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Found 9 results

  1. Free beer bottles (empty) to worthy home.
  2. This Thursday we will be offering a Bucket of Beers and a pound of Chicken Wings for $150p from 4:00 - 10:00pm. Come out to enjoy a beautiful atmosphere & great music with friends! Thank you Email: funkyfinns@gmail.com Phone: 3317911409 Address: 59 La Paz, San Antonio Please feel free to contact us, should you have any questions.
  3. Hello everyone!! This our first post here on the Chapala Web Board, so let us introduce ourselves… We are Burgueria De La Ribera, a classic burger joint, just like the ones you used to know back home. We offer 15 different kinds of burgers — from our Classic Cheeseburger to our new Peanut Butter Bacon Burger, from beef to fish to chicken and vegetarian burgers, to all of your other favorites too… like chicken wing , fish and chips, draft beer, craft beer, and more! We are located at Morelos (Colón) 5D, just a few meters away from the dock at the Ajijic malecón. #TheBestBurgersLakeside
  4. The Tallboys Band Play their last show at the LCS Picnic June 18th. Tickets are on sale now at the LCS Lots of food, Raffles and an Open Bar, We hope to see you there. It's gonna be a fun Afternoon.
  5. Hello friends, I want to invite you and your friends to live the Festival Gourmet Panorama expirience. This will be a great gastronomic event, with the best location in La Ribera de Chapala, Lomas de Chapinaya in Ajijic, in front of La Canacinta, it will be the 14 and 15 of this month. 7 restaurants participating, 2 from Ajijic (La Peña de Santos Rico and El Jardin de Ninette), 4 from Guadalajara (Alariz, Eulogio, El Burgues, and St. Remy, formerly in Ajijic) and 1 from Tequila (La Postera). There will be 10 wine houses, 10 agave destileries, beer producers, deli area, wine tastings, full bar, 2 stages with national and local musicians, cooking classes, kids area, and the best view of the lake. Plus: Maru Toledo and Las Mujeres del Maiz, will be presenting her project as the most important reasercher in the Jalisco Gastronomic history, she will be talking about her book, her documentary film and they will do the entire mole ceremony. You can buy your tickets in pre-sale at: www.boletia.com. under Festival Panorama Gourmet Ajijic., or with Jose Melendrez at the Ajijic Plaza. Please find some more info @: www.gourmetpanorama.com Hope to see you there. Oscar Perez. El Jardín de Ninette
  6. Hey!!! Remember tomorrow from 3 to 5pm SPECIAL PRE NEW YEARS EVE PARTY!!!!!!! If you have a ticket come tomorrow to enjoy with us! We are going to give free beers, the famous Chillin' Drink, and some snacks. Don't forget to bring your ticket?❤️???
  7. For those who don't know Perry's is still offering free beer if you bring in a packet of diapers for Rosario. Thanks to all those who have donated already. We have quite a bit of stuff to give Rosario and her family and we are probably going to have an event to celebrate and hand it over at Perry's. Now, for this event Perry has promised 10% discount on all pizzas and still you get free beer with a pack of diapers. Diapers are for an 11Kg child. He also has a new pre-paid pizza card - 10 pizzas for 1000 pesos - which makes the best Lakeside pizza pretty cheap. They don't expire and you can pick one up from Perry's Pizza (on Guadalupe Victoria between Aldama and Encarnacion Rosa in Ajijic) I will let you know about Rosario's event closer to the day - we are waiting for Alex Peterson to come back from his border trip with a little more stuff for Rosario. I hear he had car problems? More info on Rosario here http://prylett.wix.com/help4rosario​
  8. At Just Chillin' we are making the music season!! For the next week will have "JUST JAMMIN' " with PAUL AND JAY SHUFFLE, all Wednesdays they will be playing at 6:30 p.m. Don't forget TODAY Noe, Paco and Jimmy will be plaing at 6:30 pm for those who love to dance and party! Saturday 19 Indigo and Belen starting at 6:00 pm with an acustic sound and Indigo beautiful voice. Tuesday 22 Rafael Buccio - The gentleman- starting at 6:00 pm WEDNESDAY 23 PAUL AND JAY SHUFFLE - JUST JAMMIN' - STARTING AT 6:30 pm Don't forget CHILLIN' COLLEGE and NFL Football !! 2X1 House Tequila Shot $70 Beer Bucket (5 beers) Please ask if theres a particular game you want to watch.
  9. Helloooo! This is our schedule for this week. Tuesday 8 At 6pm RAFAEL BUCCIO "The gentleman" Thursday 10 At 6pm MARK & TRACI "On the road from Guatemala" Friday 11 At 6:30pm NOE, PACO & JIMMY "The best party group in town" Saturday 12 At 6pm INDIGO & BELEN "The lovely girls" * PROMOTIONS Saturday and Sunday Collage and NFL games!!! Because we love football 2x1 house tequila and $70 Beer Bucket!!!(5 beers)
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