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Found 21 results

  1. Hello mi name is Jose, I Love Dogs and have broad Experience (used to walk dogs in NYC), Affordable Rate, Dependable, One-on-one dogs walks (Unless they are siblings, in which case I would gladly walk them together). My Working area is from Riveras del Pilar to Ajijic, please call me, send me an email, SMS or WhatsApp I will be glad to be to some assistance . Cel: 045 33 2215 2377
  2. The Ranch no-kill dog shelter needs your support. We are putting on a great sunset boat cruise on Lake Chapala. We hope to also see the full moon rise. Polanco + Steadman will be entertaining us again and Pale' Restaurant will be serving savory roast pork sandwiches. There will also be a few sides and a brownie included. You can get tickets at Diane Pearl or The Scandinavian Bakery in the Laguna Mall.
  3. Unfortunately our neighbors on all three sides of us have now acquired dogs which they are irresponsible enough to put out in their yards and let them bark night and day. I am talking about w Great Danes, an Afgan, an Irish Setter and, to round out the chorus, three yappy little ankle nippers! We have tried asking the owners to take care of the matter with little or no success. Is there any legal recourse we have to try and get this under control?
  4. I posted a request for a customs broker to help facilitate customs @ GDL with my dog. I got 2 replies thank you...I also got a reply recommending a DVM to contact. Somehow I’ve lost it. If anyone recognizes this post or has a recommendation, please reach out. Thanks, Bill
  5. Hi there, I am a single, clean, quiet lady with a compassion for dogs. I am looking for a petsitting position in the Ajijic area anytime beginning October 1st. I have fostered and rescued many dogs from Mexico and volunteer at the Ranch here in Chapala and for various rescues in Puerto Vallarta. I am high energy and will keep your pet well exercised and loved. I am currently doing a sit in West Ajijic so would be more than happy to get acquainted with your pet before I arrive. Please contact Cari at designerbaskets@hotmail.com or on my cell at 331 705 0466. I can provide many references. Thank you!
  6. Hi, Does anyone know of a good dog tracker that works effectively lakeside? We plan on coming down and would be heartbroken if we lost out pet. Our dog is family. TIA Frank & Sharon
  7. I rescued 3 puppies that appeared on my patio. They are approx. 2.5 months old and now have their vaccinations and dewormer. There are 2 males and a female, which are siblings and very playful. Unfortunately, I cannot keep 5 dogs where I live, nor do I have a fenced yard. Contact Barb at 376-763-5663 or 331-991-0251 I am currently unable to upload individual photos due to a processing error, but will continue to try and in the meantime can text or email photos to you. They are a German Shepherd mix I believe, here is one photo that did upload.
  8. This seminar is taking place in Ajijic - August 19 & 20, 2017 at the Hotel Perico. The seminar is called " Do as I Do" Social Learning Training and is presented by Dr. Claudia Fugazza in English with Spanish translation provided.Here is a link to information on the program. http://clickerpets.com.mx/doasidomexicoenglish/Scroll down the web page and there are "+" signs with additional information on the right hand side. English and Spanish versions. Price is $4500 p if paid by May 31. For the price increase after that see information on website.
  9. The first show of the season at Sol Mexicano Features the work of Marco Ojeda - Next Friday 18th November from 5pm. ALL WELCOME Caminando Juntos (Walking together) is the name of the next exhibition at Galeria Sol Mexicano. The show will open with a special reception on Friday 18th November from 5pm. This (2 week only) show will feature the photographs of Marco Ojeda, who is currently showing at the TSOHO gallery in Guadalajara. In his own words; I have the privilege to work with dogs and their people since the year 1999, this exhibit is a documentary of the dogs I meet, work and share moments with, and of others I encounter where I go; and the wisdom they have passed on to me to share with you. Dogs have personally helped me in many ways. This work not only shows how incredible and beautiful dogs are, it gives us a chance to look inside ourselves, invites us to reflection and to make an introspection ... to respect ourselves and all the beings with whom we share this world.
  10. My friend Janis is looking for homes for these three girls. They are 7 weeks old. Annie, Bella and Carla. They have been treated for fleas and worms. They are very healthy and well socialised. Anyone interested, please call Janis at 106-0641 or 333-390-9575
  11. FOUND: A matched set of Pyrenees dogs. Lower Riberas. They are now safe inside a property but the finders dogs are not happy. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. Owner should contact Brenda Campbell ASAP. 765. 4057
  12. Come help us celebrate our milestone! WE have spayed and neutered over 2000 dogs and cats in the Chapala area over the last five years. The $200p fee includes one spay/neuter procedure, a t-shirt and a chance at some great raffle prizes. Lunch is not included.
  13. Please help! My two dogs are missing since Sunday 13th, a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd, last seen downtown Ajijic, their names are Taco and Zuco, reward $1000 each. Please call Monica at cell (33) 1424 2638 or home tel 766 3526. My three children and myself will be deeply grateful.
  14. I'm new to this forum so if I am not posting in the right spot, I apologize. My husband and I are moving to Chapala in October 2016. We had an offer of a ride from a woman but she cannot confirm her availability until August so just in case that doesn't work out, I am looking at alternatives. It will be my husband and I and 2 small dogs along with about 6 small footlockers with our stuff in them. I'm pretty sure it would all fit in an SUV type vehicle. Has anyone ever done this before and if so, what were your experiences and do you know of anyone who does this. I really, really appreciate your help. Flying is not an option as our dogs are elderly and we do not want to stress them out.
  15. We have a young silver four pound tiny toy poodle that we would like to breed. We are looking for a full blooded black that's "BLACK" poodle that can be bred with her. Let me know if there is any one that would be interested. Thanks.
  16. Hi, Does anyone know of an organisation like the British RSPCA or American ASPCA in Mexico, more specifically in Guadalajara? My in-laws have a case of their neighbours poisoning three dogs. Vet saved one so he knows the history surrounding it all. Any contacts or information about what can be done would be greatly appreciated. Thanks p.s apologies for British spelling!
  17. This Thursday, January 14th, Bistro@ Ocampo71 in Ajijic has generously agreed to contribute 50 pesos for each pizza purchased after 6:00 p.m. to Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption. Please come out and support this dog shelter. No additional purchase or tickets required! It couldn't be easier! Eat pizza, support homeless dogs.
  18. Looking for a dog sitter. I would like to find a) a doggie day sitter.... so I can go out for more than 4 hours, say for a trip to Guadalajara, or a day trip to another place here in Mexico. Happy to drop them off for care. I live in West Ajijic. a longer term sitter... can be my home or the sitter's home. Thing is my sweet old lady dogs who are small, need a human with them fairly often... and definitely overnight. They are not used to being alone for a long time. I do not leave them for more than 3.5 hours at a time... well 4 hours most.
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