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Found 9 results

  1. There's a food truck popping up in Ajijic occasionally these days. I was at a meeting a couple of weeks ago that they catered and while the fare was simple, it was really tasty. The truck was previously (occasionally) in front of Farmacia Guadalajara, but now two times I've seen it opposite Actinver near Donas Donuts. This location is super convenient to where I live. Tried it today. I ordered the "Super Kamello" which was a pita filled with chopped beef, a little chopped bacon, then some yogurt or sour cream was provided, plus lettuce and tomato, plus a nice spicy salsa roja. It was tasty! They have various combinations. They also have stuffed grape leaves! Haven't tried those yet, but will soon, so long as they show up again. Encourage you to give them a taste if you're looking for something different. Nice people, too, and there's English there if you need it! ("Kamello" is a play on "Camello".)
  2. Some clients are going to need to furnish an entire house. They are looking for someone to take them around Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque and Tonalá. The guide needs to provide transportation and speak English. Also needs to know where things are, and have ability to negotiate good prices. I have a recommendation for one person (Jose Orozco) but would like to offer more than one. Anybody have a recommendation? Thanks.
  3. Having an odd craving for a Patty Melt (maybe it's the rye bread thread). Seems I recently saw mention of one available at a local restaurant, but can't remember where. Anybody know of one locally? Needs to be real rye bread, grilled, etc. Thanks!
  4. Some clients will be driving here from Nogales and it's been so long since I did it, I don't remember. Besides recommending the Mariposa crossing, they need to look out for where they stop to get their car import permit, and where they stop to get their tourist visa / aduana check. It seems to me there were two different places you had to stop. I know one of the stops is at K21 - was that Immigration/Aduana or was that car stuff? And where is the other located? Thanks.
  5. I am being treated to Thanksgiving Dinner at a friend's house who lives nowhere near here and where nothing is available. I have the following shopping list. I only have tomorrow to find these items. Obviously, I'm headed to Superlake first, and elsewhere if necessary. If anyone has seen any of these items very recently at any of the following locations, please let me know. My only viable options are Superlake, Casa Gourmet, Walmart, and El Torito. Here's the whole list, some of which I think I'll find easily, but a couple are by random chance. Canned pumpkin (should be easy) Canned cranberry sauce, preferably "whole cranberry" (ditto easy, the jelly will be a fallback) Canned Water Chestnuts (preferably whole, but sliced will suffice) Nabisco brand Graham Crackers (already have Springfield brand, thank you Pancho) A lemon, not a lime Miracle Whip (a requested gift, unrelated to Thanksgiving) THANK YOU!!!
  6. This is one I have never been able to figure out or file away anywhere in my brain that makes any sort of sense. Why is "Queso Americano" so popular, or at least prevalent, here? Mexico is a country of amazing foods and incredible flavors, and that stuff is just, well, I don't know exactly what that stuff is other than nasty. It tastes like a lab experiment gone wrong and the texture is what I imagine a denture adhesive feels like. It's joke cheese. Why is it so popular here?
  7. I really enjoyed the "What does this mean in English?" thread that appeared a year or so ago. It was all about Mexican slang, expressions, sayings, idiomatic phrases, etc., and how they best translated into English. It went on for at least a 3 or 4 pages, but then pooped out. So I'm going to start another thread and hope it catches on. So what does this Mexican/Spanish saying mean in English? "Depende el sapo, la pedrada." (I first learned this from a friend of mine about a year ago. I have since been asked by at least a handful of Mexicans how it best translates into English, and while I can explain it, I still come up empty-handed as far as a saying goes. So if anybody is super-bilingual and has a great English equivalent saying, I'd love to hear it!) So what does... "Depende el sapo, la pedrada" ... mean? _______________________________ Original thread found at link below (I hope): http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?showtopic=45674&hl=%2Bwhat+%2Bdoes+%2Bthis+%2Bmean+%2Benglish
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