciding, I tried to find photos and information online about the hospital and facilities, without success. Maybe I didn't look hard enough? But could also find no comments or discussion about this place on the board here. My experience was excellent. The staff were all polite, caring and very competent. The outside made us somewhat nervous, and we decided to have a driver take us there and back rather than leave our car parked overnight. All other aspects were good, however, and I wanted to post some info in case anybody else is considering going there. The hospital portion is run by nuns, and charges for that are separate from the medical facilities. We selected their most expensive room, which is a "suite" with sleeping sofa and chairs partitioned off from the section with bed and visitor chairs. Price of the room was $2,000 MX and we felt it was very comfortable, although probably not as modern as some higher-end hospitals. Since this was our first experience in a Mexican hospital, I'm not sure how that pricing compares to other locations. For anybody wanting to see pictures of the hospital portions we used, you can check this album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10201936462483545.1073741843.1544023397&type=1&l=ab01a0138b Heather
  13. I am posting this for a friend who witness this at noon yesterday at the Centor Magno mall located between Lopez Cotilla and Vallarta in Guadalajara. There is a small pet shop on the second floor where they sell animals. They have cages at the back of the store with dogs ( 4 _ 5 ) in cages spinning around in fear ,on top of the dog cages are cages with cats. The cages are filthy ,full of fetal mater in the middle of the day. This store must be licensed so should respond to complaints. This animal cruelty will only be stopped if enough people voice a complaint so please when in guad visit this store and let the environmental department know how these poor animals are being treated.
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