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Found 6 results

  1. I am so pissed off with Apple that I can't see straight. Why oh why, do they make it soooooo difficult to fix something? I spent 45 minutes on the phone with apple support last night because my iPad is disabled. I was speaking in English to an English speaking tech. Ipad is still disabled. Tonight I get an e-mail IN SPANISH asking about my experience. Like, because I'm located in Mexico, I must speak Spanish. Beyond belief and I unloaded on them, in Spanish, and then apologized that there were no accents but, hey, I used an ENGLISH keyboard. Furthermore, they HAVE my e-mail address but have been sending their codes to strictly my iPad which is disabled and my iPhone which is dead. How they do that, I don't know but my e-mail works just fine on every other ANDROID and WINDOWS product I own. Obviously they CAN do it because I received the e-mail about rating their customer service. Just for fun, I did a google search using "Apple sucks" as my search parameters. What fun! So many people with the same issues. This article really hit the nail on the head... https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/apr/27/a-brief-guide-to-everything-thats-annoying-about-apple I will never buy another Apple product. Lesson learned. Rant over.
  2. My iPad was deactivated and I need help to reactivate it. Anyone at Lakeside that can help me?
  3. I dropped my Macbook Air, flat on the floor, lid closed, right side up, but not the trackpad won't work. Everything else is fine. I am also trapped in my house due to house construction and can't leave. Does anyone know a good Mac repairperson who will come to my house, or failing that, one I can go to but get in right away? I live in the Raquet Club and really don't want to have to drive in to Guad. I think perhaps it is just out of alignment with the case and it will just take opening it and closing it again. Hope. Hope. But, I hate to do it myself and I believe they have a special little tool to open it that most mini screwdriver sets do not have. I will owe you big time if you can help. My computer is vital right now. Thanks.."Restless in the R. Club."
  4. There is an English speaking man here who works on Apple, Mac computers. He helped me out! I had a problem with my I-Pad and he came to my home to help me. His name is Carlos Martinez, his number is 333 100 9690. He also teaches you how to use your computer and be more comfortable using your devices.
  5. Looking for a small group of IPad users who share ideas tips and tricks.
  6. I need to determine if my very old Macbook (2008) is salvagable. Apple has essentially made this laptop obsolete by coming out with new versions of the OSX. Unfortunately, I don't think I can upgrade to the new operating systems because this laptop doesn't have sufficient memory. That also means - I think - that I can't update to a newer version of Safari, and now the 5.0.6 Safari browser on this computer is no longer being supported by more and more websites. If it's possible to increase the memory in this laptop, I might be able to upgrade. Alternatively, if there was a different browser out there that would work on this laptop, and that is still current enough and supported by various websites, that might solve the problem also. I tried to download Firefox, but again, this laptop doesn't meet the requirements. Anybody at the lake an "expert" on Macs? I need to determine if I have any options, or if it's time to simply jettison my antique computer and buy new. Also, I know there are some Apple people who come to the lake from Guadalajara, and I think they visit the iShop place. Does anyone have contact info for them? Thanks. EDIT/UPDATE: I got through to Apple Support - didn't think they'd even take my call since I have no service agreement with them! - and they said if add additional RAM, I'll be able to upgrade to the new OS. So now I'll try to track down the folks who visit iShop.
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