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Found 5 results

  1. Any info about FEGLI scams? yesterday I got a letter from a USA lawyer asking for a reimbursement of a check that was given to me 11 years ago by FEGLI! I guess any issue from 11 years ago is expired, no? TIA.
  2. So today I had a little fun with a guy who must be rather dumb, but perhaps successful at defrauding people out of money. He has called me twice in the past month. "This is your favorite neighbor silly".... the first time he said he was Mike, was at Costco and asked if I needed anything. I said I don't have a neighbor named Mike and he hung up. Today I played with him...again he said he was my favorite neighbor and how could I not recognize his voice? I said "Jim"? Yes it was Jim, whoever Jim is....and what did I want from Costco...AGAIN! So I gave him a long list, and he said "I'll call you back". I said to a friend, watch, he'll call back and say he had an accident and needed money. Indeed, a few minutes later he called back with a fender bender story near the airport and would I get 4000p to him...he said he didn't understand the other man because he doesn't speak Spanish...I asked if he wanted me to talk to the guy. So he handed his phone over and the other fellow said he needed the money as his daughter is sick and he doesn't want the accident on his record. But "Jim" had already told me that the fellow would have his car towed if he didn't pay up. "Jim" asked me to go to Oxxo and send the money. I said well I'll owe you for the Costco items and he said "Oh it's just a couple hundred pesos"....sure, the list I gave him was like 6000p! Anyway, after back and forth he gave me his Oxxo Banamex number and I said I'd go up and pay. When he called back, I told him I don't have a neighbor named Jim and I had reported his numbers etc. He hung up. Now, this jerk "Jim" just called me, it's about two hours later. "Hello, its Jim". I said I'd told him, I dont have a neighbor named Jim. He hung up.I know there is a number to call to make a report about fraud calls...estafadores...but I can't find it. If anyone knows the correct number I'd be grateful if you'd post it again!Several friends have gotten the same call.....sometimes he identifies himself as whoever, sometimes he wants you to guess. These are the numbers he has called from:331 398 1146331 330 5715331 844 5540And here is his Oxxo Banamex number: 4766840742878098.
  3. Please stop making color copies. I do not want to see that your $50 ink jet printer works. I see so many people make color copies of everything. People think Mexico is Disneyland and that they can make color copies of immigration documents and driver licenses and laminate them. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS IS FALSIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS and as such you will be arrested. DonĀ“t whine if you think it is unfair, just pull out your fake documents next time a Texas Trooper pulls you over. Some color copies and scans are very good, so good that people forget which copies are real and which are fake but we know and immigration knows and they will fine you or kick you out. Other police will arrest you. If I have to bail you out of jail I will make you trash your printer and scanner!
  4. PROFECO launches new site with search engine to look up gas stations that cheat people
  5. I have received many calls and investigated and there are multiple companies offering to buy timeshares but requesting the sellers pay upfront certain taxes and fees and these fees are either greatly inflated or fraudulent and they have fake SAT tax forms and a letter from a fake accountant. I went personally to the administrator of the SAT Guadalajara SUR office and they confirmed all papers are fake and that the RFC and CURP numbers of the representative are non existent. If you know of someone affected tell them to call my office and not pay anything else until we confirm the charges are valid.
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