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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone. My stepfather lost his beloved binoculars this Sunday after a day trip around the lake. Somewhere between an amazing dinner at Tango and dessert at the Blue Bell, he misplaced a brown bag containing among other things his wallet (some credit cards, drivers license, and a little US cash) and a small set (but very valued) of binoculars. He has had the binoculars for 40 years!! We have checked with both establishments but have not had any luck or leads. If anyone has seen any of these items, please contact me (Thomas) via local cell (331-193-9637) or by contacting directly Bob Pyle at his email address tlpyle@gmail.com Gracias!
  2. Hi Ladies/Gents, We are a 40 year old couple. I have lived in the 'hood' for the past 4 years((seis esquinas)) but am now very close to sealing the deal on a house in Lower La Floresta (block or 2 West of Walmart & block down from the Carretera). Security is paramount for my family, but we have just fallen in love with this house. It's on a prominent corner, not hidden away and is quite large, which hopefully helps and not too far from a school. I would be looking to install latest barbed wire/security cameras/alarms etc and do have a dog. Not sure again if it makes a big difference, but my wife has a very large Mexican family who would visit us on a regular basis, so there would be lots of activity and cars coming and going. Would hiring a security guard personally or if a few neighbours agreed be viable option? I believe there are 2 security cars that patroll the estate 24/7? Anyone confirm? Any input, experience or advice from past/current residents or those long standing residents would be appreciated. Safety safety, but can't live in fear Keep smiling
  3. ITEMS FOR SALE - La Floresta 1. Pet kennels - two soft, sided fold flat ($200pesos each) 2. Coffee Makers - 12 cup white ($100pesos) and 4 cup black ($60pesos) 3. Kettle - Stove Top white enamel ($!00pesos) 4. Cushions - two large decorative pillows ($200pesos set) 5. Clock Radio - black ($75pesos) 6. Fan - black table top ($75pesos) 7. Boom Box - cd & radio & cassette ($150pesos) 8. Brass lamp (no shade) - ($150pesos) OBO Email directly L@JLKI.ORG
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