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Found 5 results

  1. Students of the Ajijic Music School, CREM, very much look forward to seeing you at this year´s Winter concert. Saturday, 14th December at 7 pm Auditorio de La Floresta Tickets are 200 pesos and are for sale at the Auditorio, Notaría 2 in Chula Vista and Colecciones Diane Pearl.
  2. Don´t miss the CREM Winter Concert, this Sunday, December 17th, 5pm at the Auditorio de la Ribera! Arcangelo Corelli´s Concerto Grosso IV will be performed by the orchestra. Special guest Vox Ensamble, an a capella quartet, will sing carols as will CREM´s youth choir.
  3. Enjoy a Wonderful Evening of Music and Delicious Food together with your Friends! The Ajijic Music School is organizing a Dinner Concert at the Nueva Posada on Thursday , April 27th at 5.30 pm. Tickets cost 500 pesos and include a three-course dinner and live music in a very pleasant ambiance. For over 25 years, CREM has been committed to the musical development of young people and the promotion of musical culture at Lakeside. La Nueva Posada has generously offered to give all proceeds of the evening to the CREM scholarship program so that children from low-income families can pursue their music education. The CREM Youth Orchestra and Choir will perform as will the Teacher´s Ensemble. Special guest will be the a cappella group “Vox Ensemble”. Tickets can be directly purchased at La Nueva Posada. DON´T MISS IT!
  4. We would like to invite you to CREM´s Vivaldi Gala, this year´s Winter Concert. Saturday, December 17th at 7 p.m. at the Auditorio de la Ribera. Tickets for sale at the Auditorio, Diane Pearl, the Viva la Música booth at LCS and Dental del Lago (150 pesos).
  5. The Ajijic Music School CREM will celebrate its 25th anniversary during a concert on Sunday, December 20th at 7 pm at the Auditorio. The Victor Manuel Medeles Orchestra will perform Mozart´s Sinfonia Concertante in E-flat major for violin, viola and orchestra. First generation musicians Diego Rojas and Manuel Olivares (who were young children when CREM was founded) and are now professional musicians at the Jalisco Philharmonic, will be the soloists. The Youth Orchestra and the Youth Choir will perform a variety of Christmas carols and other pieces. Come and listen to what has been achieved during CREM´s 25 years of existence. Tickets cost 150 pesos and are available at the Auditorio, Diane Pearl and the Cultural Center on the Ajijic Plaza.
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