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Found 1 result

  1. I won't name the restaurant for obvious reasons. What do you think about their decision and the reasoning..... As a business owner with a restaurant and beach resort venue, that relies on the public to pay our bills and staff wages, it's not feasible for us to close. What I can categorically state is that we at XXXXXXXXX take our general health (and yours) very seriously. We walk the talk. Our staff have been given strict instructions to wash their hands frequently, to wipe down benches frequently with bleach, and boost their own immune systems. I have bought bulk amount of Echinacea - proven to be highly effective prevention method for any respiratory illness, particularly when taken at the very hint of a scratchy throat - to distribute to our staff. If they smoke, we encourage them to reconsider - as this would be a very good time to quit. (Smoking drastically impairs one's immune system). If they're addicted to sugar - a perfect time to cut back (those microbes LOVE sugar). I also believe that the high level of anxiety that is escalating amongst the general public will contribute to the diminishing of one's natural defenses. "Social distancing" requires discretion and common sense, both from anyone who is ill, and anyone who is in close contact with sick people. You can't catch a virus from someone further than about 10 feet away unless they have a particularly powerful sneeze. So if you think there may be some risk of getting mortally ill from an infected person in the same city as you, washing your hands thoroughly will diminish that risk - which currently runs at less than one millionth of the same chance you have of winning the lottery, and way higher of getting in a car accident. I don't mean to be flippant, and I'm certainly highly aware of the potential threat in the medium future. However if you are one of those more adventurous folks with a steady and calm attitude about the risks of leaving home, and want to avoid another level of stress caused by Cabin Fever, visit us at XXXXXXX and we will take very good care of you - Mind, Body and Spirit. We have LOTS of beautiful space to relax and unwind - without the need to be alarmingly close to anyone else if you choose. Be Well, be Happy, be Mindful.
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