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Found 5 results

  1. Tickets will be available starting Friday, December 7 during normal restaurant hours (5:00 - 9:00pm Tuesday - Saturday)
  2. There are all kinds of way to Celebrate New Years Eve. My customers tell me they like a little elegance and style instead of noise and hoopla. So I have obliged with a quiet elegant dinner on New Years Eve with time to get home before the craziness, get into your jammies and watch the ball drop on the tellie. I also have a stylish New Years Day Champagne Brunch AND a traditional New Years Dinner Feast. Choose the one you prefer or come to all. La Terraza...your place to welcome the New Year!
  3. Hello everyone - I have been browsing your forum and enjoying all the reviews and stories. I am looking for recommendations for a higher end restaurant where I can take visitors for Xmas dinner and New Year's Eve (meal + music). Food is the primary focus but also a place for which you would get a little dressed up .(Doesn't have to be too formal but comfortable and stylish) I am open to all suggestions if you could share your favourite places or comment on the following: Roberto's La Mision Nueva Posada (hotel) Manix Thank you !
  4. Hello I already posted this request in the other restaurant review forum before I saw this one. Any recommendations for nice higher end restaurants for Xmas dinner and New Year's Eve (good food, good wine list, get dressed up, even better if there is music). I have visitors coming and have been bragging about Ajijic's choices of good restaurants - also would really like to avoid cooking
  5. Greetings Everyone! I'm hoping to move to Lake Chapala from San Diego in the next several months and will be there from 12/14-1/1 to check out housing, etc. Since i know no one there and it's Christmas, New year's Eve and my 60th birthday, i'd love to be in on some fun and festive community gatherings and events, private parties, potlucks, etc- which will also give me a chance to see what social life would be like as a single woman in a small town. I'm a vivacious, fun, youthful 59, free spirited type interested in many things, love the outdoors but holiday oriented things would be dancing, festivals, music and mostly just getting to know some folks there, and to gather as much info as i can about living and working in the area over a cup of coffee or walk. I list some interests on my profile here plus i have an extensive website with photos and lots of info about me personally and professionally. Love to hear from you and to get to know you in the future! Muchas Gracias~ Sophia Rose
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