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Found 5 results

  1. First visit and we were very pleased with both the food and the service. The hamburguesa de camarones (shrimp burger) was the best by far of any I've had Lakeside. Merendero's version is full of large shrimp with a spicy sauce and caramelized onions. It was 79 pesos. The hamburguesa de cordero (lamb burger) was very good and hefty; it had that crunchy outer crust that a burger should have. It was 99p. The fries are among the best we've had here. They come pre-seasoned. Merendero serves real Heinz ketchup...so much better than that orange stuff. The fries are included in the price of the burgers. The rolls are tasty; they have some sort of an herb flavor on their tops, but not so strong to take away from the burger. They serve dill chip pickles and jalapeno slices on the side. They bring a small complimentary plate of sweet potato "shavings" with a drizzle of BBQ sauce. Wine is 50p for a healthy pour. Domestic beer is 25p on average. They sell micro-brews in bottles from other parts of Mexico; the IPA from Mexicali is a good strong brew for 70p. Service was faster than most places and very pleasant.
  2. Hello everyone!! This our first post here on the Chapala Web Board, so let us introduce ourselves… We are Burgueria De La Ribera, a classic burger joint, just like the ones you used to know back home. We offer 15 different kinds of burgers — from our Classic Cheeseburger to our new Peanut Butter Bacon Burger, from beef to fish to chicken and vegetarian burgers, to all of your other favorites too… like chicken wing , fish and chips, draft beer, craft beer, and more! We are located at Morelos (Colón) 5D, just a few meters away from the dock at the Ajijic malecón. #TheBestBurgersLakeside
  3. We are excited to announce that before the end of the month we will have a new lunch menu featuring burgers,pulled pork sandwiches, meatball subs along with our regular salads and pasta dishes.We will also be offering real milk shakes and fries!!! Rick and Heidi that used to own 60's in Paradise and the Early Bird Cafe will be showing us how to make the burgers and shakes...many thanks to them! Christian
  4. Canuck

    Want Wings"?

    I've been craving wings lately and have been too lazy to head to the Libramiento. Plus the prices at that place can be pretty high. I'm delighted to have found Rocky Mountains. The wings were spot on. Crispy skin and well sauced. Very good fries. The beer ($13 on Thursdays) and Cokes were ice cold. Service was very friendly and the store was clean. Only thing missing was Heinz ketchup, but I'm a fanatic about that. I will definitely return. Probably too frequently for my own good. Located at Carretera 37F, just a bit east of the Pemex.
  5. we picked up an order of ribs at this tiny restaurant located where "Sugardaddy's" used to be in the Plaza La Montaña on the carretera in Ajijic. they were meaty and tender and the sauce was tasty. they are done in the Kansas style and cost 120p. the owner, Alma was very nice and spoke with us about her restaurant . she also sells at the monday market in san Antonio. her menu has soups, salads, two types of lasgna, baguettes and sandwiches and a variety of hamburgers like sirloin, buffalo and portobello.they also serve breakfast.... Boar's House Plaza La Montaña carretera centro/colon, Ajijic open 8am-6pm closed monday cel:331-123-8603
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