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Found 3 results

  1. Jan 2017- Young family are in search of a nanny experienced and has referrals preferred, to care for 2 kids (<1year & >3 years old) and general house chores. Needs a passport, or obtain one ASAP and able to travel to Canada for the summer. We would like to continue to come to Ajijic for the winters, and return home to Canada for a summer or 2 before making this area our home permanently. During this time, we want our nanny to travel back and forth with us. Some english an asset. Email for more details or send resumes. Needs to start ASAP & travel mid April 2017. mdg77@hotmail.com Referrals or applications welcome. Thank you
  2. Some people I know will be moving to the Raquet Club, and I know they'll need employees. They are new to the area so won't have any leads on good people. I live in Ajijic, and my rolodex is filled with people who work around here. If any of you who live in the RC or nearby have recommendations for possible employees in that area, I'd love to hear them. The newcomers speak no Spanish, so employees with at least some English are even better, though not completely necessary. Thanks. Housekeeper Gardener Electrician/Plumber Handyman
  3. As an observer on this webboard , I would like to understand the meaning of maid in Mexico, or maybe it's just the LC area? NOB many people pay to have their houses cleaned by either an individual selling their service as a housekeeper, or they hire a commercial housecleaning service. Either way, the goal is to get the house cleaned - vacuuming, dusting, bathrooms cleaned, floors washed, etc. The scope of the house cleaning service is agreed to by both parties, but it seldom includes things like laundry/ironing or cooking/serving meals. NOB the people who clean houses are called housekeepers or housecleaners. You can arrange to have someone come iron your clothes or cook your meals, but it's seldom done by the person who cleans your house. If you want your windows washed, you call a window washer. I have two friends who have housekeepers who routinely clean their house, but I don't know anyone who has a maid. (Yes, there's a commercial service called "Merry Maids," but it's strictly a housecleaning service.) I know maids exist here, but they're found mostly in Beverly HIlls, Hollywood, or The Hamptons, and are generally thought of as domestics or domestic servants. As a rule, is a maid in Mexico (or the Lake Chapala area?) something different than a housekeeper NOB?
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