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Found 4 results

  1. $220,000 MXN pesos (PRICE REDUCED!) You will love this car! It's agile, sporty, the perfect size, and it's been serviced at Mazda every 10K. The car was purchased by me, in Mexico. The plates are from the state of Mexico. (estado de Mexico) I live in Ajijic, and can show the car anywhere in Lakeside, or in Guadalajara. It's the highest trim, so it has a sunroof and a backup camera. I have all of the records, and I am the original owner. You can send me a whatsapp if you'd like a test drive: +15136028835 Thanks!
  2. Does it make sense to import my Mexican manufactured VW Convertible Beetle from the US to Mexico if I'm moving to Mexico. It's in excellent condition...48k original miles, Turbo 1.8L, 20 Valves...so I dont want to sell it here unless the costs are prohibited to import and license. Thanks in advance for your advice...Mitch
  3. I will be driving from the U.S. to Chapala/Ajijic in a couple of weeks and will need to purchase Mexican car insurance. The rates vary quite a bit for similar coverage - from about $350 (U.S) to $500 for six months of coverage, but I can find no information on the companies themselves and how likely they are to actually pay a claim. Do any of you have a company you've had good experiences with and would recommend?
  4. I'll be looking for a slightly used (2014 or newer most likely) SUV or crossover for around $15-20k USD when I arrive this fall. I figure I might as well do my research and test driving here in the US where my language skills aren't woefully lacking. Aside from my general requirements I think there are some things I should be considering: Easy to get parts for and have worked on Vehicles that are perhaps less conspicuous/likely to draw unwanted attention ??? what else should i be considering ??? Other non-Mexico-specific considerations are, in no particul
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