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Found 8 results

  1. I am sure glad I am a Canadian, I recently went to check travel advisory on the Canadian gov. website, I am quite safe to trave lalmost anywhere, than I went to the USA travel advisory. site.let it be hold! I can not go anywhere!, to my condo in ixtapa any more or visit my friends in manzanllo. Cosider becoming a Canadian we are a lot safer here than our American friends! a
  2. While we were TRYING to get some lunch at Food Container, someone stole a duffel bag from the back of our SUV. We thought the car was locked, but the thief got in with no problem, so maybe not. All they got in the duffel bag was a wet swimsuit, some wet towels, and a cell phone (which I've already suspended). Our first time at Food Container -- nice folks, good food, but geeze, it shouldn´t take 2 hours to get a sushi appetizer and 2 sandwiches. And there were only 2 other tables there.
  3. Like to ride my bike at break of dawn from West Ajijic to San Juan Cosala pass the fish restaurants but this time had a Mexican on my tail who first tried to knock me off my bike and when unsuccessful tailed me all the way back to West Ajijic. I went into traffic numerous times over to the other side of the road and he kept doing the same. When I stopped to let him go way ahead, he also stopped and pretended to adjust his bike and clothing. He finally disappeared when I stopped a police pickup but I did not see any police until I reached West Ajijic. They were not interested. I like that time of morning when it is cool and less traffic. The fact there were people around did not deter this guy. Any suggestions for new places to try early in the morning would be appreciated. Description: medium height with sun glasses and goatee with small beard and buzz cut. Clothing: baggy pants that are too long and dark t-shirt riding a kids moutain bike that had wire holding parts and partly deflated tires. Started tailing me on bike trail, pass fish restaurants when he came out of a hidden pathway.
  4. A 50 year old Canadian citizen found dead from blunt force trauma on El Tule Beach. Los Cabos and La Paz seeing increased crime against tourist. Story Here
  5. The Fiscalia General del Estado (FGE) sets up at LCS Tuesdays beginning Tuesday, April 1 from 10 am - 2 pm in the Talking Books Library Jalisco's comprehensive criminal justice and public security agency, is collaborating with the Lake Chapala Society to set up weekly sessions at LCS with a bilingual lawyer from Ministerio Publico to accept denuncias from the foreign community. Currently, data received from victims by Ministerio Publico is woefully sparse. In an effort to obtain accurate information, LCS is providing victims a safe place with bi-lingual support.The attorney General’s office is asking all community members who have not filed adenuncia (formal complaint) on a crime that has been committed against them in the past year to come to LCS and do it. They will provide legal advice regarding your complaint. Likewise if you have filed a denuncia in the past year with no results you can come here and ask them for a status report. We need to build up the statistics so that Attorney General’s office has clear justification for pushing for more resources Lakeside. If nobody reports then the position of the authorities is that it did not happen. Please report! ****You do not have to be an LCS member to visit the MP at LCS. Please spread the word - community participation is needed to make this program work.If you have constructive suggestions on how to make this program a success, please email info@lakechapalacrime.com and we will pass on the comments to LCS>
  6. Unauthorized Practice of Law by US Attorneys With so many attorneys offering their services, one must wonder which ones are working and operating legally and which are not. Obviously your safest bet as a consumer for issues in Mexico and Mexican law is to hire an attorney who has their studies here in Mexico and their professional cedula which can be verified online as well as has membership in a bar association with membership standards and requirements and mandatory continuing education. What about attorneys from the US who are not Mexican attorneys and practice in Mexico? Let´s look at this from another perspective and see how a US State, such as California applies their unauthorized practice of law statute and what is the opinion of the State Bar with regards to people calling themselves attorneys working in jurisdictions where they are not licensed to practice. How would a Mexican attorney be viewed working in the US? By looking at US standards we can see how these local attorneys should be acting and which rules and procedures they should adhere to. Giving advice regarding the law of a foreign country constitutes the practice of law. A person who gives advice as to local law, federal law, the law of a sister state, or the law of a foreign country, is GIVING LEGAL ADVICE! (The lawyer from Mexico therefore is practicing law. Bus. & Prof.C. §6125; Bluestein v. State Bar (1974) 13 Cal.3d 162, 174. Aiding the conduct is a violation of CRPC 1-300(A) by the supervising attorney.) The lawyer from Mexico should be advised to never, either orally or in writing, give advice to clients until admitted, In California there are penalties for the unauthorized practice of law as well as the attorneys that help them who can be charged with aiding and abetting the unauthorized practice of law in violation of rule 1-300(A), Rules of Professional Conduct (CRPC). Theyd also be condemning innocent associates and out-of-state lawyers to potential admission delay or denial for engaging in the unauthorized practice of law in violation of Business and Professions Code §6125. Or for holding out that they were entitled to practice law in California in violation of §6126(a), Section 6126(a) also provides potential criminal exposure for violating these statutes: Any person advertising or holding himself or herself out as practicing or entitled to practice law or otherwise practicing law who is not an active member of the State Bar, or otherwise authorized pursuant to statute or court rule to practice law in this state at the time of doing so, is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in a county jail or by a fine of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment. I understand that in Birbrower, Montalbano, Condon & Frank v. Superior Court (1998) 17 Cal.4th 119, 128-129, the California Supreme Court held that an attorney, not physically present in California, can virtually be in California by advising a California client on California law in connection with a California legal dispute by telephone, fax, computer or other modern technological means, Birbrower observed that there is no statutory exception to §6125 which allows out-of-state attorneys to practice law in California as long as they associate local counsel in good standing with the State Bar, except by pro hac vice admission. (Id., at p. 126, fn. 3; Cal.Rls. Ct. 9.40.) Negotiating and settling claims on behalf of others may amount to the practice of law. If a law firm is retained for a matter that includes the negotiation of a contract or other agreement on behalf of a client, this conduct constitutes the practice of law. Therefore, an attorney may not delegate such functions to a non-attorney. (In re Carlos (Bkrtcy.C.D.Cal. 1998) 227 B.R. 535, 538-539.) There is no statutory exception to §6125 which allows out-of-state attorneys to practice law in California as long as they associate local counsel in good standing with the State Bar, except by pro hac vice admission. (Id., at p. 126, fn. 3; Cal.Rls. Ct. 9.40.) Under California law, the practice of law includes the preparation of contracts and other documents that secure legal rights, whether the matter is pending in court or not. Preparation of stipulations and releases constitutes the practice of law. (In re Garcia (9th Cir.BAP 2005) 335 B.R. 717, 728.) Without your direct review and authorization of the documents, you are aiding the unauthorized practice of law (CRPC 1-300(A) and your non-admitted associate is engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. (Bus. & Prof. §6125.) The courts have observed that a documents complexity is not dispositive as to whether their drafting is properly within the sphere of legal services, since the preparation of any legal document that secures legal rights is considered practicing law, So an attorney would be safest to not to give advice or consultations for issues outside their state or jurisdiction where they are licensed, so a Nebraska attorney should stick to Nebraska law and not try Mexican law nor Nevada law. Some good steps would be First, any designation of the non-admitted associate in business cards, letterhead, Web sites, announcements or any other written designations should indicate that the associate is not admitted to practice in Mexico. This will ensure that the firm does not hold the person out as entitled to practice law in violation of the law. Second, if the associates meet with clients, in person or by telephone, the clients should be told that the associate is not admitted and is not entitled to practice law yet. This, too, will clarify for clients that the person is not a lawyer and not entitled to practice law.
  7. What has definately changed for the better since 2004? And what is decidedly worse?
  8. Another horrifying story. . . http://qz.com/131408/99-of-the-more-than-100000-kidnappings-in-mexico-last-year-went-unreported/ Wow, it's hard to believe that the federal gov't investigated only 6% of all crimes in Mexico last year. Can that be real?
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