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Found 11 results

  1. Here's the issue. A neighbor across my street had the CFE and a private contractor remove a street light on the street on a cement pole that was adjacent to his/her property and had a more powerful one constructed directly across in front of my house (closer to some up street lights) where the light shines directly in my windows.. No privacy. I can't even use the roof which we use regularly for additional living space because the light is so near and intrusive in addition to the light shining in my indoor rooms. The neighbor was almost belligerent to me because I asked about the light and told me it was because it interfered with their view and they put in a work order. They are also moving the cables (I guess) from one side to my side of the street. I am furious that you can just do this with the CFE without at least a petition or something from neighbors and for just a frivolous reason. The light was not even in front of their house, (it was at the back of a neighbor's house which is faced away from the light) and while he/she said they are paying for it and their private contractor is doing other adjustments, I just don't see how as ex pats they can get the CFE to just move street lights around for their view. The original light never shined into their house or was even in front of their view (more right angles) because their house is set a fair distance back from the street while my house is only a few feet from the street. No sarcasm please.
  2. Anyone experiencing power outage in Upper Riberas this morning? I live on Santa Clara Street.
  3. Anyone experiencing power outage in Upper Riberas this morning? I live on Santa Clara Street.
  4. CFE came by today to install a new electric meter and after two weeks I almost had electricity BUT the meter was thrown off by a weak contactreading due to the fact that my incoming line contact screws are rusted tight...... im applying wd 40 but would like the help of a local Chapala electrican to get the job done right. Anyone you can recommend. i speak some spanish/spanglish. AND HOW DOES ONE OPEN RUSTED SCREWS?
  5. Im trying to pay my cfe and telmex bills from the usa a recommended service called regalii.com but cannot see on their webpagea way to register and get started. Q. is this because I have an android cell phone/netbook? or am i missing something. telmex online gives a lousy exchange rate plus charges a fee. CFE.. Im scared of giving them my credit card info. regalii comes highly recommended by this web board but the 800# is evidently in spanish only. Help!
  6. Today while I was out, CFE came by and reprogrammed my electric meter and left a card in my mail box with a brochure and a note that I should use the card on Aug. 1. I did not request this monthly service and did not sign for anything as I was not home. I called the phone number on the brochure 071. I pressed 0 and held until I got a person. Asked for someone that speaks English. When I got that person I asked what was done. I told her I travel regularly and often pre-pay my account so my electricity does not go off. She said you cannot do that with this new service and card. The problem with how this operates has been discussed in other topics. So she confirmed my address, phone number, and corner street and put in an order to cancel service. I plan to go to Jocotopec CFE on Wed. to return the card with the work order to return my meter to the bi monthly plan. I have never had an angry moment or a tantrum here in Mexico but am planning to have one since I am fluent in Spanish if they give me any problems at CFE. Just a warning that I understood you used to have to sign and agree to the service. Now they are installing it while you are not home and just leaving the card. I posted the phone number in case anyone else has this problem. They can create a work order to cancel this service and reprogram your meter from headquarters where they speak English. Thinking some words now I can't write here.
  7. More rights for consumers in their disputes with the CFE In the recent changes in the Amparo laws there were provisions to nullify acts of private parties but this had never been applied against the Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE). Article 5 of the new Amparo law states that private parties can be considered as a responsible authority when they do acts equivalent to a governmental authority and whose functions are subject to general norms. This is the actual case of the CFE when it charges consumers excessively as it is the only provider of electricity services and consumers are forced to comply with their decisions which are dictated by the Secretary of Economy, dismissing the principle of freedom to enter into contracts that governs dealings between private parties. Moreover the contractual relationship between the CFE and users of its service cannot be considered the same as contracts between private parties but as administrative contracts that are not commercial in nature, nor are for profit or commercial speculation. Consequently administrative remedies would be the appropriate action to take against them. For this reason, the Mexican Supreme Court took away the barrier that has protected the CFE from nullity lawsuits to fight electricity shut offs, adjustments or excessive service charges. The second chamber of the high court determined yesterday that lawsuits against the CFE are proper in the Federal Tax and Administrative Tribunal (TFJFA), which indicates a change in their position that they established in 2009. Although a suit in the TFJFA is not an Amparo, it may include a restraining order against acts of authority which implies that a private party may sue and avoid having their electricity cut off, for example. In its decision, the second chamber of the Court pointed out that against acts of the CFE in their capacity as an exclusive provider of public electricity services, a review appeal as provided for in Article 83 of the Federal Law of Administrative Procedure or a Nullity suit as provided for in Article 14, section XI of the Organic Law of the Federal Tax and Administrative Tribunal; without prejudice to the consumer's right to file an amparo when it would be normally appropriate.
  8. Just follow the following link: http://www.cfe.gob.mx/casa/4_Informacionalcliente/Paginas/Ahorro-de-Energia.aspx Then make a selection with the mouse, from the boxes in the left side of the screen, then place the mouse on every appliance to see kw usage. ountrageos! The first one is: in the kitchen, then in the living room, then the bedroom and at last, cleaning is showed.
  9. Recently a friend had 3 transformer blowouts near her home. In the process, the new digital meter CFE installed went crazy resulting in a 5000p bill. She hired an electrician to help her get the bill investigated and the meter replaced. CFE came out, verified that the meter was defective, removed the meter, placed it on top of her wall, put a paper over the spot where the meter had been and left her electricity hooked up. It's been a month now and the paper and meter are still in the same places. My question is: what, if anything, should she do about this? She is receiving free electricity at this time. Will she eventually be charged for it? Should she contact CFE, or would it be smarter to let sleeping dogs lie?
  10. I can't access my CFE bill this morning. Anyone else with this problem? I'm using Google Chrome, as usual.
  11. I have a P3 P4400 Kill A Watt® electricity usage monitor for sale for $200 pesos if someone wants one. Click on teh hyperlink above to go to the product page. I am in Riberas del Pilar. Just send me a PM if you are interested. Large LCD display will count consumption by the Killowatt-hour, same as your local utility. You can calculate your electrical expenses by the day, week, month, even an entire year. Also check the quality of your power by monitoring Voltage, Line Frequency, and Power Factor.
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