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Found 13 results

  1. Check out the Chapala.com classifieds for high quality furniture, artwork and other treasures for less than replacement value. Have been renting unfurnished and now moving to furnished, so everything for sale at less than replacement value.
  2. Sale all mexican furnish. 100% wood¡ La Floresta. Contact: sersolgdl@gmail.com Cel; 3331705909 Sergio
  3. Does any one have any experiences with a powered stand up desk in the area? Are they available? Quality? We have one the the states but I’m not sure it’s worth the cost to bring it down when we move if they are available locally. Thanks.
  4. If anyone is going to Tonala and would take me with them, I would be prepared to pay for the gas. Norah
  5. I just signed a contract for an apartment. I will move in on July 5th. I will need a full-size refrigerator, a washing machine and some kind of pantry cabinet. I also need everything else, dishes, pots and pans, silverware, linens, blankets and pillows. As inexpensive as possible, please.
  6. Greetings. I hope everyone had a good holiday. I'm looking for a used pool table. I prefer a freestanding pool table and am not interested in a table top version unless it is 5 feet or longer. If anyone knows of one for sale, please let me know at angesubscriptions@gmail.com. Thank you!
  7. Hello Everyone, I visit Lakeside at least once a year and will be coming for the Maestros feria. In a house in Ajijic I saw a pantry that had a beautiful antique kitchen scene painted on it. (I shall try to attach it if I can.) The house owner couldn't remember the artist's name, but told me he had painted it by using a projector to project the scene on the furniture's surface, and then painting over it to do the figures and colors. I believe this is the way Norman Rockwell use to work. I am trying to track down this artist who paints by projection and was wondering if anyone else in the Lakeside area had had similar work of this nature done? Many kind people have responded to a different list and suggested that it was Noe Ortega whose business is in Riveras. He was not the artist, as I spoke with him by phone a day ago to make sure. Anyone who thinks they can help and post on this forum, or contact me with a PM at: jameslcastner@gmail.com. Thanks very much. Best wishes, James L. Castner Gainesville, Florida
  8. Morning, Folks. Here's the question. Several months ago I went with friends to their appointment at the IMSS Clinic in Chapala and from there we went on to complete a few other errands. As we drove through one of the streets in Chapala, I noticed what seemed like a warehouse full of tables and chairs. I do not drive, and do not remember the name of the street. I am fairly certain that it was parallel to the main drag, and it was a one way heading towards Soriana's. I would like to go and see what the fellow has, but don't know where to start. I am capable of going to Chapala, wandering about and asking people if they know of such a place, but I thought I'd go for the easy way and ask here first. Please note: I am not looking for a recommendation for a carpenter. I have 2 that I use regularly, and they do good work. This place just really grabbed my interest. Here's hoping someone can save me some time and leg work. CDS
  9. I am looking for a shop or a local craftsperson Lakeside who sells/makes wrought iron furniture for patios. To be precise a round table with a hole for an umbrella and maybe a glass top and 6 comfortable chairs. I don't want the mass produced kinds (Costco, Home Depot) Any suggestions? I was sitting in LCS garden this week and they have wonderful metal chairs and tables - does anyone recall if these are available locally? Appreciate your suggestions/advice!
  10. One of my friends is moving back to her home country and that means that she has to sell all her furnishings. Top quality and many as good as new. Many of them are listed at this E-classified website: http://www.e-classifieds.chapala.com/ under 'general merchandise' and 'furniture'. Or contact me for the complete inventory list in PDF format.
  11. We have six unfinished, heavily carved pine dining room chairs that need to be painted and finished. They are the typical stuff you see around Tonala. Looking for someone who could paint the backs in typical Mexican style and stain them. Anyone know where I might get this done for a reasonable price?
  12. Practically new brown recliner for sale. It has a side pocket for that handy remote.... Was purchased this past September, 2012 and hardly used. Need to sell because we sold our house and does not fit in our new home. We purchased it from Muebles America in Chapala for $2670 pesos and asking $2000 pesos. It is guaranteed for 30 years. It has 3 reclining positions. PM if you are interested.
  13. Nintendo Wii includes many accessories and games. Balance board with neoprene cover; camera; extra remote with plus and lanyards; rubber protectors; Nyko Remote charging dock with rechargeable batteries; Wired sensor bar; Wireless sensor bar; exercise bands; GAMES: Wii Sports Resort; Wii Sports; Wii Fit Plus; Wii Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy; Wii Active Personal Trainer; Wii Ultimate Board Game Collection; Ubisoft Golds Gym Cardio Workout. Purchased for over $550 USD. Custom Queen Size Bed and Mattress. This steel frame bed was made of 1¼ inch steel and custom painted. Mattress is Serta Perfect Sleeper-Lanai. Used 3 times only! Bed has rubber feet to protect the tile. $7,000.00 Pesos for all, bedding not included. LG Portable Air Conditioner 9000btu includes exhaust hose and components, remote control. $2,800.00 Pesos. Dell Inspiron 700M Portable Computer; extra battery, DVD, Wi-Fi, headset/microphone; USB Hub; Security lock; runs on Windows XP Professional. $3,000.00 Pesos. Canon IP90 Portable Color Printer; extra ink cartridge; Bluetooth accessory; rechargeable battery; Installation CD. $1,300.00 Pesos. Elliptical machine great for aerobic exercises. $500 pesos
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