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Found 17 results

  1. After saving Syd from the horrific Land of the Volcanoes, Rayder rammed the ramparts and rescued the rest of the Ranch Volunteers from perils unimaginable! Well, actually, Rayder just needs a good home. He's a sweet, lovable 4 month old pup, of a distinguished breed… "Ranch Hero Puppy"! His mother was "larger side of medium", his father is an archaeology, professor…uh, no…use your best guess! CONTACT US
  2. Angelina Jolie is our star puppy of the week! At 4 months, she's a cuddly bundle of pitbull-mix pup, full of curiosity and playfulness! She was dumped near the Ajijic tianguis with 2 other siblings, now all are safe and happy at the Ranch. Angelina Jolie would just love to be safe and happy with YOU in a forever home! CONTACT US
  3. These two cuddly critters are siblings of a litter of 7 – several already have homes. NOW is your chance! These darlings were rescued at 2 weeks old, now they are 3 months of age. Take your pick, girl or boy! No matter, they are all people luvin' lively or lazy (but only at nap time!) Breed: Purebred MSD (Mexican Streed Dog) - brown or tan variety. Judging by their size at this age, we expect they will be medium when full grown. So, feel free to indulge in a puppy homecoming... just for you! CONTACT US
  4. Posting early, so you can un-clutter closets, pantry, round up all other household articles and misc. stuff, that you care to donate! We'll gladly accept them, and all proceeds benefit our Ranch Dogs!
  5. Lizzy was found, with her puppies, in a perilous situation with no one willing to help, no one that is, until a special human came to their aid. The Ranch is their home now, but they need REAL HOMES. We don't expect someone to adopt the whole family, but mama Lizzy, or one of her kids would be a GREAT EVENT for you, as well as for them! Lizzy is 2 years old, medium in size, breed mix is purebred MSD (Mexican Street Dog) "BIG EARS", tan variety. Pups are about 4 and a half months old. Orejona is a frisky girl, as is her sister, Nuéz. The baby boy, Mocho, is a feisty but friendly cuddlier. From their coloring, we are guessing there may be a bit of Shepherd in the mix. CONTACT US
  6. What is more fun (and darn right adorable) than a PUPPY? Well, The Ranch has too many available, boys and girls, all shapes and sizes, in different age ranges... They are just waiting for a loving home to provide a nice "growing up place". Share their energy and antics. It's a PUP-PORTUNITY you won't want to miss! CONTACT US
  7. Her name comes from Native American Dakota, "Winú?na", meaning "firstborn daughter." While we don't know her birth order, we do know she is an incredibly striking brindle, perhaps smooth wire-haired terrier mix. Wynona was rescued with 3 other siblings (Bijou, Willa, and Maddox, who was recently adopted). At about 3 months old, we expect her to be medium in size. These puppies are loving, lively and active but not hyper. Your love for Wynona can grow, when she becomes your best girl.
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