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Found 3 results

  1. LCS will be offering a session in the use of Android cell phones and tablets. The session consists of 2 classes – the first on Thursday July 7 at 10:00 a.m. and the second on Thursday, July 14. Topics will include an overview of Android, setting up email, downloading apps, using widgets, using cell phone as a GPS, managing apps and data, photos and photo editing apps. You must have an Android device to attend and be an LCS member. There is no charge. Only people who are registered will be allowed to attend. To register send an email to lcsandroidclasses2016@outlook.com with your LCS membership number.
  2. AT&T has recently instituted a "Mobile Share Value Plan" that allows those subscribers that have a 15GB or higher plan to use unlimited talk & text to Mexico and Canada from the USA. AT&T's Mexico Roaming Bonus plan is also allowing unlimited calls in Mexico and from Mexico to the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This" Mexico Roaming Bonus" also requires the 15 GB or higher Mobile Share or Mobile Share Value plan. There are no roaming charges. This plan also includes unlimited texts for phones only: within Mexico and from Mexico to 190 countries for text messages and 120 countries for picture and video messages. It includes 1GB of Data free with additional each additional 1GB's costing $20.00US. I tried to get it set up via the AT&T help line but went to an AT&T store here in the US and they accomplished it on my 2 phones...This is a new program they are offering and it will be great if AT&T honors their promotional literature. The AT&T store got it done in 10-15 minutes as the employee I dealt with had never seen or heard of the program but got it done with a little computer time..You have to have them add this to each phone you have separately..Looks good to me ..I will give it a try after I arrive next week...This will save me from re-filling my Mexico cell phone and provide me wit many features not currently cost effective there..Attached below is the ATT plan. AT&T Mexico Roaming BonusSMEligibility: Package can only be added to Mobile Share or Mobile Share Value plans. Must add to each device separately. One month minimum term required. Unlimited talk: For phones only. Includes calls in Mexico and from Mexico to the U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands (collectively with Mexico, the "Domestic Coverage Area"). Calls to other countries: International long distance rates apply to calls from Mexico to countries outside the Domestic Coverage Area unless an International Long Distance (ILD) service package is added to the device placing such calls. Rates subject to change without notice. For rates, see att.com/worldconnect. Unlimited text: For phones only. Includes unlimited messaging within Mexico and from Mexico to more than 190 countries for text messages and 120 countries for picture and video messages. AT&T may add, change, and remove included countries at its discretion without notice. Messages sent through applications may incur data or other charges. Visit att.com/text2world for details. Data: Includes 1GB of data usage in Mexico. Unused data does not roll over to the next billing period. Data overage: If you exceed 1GB of data usage while roaming in Mexico during your billing period, additional data will automatically be provided in increments of 1GB at $20. General: Subject to Wireless Customer Agreement. Availability, quality of coverage and services while roaming are not guaranteed. Additional restrictions may apply. Other monthly charges per device: May include applicable taxes, and federal and state universal service charges, Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge (up to $1.25), gross receipts surcharge, Administrative Fee, and other government assessments which are not government required charges. Feature can't be resold or used for fraudulent purposes. Pricing, fees, promotions, and terms subject to change and may be modified, terminated, or discontinued at any time without notice.
  3. Anyone using T-mobile plan down there? Is it any good? Is anyone using the new Atnt Mexico plan yet? Is it best to just buy an unlocked phone in the US and get a prepaid card there in Mexico? Thanks everyone.
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