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Found 11 results

  1. I am taking the ETN bus to Nuevo Laredo and then need to cross over into Laredo. (I have taken Turimex in the past - they go right in to Laredo but the bus is full the day I need to travel). What is the best way to cross over into Laredo? I suspect by cab, but I've heard the rates are ridiculous. Any hints, insights from people who've done this are much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hello, This is our first post to the Webboard. We live in Puebla and are interested in relocating to Ajijic or surrounding area. Please can you help us with a few questions? Are there any bus lines that run from Puebla to Ajijic? If not, could you please tell me what bus lines and routes we must take? We have a son and we want to know if there is a "Primaria Pública" in Ajijic? If so, could you please tell me the name and if possible a contact name/number? For our son, we were wondering if there is a Scout group in Ajijic? He already participates here in Puebla Scouts. We are planning to come visit Ajijic during the Christmas vacation. We were wondering if you could recommend a good "Hotel Familiar", very clean, with pool, and reasonably priced? Thank you very much for your time and advice. The Michael Victor Family
  3. Am coming to area mid to late February for 2 weeks. Plan on staying in Chapala area about 4-5 days then back to Guad to take bus to SMA, Quanjuanto area. Is there a recommendation for someone to talk to about getting help to ensure I get to correct bus station in Guad and how to purchase tickets for the most direct bus etc? I am researching the area for a permanent move in late winter 2018. Any advice would be appreciated. Muchas gracias.
  4. What time in the morning does the smaller eastbound bus start running through Ajijic?
  5. Hi I am trying to figure out how to get around Guadalajara without a car. I need to get to the Guadalajara Technology Park outside of town on the Nogales highway. I cannot find any bus service that goes there. Are there combi's in Guadalajara? If so, how does one figure out which one goes where? Thank you. m
  6. How do i get from Chapala to Tonala by bus? is there any direct bus to Tonala?! Thanks!
  7. I have friends who want to cross over the border in Laredo and take a bus to Ajijic. Is there a bus that will take them over the border or do they need to catch a bus on the Mexico side. If so, what is the process in doing so?
  8. We've twice bought ETN bus tickets to Nuevo Larado from travel agents. That's because my experience at the online site has been that they won't accept my American credit card for payment. Or, for some reason, it glitches when I get to payment. And it has repeatedly. I don't like paying the extra fee at the travel agent. The online site seems to advertise Oxxo as a venue. I haven't noticed any sign of this in the Chapala Oxxo. Maybe the bus and taxi to the Tonolá bus station to buy them? Which would be cheaper than the travel agent fee, at least. Can anyone suggest an alternative to a travel agent? Is any local Oxxo a venue? Anyone else have a payment malfunction on the ETN online site? Thank you in advance for responses.
  9. I am renting a house in West Ajijic for a month in April. I have never been to the Lake Chapala area and have some questions prior to my arrival. 1. Can I easily exchange US $50 or $100 bills at Ajijic banks or do I need to only bring $20’s? 2. Is it a safe assumption that the coffee shops will be using purified water for their coffee? 3. I will be using a cab my first full day there to stock up on household items. Where should I go to get a month’s supply of bottled water? Is there a recommended store for paper towels etc. in the West Ajijic area? 4. When my kids come to visit I would like to go to GDL via bus to meet them at the airport. We will get a cab for the return trip. What are the steps needed to get to GDL from West Ajijic via bus. What should I expect to pay? I am recovering from cancer/chemo. I can do some walking but would like to keep it under a mile. Their plane does not arrive until 2:30 PM so I have time to spend on the bus. I can manage some Spanish. Thank you in advance for your responses.
  10. Planning a trip out of the Centro Camionera in Guadalajara. Need to know how to get there i.e. direct bus or inexpensive taxi, since I don't want to use the car...no place to leave it.
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