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Found 17 results

  1. Hello mi name is Jose, I Love Dogs and have broad Experience (used to walk dogs in NYC), Affordable Rate, Dependable, One-on-one dogs walks (Unless they are siblings, in which case I would gladly walk them together). My Working area is from Riveras del Pilar to Ajijic, please call me, send me an email, SMS or WhatsApp I will be glad to be to some assistance . Cel: 045 33 2215 2377
  2. LOST SERVICE DOG - URGENT: Bella, our beloved dog is still missing (4 days now) but we have new hope if you help us. Bella has a "Tile" bluetooth GPS tag on her collar that transmits to cell phones within 150 feet running the "Tile App". If you are Lakeside, PLEASE HELP US. It will take less than 5 minutes and may SAVE Bella's life. TILE INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Download the Tile App (no cost), quickly create an account, and enable Tile Notifications: /www.thetileapp.com/es-mx/ 2) Message me (+1 415 746 0768) with your email address used for Tile account. 3) We'll "Share" her collar tile with your account and you will see it in your Tile app. 4) Keep the Tile app OPEN in your cell's background and make sure Bluetooth is "on." The main top Tile icon will light up green if you are within range of her. If you get a signal, call me at +1 415 225 3258 PLEASE, at ANY hour. "Tile" does not access your data; any website about it confirms it is a legitimate app. Alone, finding Bella is a needle in a haystack but with Lakeside community help it becomes a dragnet and we will find her!! If you don't want the reward we will give it to a shelter. Please also SHARE this info.😭 OUR BELLA: Bella got scared of the fireworks and jumped out of a crack through an under-construction elevator shaft and dropped 9ft from our house at 6pm Thursday night and does not have the skills to survive on the street. She is a 10-year old white Maltese, ten pounds/4+ kilos, last seen on Rio Lerma in Rancho del Oro. Small but fast so she could have covered a good distance by now. Friendly, approachable, loves kisses. Wearing a blue/yellow/red striped collar with white GPS Tile tag. Silver name tag reads Bella and gives both "415" and "650" phone numbers for Mel and Aura, and a California address. She is visiting and not likely to know the way back here. If you find her please call 376 766 2863 or +1 415 225 3258. If you have friends around Lakeside, please SHARE this post. 🙏 We're beyond devastated and just want or baby back. 💔
  3. Hi. Can I use CYNOFF to do fumigation in the garden where my dogs play? or, is there a thing to fumigate with no risk for my dogs? The garden is full of fleas... My dogs use frontline, but it is ineffective because of the flea infestation in the garden... TIA.
  4. Where to get pet gate or barrier or little wall for dogs inside home? TIA.🙂
  5. Canadian retirees looking at providing house/pet care near Lake Chapala. Rates are negotiable for this preferred location and time period 2+ weeks between November 2018 and March 2019), We lived in Panama for 2 years, Frank speaks Spanish, I speak French. contact me for details, business4biz@gmail.com http://thehometeam.site/
  6. I am trying to find out if dogs are supposed to be on leashes on the trail to the Chapel in Ajijic. Today I had THREE different owners at different parts of the trail with their HUGE German Sheppards way ahead of them NOT on a leash. I have already been pushed over by a big dog requiring me have my busted lip looked at the clinic. I also had one dog jump on me. The trail is VERY narrow in parts and NO, I should not have to wait for you and your dog to pass without a leash and NO you can tell me 100 times "he is safe and will not hurt you." For those of us who have been frightened by a big dog approaching alone while we are alone on the trail (I cannot see you 100 yards back!) I really don't mind if you have an elephant with you, IF it is on a leash. The last encounter today ended with "You know me and that my dog is safe" then I got the " f--k you!" I really enjoy the hike. I do understand you want to exercise your dogs with you but what about the narrow parts of the trail and the shock of having a dog dart out of nowhere towards me? What about ME? PLEASE put them on a leash!
  7. LOOKIN FOR NEW HOME!I'm fostering a cute rescue female bundle of joy but needs a new home. She's off the streets but I just don't have the time and she needs love and attention. She's medium size, 7 to 9 months old, has her shots and has been de-wormed AND IS NOW SPAYED. Would you like to adopt her or know someone who would love a super friendly thirsty for love and attention pup? Thank you! Call or whatapp 333 174 4835
  8. Hi! where to report a dog tied with a chain under the sun, with no food or water. This happens now in Fracc. Mirasol. The dog has been crying for several hours. No shade at all for the dog. The owner is inside, but does nothing. Proteccion Civil says that government have ANY organization to protect animals. TIA.
  9. Dog Lovers Welcome and so are your dogs -----on LEASH please.
  10. Sunday, May 22 -- a day with your dog! 11am - 5 pm at the Jocotepec Malecon Agility demonstration, Frisbee dogs, speakers (in Spanish) and all held at a beautiful location. Lots of Parking, food available for purchase, water park for the kids. Hope to see you there.
  11. Love dogs, come and see these great athletes this weekend. Event kicks off with the President of the USDAA Kenneth Tatsch from Texas and El Presidente Javier Degollado at 9:00 am on Saturday, February 27th. Runs start 9:30 am. Sunday things will kick off by 9:00 am. No entrance fee. Chairs on site. Food and beverages available for purchase. Where: Hotel Perico, Libramiento Ajijic y Chapala 2500, Ajiji (entrance next to the Michelin Tire shop) When: Saturday, February 27 & 28, 2016 Start time: 9:00 am
  12. My dog, recently rescued from Lucky Dog escaped this morning from fenced in yard. She was wearing a Thunder-shirt and had a blue and brown collar on. She is a Poodle/Schnauzer mix, mostly black with white eyebrows and white paws. $200p reward. Please call Marlene at 3335970503 or email syver117@gmail.com.
  13. A friend has found a very sociable golden retriever in Ajijic. If anyone knows of a missing golden (or possibly golden mix?), please post or PM ...
  14. I just got back from my second visit with Candy, who opened a grooming shop next to Hole In One in San Antonio Tlay. I have German Shepherds and a jolly, little rag mop terrier. Believe it or not, it's hard to get a good grooming job around here on short haired, double coats. Most "groomers" put in 5 minutes of brushing and call it a day. When you touch the dog, a cloud of hair swirls up. After seeing Candy, the shepherds look terrific. My terrier gets an excellent, cute little shave that Candy customized for her. I didn't have a clue what to ask for. I was a regular customer of Dee's and this is the first time I've said "Wow" at a grooming job since Dee retired. Now I don't have dogs that require specific, exacting cuts like a poodle, etc. But she sure has impressed me on both sensitive handling (one of my guys is a basket case around groomers) and the highly competent work that she's done for me. If you're like me and having trouble finding a good groomer, I'd recommend checking her out. The name of the shop is Candy's Grooming, in that little strip of shops next to Hole in One. It's after the Oxxo - Sunset Restaurant group as you come from San Antonio. Carretera Chapala-Joco #87. Phone 331 406 0510 (that's the one I use). Land line, 766-0705. I use the cell to get Candy, who speaks excellent English. Her card says that she offers home services. I know there are people who are always looking for that.
  15. Greetings All, I am a 48 year old woman with over 25 years animal, eco-home and garden care experience, including Veterinary Assistant experience both in Northern California and Mexico. I've lived in Mexico for about 6 years and am considering moving to the Lake Chalapa, Ajijic area in the next couple of months. I am available starting September 3rd for animal/home/garden sitting (ideally something with in walking distance to town/lake so that i can not only walk your dog(s), but take a look around and possibly find myself a long term place near the Lake/Town to call "home". For more about me, please view my website at ecologyproductions.com You may contact me directly at oak5productions@gmail.com Thank you for any leads, Kirsten
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