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Found 19 results

  1. denglen@gmail.com I am looking for a place to stay, cheap, because I have to fix my roof. I was doing Airbnb, I was a superhost, until my roof is fixed I am out of business.. please contact me if you can help.
  2. We have an outdoor propane gas heater bought from Costco several years ago. This year I can get the pilot to light but when I take my hand off of the control the pilot goes out. Can anyone recommend someone who could repair this heater?
  3. Superlake doesn't have any frozen cranberries today. I need a bag for Canadian Thanksgiving. Anybody seen them lakeside recently?
  4. I am looking for a place to meet a nice single woman. I am Simply looking for a lady to share the joys and love of life. I am and she should be, loyal, kind, honest, have a good sense of humor. She should be willing to share her feelings, to discuss and resolve any problems. Strive to grow the love a relationship brings. Can you point me in the right direction?
  5. My friend was visiting us in Ajijic and lost her prescription glasses. She has since returned to Canada. I just found them and was wondering if anyone was returning to the Ottawa area in the near future and if they would take the glasses up? Please let me know if you are someone you know may do this favour.
  6. Anyone know where to find gasoline in the Ajijic area now...almost 4:30pm Saturday?
  7. LOST SERVICE DOG - URGENT: Bella, our beloved dog is still missing (4 days now) but we have new hope if you help us. Bella has a "Tile" bluetooth GPS tag on her collar that transmits to cell phones within 150 feet running the "Tile App". If you are Lakeside, PLEASE HELP US. It will take less than 5 minutes and may SAVE Bella's life. TILE INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Download the Tile App (no cost), quickly create an account, and enable Tile Notifications: /www.thetileapp.com/es-mx/ 2) Message me (+1 415 746 0768) with your email address used for Tile account. 3) We'll "Share" he
  8. I need an apple tech to help me learn how to use my new IPad and download stuff from my computer to it
  9. I have been using Alberto for years, lately he has become very unreliable, he took my computer for 10 days to fix a problem, all he did was clean it, and the problem is still there, He now told me he would pick up yesterday to fix, another no show, I give up..Anyone know someone who is good..Thanx Ken
  10. I'm looking for some help in finding a Lawyer. I'm trying to help someone who basically needs some good advise and maybe support in court. It should be a simple divorce, but who needs surprises. Does anyone have experience, advise, or suggestions? The person I'm trying to help does not have an abundance of money. Would appreciate any assistance.
  11. Hello all, This is an unusual "last shot" request, but my mother who is 97 years old is at Casa Nostra here and is in her final days. She requested a certain dress to be buried in. We have desperately tried to ship it from Minnesota, but it is not allowed because of Mexican drug enforcement laws. FedEX, UPS and USPS will not accept the dress for shipment. So I am reaching out to see if anyone here knows of someone willing to bring the dress with them in the next few days if they are coming to the area. We would overnight the dress to them. As you can imagine, this has been an
  12. I recently purchased a new computer with a large LED monitor. It is plugged into a new voltage regulator. The monitor shuts off at random times while the CPU is fine and continues without problems. I had a computer expert test the system and it runs fine without any problems whatsoever. But it will shut the monitor down every time at my house. I asked an electrician to check my outlet, etc. He said there was nothing wrong and the monitor should run without shutting down. But it does not. I am at the hair pulling stage and I am driving my computer person crazy. If any of you have experienced
  13. Hi, I am new to the Chapala webboard and want to post an ad in the classified section for some bedding for sale but I don't know how.
  14. I have an iphone 5 with some minor software problems. Also, I have very low vision and it is difficult to text and use the applications. There is an app that can assist cell phones users to read the text easier. I need someone who knows cell phones really well who can help me with this. I will be happy to pay for your time. Please PM if you are able to assist me.
  15. An emergency occured in Canada and I need to leave ASAP She is 7 y ears old, grey, very affectionate, takes a little while to get happy with new home.
  16. Does anyone know the phone number for DHL in Ajijic?? I am back to Canada and I have a returned package with them, I urgently need to call this store to inquire about my package. I called DHL Mexico the other day and surprisingly even they do not have a phone number for their Ajijic store!! I really appreciate anyone could help me out here, and get their number when you are passing by their store. The returned package is very important to me and unfortunately DHL Mexico is not helpful at all. Thank you.
  17. There is an English speaking man here who works on Apple, Mac computers. He helped me out! I had a problem with my I-Pad and he came to my home to help me. His name is Carlos Martinez, his number is 333 100 9690. He also teaches you how to use your computer and be more comfortable using your devices.
  18. have household goods, clothes etc for melaque hurricane relief effort. anyone going down soon??please pm me.
  19. Hey Friends and Family, This time we're asking to help the people from Barra de Navidad and Melaque, Jalisco. As you may know, we used to live there and we have family, friends. So from today and tomorrow we are making a campaign to give them a hand because this is the strongest hurricane in the Pacific Coast. The whole sale of these 2 days will be given to both communities and if you can also help with food (canned food), first aid kit, cloths, etc. we will appreciate it too. This Sunday we personally are going to go and give them all the help that we can; cleaning, giving them all supplies..
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