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Found 4 results

  1. Have never used GDL before, and have two questions regarding the INM (immigration) office/desk at Guadalajara airport. My wife and I are Residente Permanente and need to get stamped FMM forms before departure. Two quesitons: 1) Where is the INM office/desk located? 2) Is open 24 hrs? We have a 6:30 flight so we will be arriving by 4:30 am and wondering if we are going to have any difficulties getting our exit FMM forms. Thanks,
  2. Albuquerque NM (Volaris) starting Nov. 17 Charlotte NC (Volaris) starting Nov. 22 Charlotte NC (American) starting Jan. 6, 2019, seasonal thru April
  3. I thought I heard there were flights (again) between Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara. Does anyone know if that's the case currently, and if so, which airline? I assumed it was AeroMexico, but not having luck on their website. Can check Interjet, VivaAerobus and Volaris, but if anybody knows off hand, it would save me the hassle. Thanks.
  4. What’s it like trying to get through GDL baggage pick-up, customs and security with a big load of stuff from the US which, in addition to carry-on, would include a good sized roller bag AND duffel bag, and also at least one 18”X18”X24” fifty pound box of personal effects, EACH for two people? Any tips to make it as easy as possible? Once we get to the public concourse, I figure there will be plenty of offers to help, and Luis Miramontes will be able to give us a hand loading his van to take us to our new home. (Thanks webboard advisors for the Miramontes tip!) For our year-long—at least—sojourn in Ajijic, my recently retired wife and I are flying into GDL in two weeks with much more checked luggage than we’ve ever brought through customs (always before at PV), and we’re thinking about adding more. Our curbside check-in at Seattle’s airport makes it relatively easy, and Alaska’s additional baggage charges are less than a third what it costs to have our boxes shipped by DHL. We’re looking for info to help us answer the question, “Is the extra hassle worth the savings?”
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