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Found 8 results

  1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ehécatl An original puppet theatre production based on an Aztec legend. Ajijic, Jalisco – April, 2017 – Ehécatl An original puppet theatre production based on an Aztec legend comes to Ajijic, Mexico in April, 2017. Come enjoy the exclusive, world premiere of a most eclectic and creative production. Art Xik Xik and the Teatro CoyolliIzel present Ehécatl, an original puppet theatre production based on an Aztec legend on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in a lovely, private chapel in upper Ajijic, Mexico. The presentation is a fundraiser for Butterflies en Mexico (BEM), A.C. BEM is a local, not-for-profit charity that empowers youth to make healthy life choices. www.gomariposa.org. BEM does this in 3 ways through its programs: anti-violence education in the Chapala public schools, community development in our neighborhoods and through vocational training projects that assist local youth in obtaining cost of living wages and employment. On April 22nd, 2017 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. our lovely residential chapel will be transformed into a formal puppet theatre. Our afternoon starts at 5 p.m. with valet parking, wine bar and catered appetizers. At 6 p.m. our exclusive group of guests will take their seats to experience the world premiere presentation of Ehécatl. In the Aztec legend of the god of wind, Ehécatl appears on the breath of all living beings and in the breezes that bring the rain clouds for the crops. His breath initiates the movement of the sun, announces and moves the rain and brings life to that which is still. Based on an Aztec legend, using original, pre-hispanic style puppets, Ehécatl the god of wind, falls in love with a human named Mayáhuel. Mayáhuel was human at a time when people still could not love one another. Ehécatl gave all humanity the ability to love so that Mayáhuel could respond to the passion of the gods and reciprocate his love. Book by Izel Paz Villegas, Fabiola Paz Villegas and Fco. Nava. © 2017. Direction by Abril Iñiguez. This evening of magic and culture should not be missed! Please join us on Saturday April 22nd, 2017 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at a private residence in upper Ajijic, Mexico for the world premiere of Ehécatl. Admission is $500 pesos per person. (Includes valet parking, music, catered appetizers, one complimentary drink ticket and the theatre production) Tickets on sale at Dianne Pearl Colecciones. Only 50 tixs available. We hope to see you there!
  2. Operacion Amor is hosting a small fundraiser this Wednesday, March 29 from 4-6 pm. Please see the announcement.
  3. Operacion Amor is hosting a small fundraiser this Wednesday, March 29 from 4-6 pm. Please see the announcement.
  4. Last month a Match Challenge was issued by Darlene MacLeod & friends - they will match 25,500 pesos in donations if we can raise the same amount by April 15th. Wow!! Thanks to CEDEJO supporters who have donated in the last month, we're SO CLOSE to securing this challenge. We only need $5,558 pesos more. WE CAN DO THIS. Double the impact of your donation and, if you're able, give today. If unable to give a donation or you've given already (Thank You!), please spread the word via social media or by word of mouth. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS! THANK YOU. TO CONTRIBUTE: Donate via PayPal on CEDEJO’s website OR via the online Campaign Page: www.gofundme.com/helpCEDEJO OR Deliver your donation to CEDEJO's Office OR deposit directly in to CEDEJO’s bank account (see website for more info).** **If you choose to deposit or drop off your donation, please make sure to email me to let me know the amount you donated and the date so that we can add your donation to the online campaign totals. Thank you! CONNECT WITH CEDEJO: CEDEJO Website CEDEJO Facebook Page CEDEJO Twitter
  5. Today is International Women's Day!! Today is a special day for me. A year ago, in honor of International Women's Day, I contacted CEDEJO, a women's health clinic serving indigenous women in Ajijic, to find out how I could contribute to their mission. I thought I would only be creating a new website, Facebook & Twitter pages, and an updated pamphlet for the clinic but my volunteer experience has turned in to so much more than I ever expected. This is no longer just "my" volunteer experience. It has grown in to an entire community pulling together to save a valuable Women's Health Clinic. We have reached 70% of the fundraising campaign's goal and the clinic has remained open for the last 6 months and will remain open through at least May of 2014. I am so inspired by ALL OF YOU. Thank you to everyone who contributed to my fundraising campaign and for all you do to empower girls and women everywhere! GIVE THANKS to CEDEJO Today Sylvia Flores and CEDEJO volunteers positively affect the most vulnerable in our community by giving of themselves and their services. They work tirelessly to empower women and girls in our community to be the healthiest people they can be. The results of their work, by extension, improves the health and well- being of the entire community. Please help me to thank CEDEJO and their volunteers today for all that they do to make the world a better place. Send them a message of thanks, share this campaign page with your friends and consider giving a donation today to support their work. TO GIVE TO THE CLINIC: Donate on my Fundraising Page : GoFundMe OR Donate on CEDEJO's Website via PayPal OR deliver donations to the clinic (45-A Ocampo, Ajijic) OR deposit directly in to their bank account (see website for details). Send messages of thanks to CEDEJO via: Website: http://www.centrodedesarrollojocotepec.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Centro-de-Desarrollo-Jocotepec/230933137052898 Twitter: @CEDEJOAjijic (https://twitter.com/CEDEJOAjijic)
  6. As I took a walk through my neighborhood this past week, I came upon a box of vinyl records in a trash pile in my neighborhood (photos and descriptions below). I don’t have a record player myself but as I flipped through them I thought maybe someone in the Ajijic/Chapala area may appreciate them so I piled as many as I could in my arms and lugged them home. They're in excellent condition and most have original sleeves. Certainly these albums, while one person’s trash, are another person’s treasure. If you’re interested in making this recently discovered treasure yours, all I ask is that you come pick them up (in La Floresta) and that you make a donation (of whatever amount you can comfortably afford) to CEDEJO, a women’s clinic located in Ajijic, whom I’m currently raising funds for. You can read more about my fundraising campaign and the good work of the women’s clinic in this previous Chapala.com forum post, on my GoFundMe online campaign page and/or on the Center’s website. Check out these albums & make them yours!! ROLLING STONES~ RARE NM LP~LET IT BLEED~1969 USA PRESS~OUT OF PRINT~LONDON THE BEATLES 1962-1966 2x Vinyl LP The Red Album Set 1973 CAPITOL RECORDSTHE BEATLES 1967-1970 2x Vinyl LP The Blue Album Set US Capitol THE BEATLES Yellow Submarine NEAR MINT Vinyl 1969 THE ROLLING STONES - Love You Live on Rolling Stones Records Double LP, 1977 THE 5TH DIMENSION Age Of Aquarius LP ROYAL PHILHARMONIC SIR THOMAS BEECHAM HANDEL MESSIAH HIGHLIGHTS LP BOX 1959 2 LPS plus book THE BEACH BOYS BEACH BOYS '69 THE BEACH BOYS LIVE IN LONDON JANIS JOPLIN'S Greatest Hits LP 1973 LINDA RONDSTADT Record Living in the USA 1978 THE 5th DIMENSION "Portrait" LP DUKE ELLINGTON / Fiedler - Boston Pops "At Tanglewood" THE BEACH BOYS The Best Of The Beach Boys (1978) Vinyl LP JOHNNY CASH Tennessee Golden Hits - Vol. II LP Album - 1970's Jesus Christ Superstar Rock Opera Andrew L. Webber - LP/Vinyl/Record Album 1970 2LPs PETER, PAUL and MARY - See What Tomorrow Brings (1965) [NM] - vinyl LP PAUL MCCARTNEY II Orig 1980 US THE ROLLING STONES Beggars Banquet (1968) Vinyl LP FIRST TIME The Count Meets the Duke DUKE ELLINGTON & COUNT BASIE ORCHESTRA LP 1962 PETER, PAUL AND MARY "Ten Years Together – The Best Of" LP from 1970 PETER, PAUL and MARY In The Wind Vinyl LP Record Album LINDA RONSTADT: Hand Sown, Home Grown LP JOAN BAEZ FAREWELL ANGELINA VINYL LP 1965 PETE SEEGER We Shall Overcome Protest Carnegie Hall 1963 Columbia LP SIMON & GARFUNKEL, Sounds of Silence, Vinyl LP Columbia Records,1966
  7. I was recently approached by Hector, the new delegado, and asked if I would become involved in a new youth program he has helped set up. It is a soccer program to help give the poorest kids in Ajijic something positive to do with their time - not only as a bulwark against drugs and crime, but something instructive and hopeful. I have been working with them for a month or two now and I am so impressed with the amount of time and effort the adults put in to make this a success. The kids (about 60 in total) are never late for practice - which is 5 days a week and is quite grueling. The coach, Giovani, has dedicated just about all his free time for these kids. He has provided as much as he can - but he is unemployed and like the rest of the adults helping out, life is a struggle. He has arranged free physical exams for them, cut a deal with the Gymnos gym, and takes care of the liaison with the village. We play against other teams in the area on Saturdays and the first thing you notice is that the other teams have uniforms and soccer shoes that do not show the player's toes. We wear 'casacas' - the vests that cashiers wear, and some of the kids cannot afford soccer shoes. I would like to help them by garnering community support. I would like to develop community partnerships perhaps with local business, perhaps in exchange for advertising space on a website I am setting up as well as in all community correspondence. I am hoping they can buy uniforms with their business name on the shirt. I would also like to introduce the program directly to the ex-pat community, inviting them to practices and games, meeting the kids - and perhaps sponsoring a child in need. I would like to avoid asking just for contributions and it may be naïve, but I would like to see it more as a bridge between the ex-pat community and the Mexican community. I have no experience in the fund raising side of things. I sponsor a child in Africa and South America, so I have only seen how this operates from the donor side. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can go about getting support for these village kids? Does anyone out there have experience or know of contacts that would be useful? Anybody who would like to meet us or talk to me directly can come to the soccer field on the corner of the carretera and Revolucion (across from Plaza Bugambilias) - Mon, Tues and Thursdays at 5pm. Soccer matches are on Saturdays.
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