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Found 7 results

  1. Looking for an English speaking gardener to take care of a property in Chula Vista three days a week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday). For 2 or 3 hours a day. Projects will include cutting the grass, watering the plants, weeding the gardens and general upkeep. Please contact me via email to set up a time to meet and see the property. jtcosker@gmail.com
  2. I would like to know if anybody knows of a "true" gardener in the Lake Chapala area - someone who does not just mow your grass, but knows how to trim flowering plants like geraniums and also hibiscus. If you have one and he has time, I would also like to know what he charges per hour. Thank you for any suggestions!
  3. Hello all, I am looking for a gardener, Rancho del Oro. 6 hours per week @ above market wages. Good opportunity, steady work, for a good worker. Please advise or PM me... thanks, Tom
  4. Some people I know will be moving to the Raquet Club, and I know they'll need employees. They are new to the area so won't have any leads on good people. I live in Ajijic, and my rolodex is filled with people who work around here. If any of you who live in the RC or nearby have recommendations for possible employees in that area, I'd love to hear them. The newcomers speak no Spanish, so employees with at least some English are even better, though not completely necessary. Thanks. Housekeeper Gardener Electrician/Plumber Handyman
  5. Our gardener Ramon QuiƱes Garcia (46 yrs old) is looking for more hours to work. He has worked for us for over 4 years and will continue but is now looking for more hours, so if anybody out there who is in need of a good and honest gardener, Ramon comes with several letters of recomendation from previous bosses and has lots of experience. Ramon has a habit of bringing lots of new and exciting plants he gathers from cuttings from other houses always surprising us. He is very generous and trustworthy. His English is very minimal but he understands a lot. His lives in Riberas del Pilar and his contact information is: 333 830 1891 or 765 7809
  6. My gardener, who has been working at my property for about 3 1/2 yrs, is causing no end of grief. The tenants report he has not been showing up, sometimes missing 2 out of 3 work shifts a week, without notifying anyone. When he does show up, he refuses to do the assigned work, and this has resulted in the gardens condition deteriorating very quickly. When he is there, between taking cigarette breaks and long cell phone conversations, he only waters or power blows walks, neither of which he is supposed to be doing as I have a functioning irrigation system and the housekeeper looks after sweeping, but these are the only things he does not find totally objectionable that constitute earning his salary. My property manager has had discussions with him but he still refuses to comply. It has become apparent he wants to be fired and collect the very lucrative severance pay, he likely has an offer of work he prefers over mine and this is his solution to make a quick buck at my expense. Has anyone dealt with a situation like this in past? And if so, what did you do? The tenants have a young child and don't want trouble from him, right now he is still pretend-working so has access to the property.
  7. If you are in need of a professional home manager, gardener, pool maintainer, worker supervisor, or driver; a fluently English man is now available. Carlos has managed a large property for the past 10 years; including paying bills. He is honest, positive, always pleasant to work with and has a very reasonable hourly rate. Carlos can be reached at 331 173 9772 and is available to start immediately.
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