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Found 13 results

  1. If anyone sees Spencer can you ask him to contact me. His contact page won't accept that I am not a robot! Geraldine Castle-Trudel, castlet@sympatico.cal
  2. Hi this is Miguel, Bennos owner. Since I am not able to come to Ajijic anymore and Justin is moving to Canada, I had Bennos for sale for a month but unfortunately we were not able to find a person so far that can continue the business. If you know someone interested please let me know. I would really like this business to continue since it started 15 years ago with Benno and we have became a solid business lakeside. We are only asking for a payment for all the products, tools and furniture and a person with very good knowledge about computers. If we are able to sell the business I will keep you posted and make sure that new owners will be qualified to provide you with an excellent service. We do have a clearance up to 70% off entire store and 20% off all services
  3. My son is coming to Lake Chapala soon and I want him to bring a new Microsoft computer and, of course, leave it here. Will he have an issue at the border (Nogalas) and if not, does he have to declare it (some forums say NO, does not have declare is a personal item (his wife will also have her own computer). If he then leaves it with me, is there a hassle when he goes back across the border a few weeks later? Even if he brought it new, in the box, and paid the 16% fee, it is still about $500 USD cheaper than buying here. Suggestions?
  4. Everytime I get upgrades my computer is slower Any way to undo the upgrades??
  5. I need someone who can edit a few MP3's and put them into a medley of music for the Lip Sink Show. Please contact me ASAP if you can or know of someone who can do this. Many Thanks
  6. Help. My power adapter died and my laptop battery is not charged. I have 3 days of work I need to get off to send to a client. I only need to use it for the time it takes to load onto my external drive if you have one I could borrow (rent?) It is a DELL power pack with 4.6 A output, don't know how to describe the plug size. I live in Ajijic close to LCS. Don't have a car, but would take the bus if will save me 3 days of duplicate work. I can order a new one, but the job is due before I could get it. Thanks
  7. My laptop died so I bought a new iMac last week. I get it home and sometimes Google Chrome works, but Safari does not. Sometimes everything seems OK, but can't get into Apple's App Store. I'm told it's the local Internet ... but when my laptop was working last week, these strange things never happened. I sense there is a problem with the new computer's set up and it is being blamed on the Internet. Any recommendations as to who to call for an immediate home visit would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I've got a property in Rancho del Oro and a couple of projects. Network wiring, installing a few cams, a video door phone, cleaning up an IP PBX currently sprawled on my desk. I work a day job, looking for someone,a good tech or retired person to help. Will pay decently. Tom 33-31071859
  9. Forgive me if this type of request has been posted before, but I am looking to find an office supply outlet in the Chapala/Ajijic area that carries cartridge replacements for Hp, Canon, Epson, etc., printers. Wal-Mart did carry the cartridge I needed, but now only carries the color cartridge and not the Black ink cartridge... Muchas Gracias for any information in locating a supplier would be helpful....
  10. if you have the iPad 2 DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE NEW VERSION OF IOS8. It has totally screwed mine up in every way possible. Lost games, passwords, no icons, realllly slow and bloated. So many adverse affects. Check the reviews (next time I will before downloading) for other iOS devices. Seems to be a miss on most. On hold with apple for over one hour. As rep picked up, call was dropped. Arrrrgggghh.
  11. I have a Telmex modem and it has been working fine for a couple of years now, and still is. I discovered today that the reception in the furthest away room is not good enough. I am wondering if there is a device that will extend the range of our WI-FI so that the room which is experiencing poor reception can be improved. The entire house is concrete construction and running wires is a problem because of the solid walls. Is there anything on the market that will basically amplify the modems' signal so it will reach the furthest away room better without running wires?
  12. One of my hard drives appears to be damaged. I just purchased a NEW computer, and it is doing the same thing as my old one...not recognizing this drive, which appears to have some damaged sectors. Does anyone know who they might recommend for trying to salvage files from this drive? And do it fairly quickly? (I do have a new hard drive to transfer everything onto.) I had been using Benno's, but the last time I took my computer in (because of this hard drive not being recognized) he booted the computer up in safe mode, found the drive and said it was fixed. The problem quickly came back however. My biggest frustration was that he kept my computer almost 3 weeks before he could get to it. So I am reluctant to go back, not because he lacks expertise, but because he just seems SO terribly busy. (Possibly he should have CHECKED that hard drive for defects in light of what was happening, but am not complaining over that...just the length of time I was without a computer. I am not retired, and my livelihood depends on having my computer.) I do have a fairly recent backup of the files off that drive, but am not sure I had everything! Any recommendations as to a data recovery person would be helpful. Thank you!
  13. Nintendo Wii includes many accessories and games. Balance board with neoprene cover; camera; extra remote with plus and lanyards; rubber protectors; Nyko Remote charging dock with rechargeable batteries; Wired sensor bar; Wireless sensor bar; exercise bands; GAMES: Wii Sports Resort; Wii Sports; Wii Fit Plus; Wii Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy; Wii Active Personal Trainer; Wii Ultimate Board Game Collection; Ubisoft Golds Gym Cardio Workout. Purchased for over $550 USD. Custom Queen Size Bed and Mattress. This steel frame bed was made of 1ΒΌ inch steel and custom painted. Mattress is Serta Perfect Sleeper-Lanai. Used 3 times only! Bed has rubber feet to protect the tile. $7,000.00 Pesos for all, bedding not included. LG Portable Air Conditioner 9000btu includes exhaust hose and components, remote control. $2,800.00 Pesos. Dell Inspiron 700M Portable Computer; extra battery, DVD, Wi-Fi, headset/microphone; USB Hub; Security lock; runs on Windows XP Professional. $3,000.00 Pesos. Canon IP90 Portable Color Printer; extra ink cartridge; Bluetooth accessory; rechargeable battery; Installation CD. $1,300.00 Pesos. Elliptical machine great for aerobic exercises. $500 pesos
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