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Found 24 results

  1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ehécatl An original puppet theatre production based on an Aztec legend. Ajijic, Jalisco – April, 2017 – Ehécatl An original puppet theatre production based on an Aztec legend comes to Ajijic, Mexico in April, 2017. Come enjoy the exclusive, world premiere of a most eclectic and creative production. Art Xik Xik and the Teatro CoyolliIzel present Ehécatl, an original puppet theatre production based on an Aztec legend on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in a lovely, private chapel in upper Ajijic, Mexico. The presentation is a fundraiser for Butterflies en Mexico (BEM), A.C. BEM is a local, not-for-profit charity that empowers youth to make healthy life choices. www.gomariposa.org. BEM does this in 3 ways through its programs: anti-violence education in the Chapala public schools, community development in our neighborhoods and through vocational training projects that assist local youth in obtaining cost of living wages and employment. On April 22nd, 2017 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. our lovely residential chapel will be transformed into a formal puppet theatre. Our afternoon starts at 5 p.m. with valet parking, wine bar and catered appetizers. At 6 p.m. our exclusive group of guests will take their seats to experience the world premiere presentation of Ehécatl. In the Aztec legend of the god of wind, Ehécatl appears on the breath of all living beings and in the breezes that bring the rain clouds for the crops. His breath initiates the movement of the sun, announces and moves the rain and brings life to that which is still. Based on an Aztec legend, using original, pre-hispanic style puppets, Ehécatl the god of wind, falls in love with a human named Mayáhuel. Mayáhuel was human at a time when people still could not love one another. Ehécatl gave all humanity the ability to love so that Mayáhuel could respond to the passion of the gods and reciprocate his love. Book by Izel Paz Villegas, Fabiola Paz Villegas and Fco. Nava. © 2017. Direction by Abril Iñiguez. This evening of magic and culture should not be missed! Please join us on Saturday April 22nd, 2017 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at a private residence in upper Ajijic, Mexico for the world premiere of Ehécatl. Admission is $500 pesos per person. (Includes valet parking, music, catered appetizers, one complimentary drink ticket and the theatre production) Tickets on sale at Dianne Pearl Colecciones. Only 50 tixs available. We hope to see you there!
  3. Our menu ? and music schedule Monday: "Blue Velvet" the big band starting at 6:45 Thursday: " Aloha Rock" with Jimmy Barto, Juan, Chuco and Louis Pavao. Starting at 6:45 **NEW** HAPPY HOUR!!! From 3pm to 5pm DRAFT BEER $15 RUM, TEQUILA, VODKA & GIN (some brands) $25 TRADITIONAL MARGARITA (tall glass) $40 Location: constitución #32 (find the huge penguin ?) From Monday to Saturday From 12 to 10pm
  4. Valentine´s Day is upon us again and El BarCo is making it easy to treat that special someone or yourself to an enjoyable evening of dinner and dancing. The night begins with wine by Sunset upstairs at the SkyBar, followed by dinner downstairs by the fire. Your three course dinner will start out with a caesar salad, your choice of salmon with rice & vegetables or Rib Eye steak with a baked potato & vegetables, followed by Cupid´s chocolate cake. Our Valentine´s package includes dinner for (2) and (4) glasses of wine for $450 or split it all in half and join your friends for $225. Wine service begins at 5:00pm, with dinner at 7:00, and dancing after. Please RSVP at El BarCo or find us on Facebook to save your spot.
  5. I want to make an extensive invitation to the entire community of Chapala and Ajijic to join our evening tours of the Lake Chapala and enjoy riding your bike with a group of native people living in the region. The tours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we want to grow this group to promote sport and brotherhood of our members. Interested please comment! Visit our facebook site! https://www.facebook.com/LakeNiteRidesChapalAjijic/
  6. Entertainment schedule ????? Monday 6:30pm "TRAIN WRECK" LOUIS PAVAO, GENE DeAMICIS & JJ BERNARD Tuesday 6:30pm JIMMY BARTO & NOE Wednesday 6:30pm "JUST JAMMIN'" PAUL, JAY SHUFFLE & CHELO Thursday 6:15pm "TROPIC HEART" Son Cubano,Salsa, cha-cha, latin music Friday 6:30pm NOE, PACO & JIMMY BARTO Saturday 6:15pm INDIGO & BELEN NO COVER... AS ALWAYS Come and have fun!! ? ? ? ?
  7. Trivia Quiz - Tuesday, January 12, 2016 Real de Chapala Hotel, Salon Eucaliptus – 2:00 pm sharp Put together a team of 8, or join an existing team that we put together for you. The game is based on multiple choice questions, with one answer per team for each question, so don’t be intimidated by not knowing everything! There are prizes for winning teams, you bring your own "munchies", you choose a team name (some people even dress up in that theme!); prizes for team themes, costumes, etc. The afternoon quiz at 2:00 pm costs 250 pesos/person So if you are interested, please contact Lorna at 766-2793 or at mcintyrelorna@hotmail.com As soon as possible to reserve your tickets!
  8. Hey!!! Remember tomorrow from 3 to 5pm SPECIAL PRE NEW YEARS EVE PARTY!!!!!!! If you have a ticket come tomorrow to enjoy with us! We are going to give free beers, the famous Chillin' Drink, and some snacks. Don't forget to bring your ticket?❤️???
  9. Tuesday. 6pm Jimmy Barto and Rafael Buccio Wednesday 6:30 Just Jammin' Paul, Jay Shuffle and Chelo Line dancing for beginners with Sunshine at 4pm super cool, lots of fun! Thursday 6pm Tropic Heart For those who love latin music and dancing salsa, merengue, cha-cha and more! Friday 6:30 Noe, Paco and Jimmy Barto With the best dancing music and great atmosphere!
  10. Music Schedule @ Just Chillin' for this week!!! Tuesday: Rafael Buccio & Jimmy Barto starting at 6pm Wednesday NO MUSIC... Until next week like always we will have the best!! "Just Jammin'" with Paul Brier, Jay Shuffle & Chelo. Thursday "Tropic Heart" with Sergio Casas ( bajo y voz), Moises Ramirez ( tres cubano, guitarra y voz) & Emmanuel "Jr." Flores ( percusiones). Music like cubano, cha cha cha, cumbia, bolero..... Dancing dancing ??? Starts at 6 pm Friday Noe, Paco & Jimmy Barto starting at 6:30 party day!!! With dancing, fun and smiles ??? Saturday Indigo & Belen starts at 6pm romantic songs!! Just to Chill ???
  11. We know it's early ... but, we want to share our New Year Party! You can check it out in our Facebook page. ???❤️ https://www.facebook.com/694250167336783/photos/a.832528603508938.1073741828.694250167336783/882002905228174/?type=3&theater
  12. Tuesday Rafael Buccio and Jimmy Barto 6pm Friday Noe, Paco and Jimmy 6pm Make your reservations Saturday Indigo and Belen 6pm NOTE: We know it's early but we already have our New Year Party tickets! Ask for them and for information. This party will be way better than the last party!! yeiii ???
  13. Thank you very much, for making our very first anniversary so special with lots of love and fun!! Thanks for all the flowers and the awesome presents that was really nice!! Thanks to Just Jammin' "Paul Brier, Jay Shuffle & Chelo" for the excellent music during the FIESTA and to Noe, Paco & Jimmy that came on the night to continue with the music and dancing! And please post the photos, videos on facebook on our email so we can put in the restaurant tv. ??? We wish a lot of luck to the Chillin' Villians our Just Chillin' Golf team that are playing right now in the Cruz Roja Tournament. SEND THE PICTURES!!!!! Love you all!!!! We hope you liked the party, and just wait for the NEW YEARS PARTY!
  14. Hello!!! We are glad to invite you to our first Anniversary PARTY!! We feel very happy and grateful that in this whole year we have been meeting very special people. Some that are here and others that hasn't arrived yet. That is the reason we are going to celebrate like Just Chillin' style. Our anniversary is on Wednesday November 4th, the doors are going to be open at 5:15 pm to start the Party!!!! We are going to put a Buffet and our Chillin' drink, with of course several shots. All of this will be from the house, unless you want another drink then... That will be on your bill. We will have live music in charge of "Just Jammin'" with Paul Brier, Jay Shuffle and Chelo. Music starts at 5:45. Also we are going to present our Just Chillin' Golf Team..... the incredible "Chillin' Villians". This is your house, welcome to your party. Cause we all are Just Chillin'. Remember! Dress code: you choose! Only come to have fun with us. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Friday 30th and Saturday 31st Just Chillin' will be closed. We are going again to Barra de Navidad to deliver more things to the people that was affected by hurricane Patricia. Thank you very much to all the people who brought things to help them.
  15. Hello everyone! This is our schedule of the week and now we have more things in our menu to enjoy! -If you like it when you read it, you'll love it when you eat it! - Tuesday 19 oct. 6pm Rafael Buccio with Jimmy Barto Wednesday 20 oct. 6:30 pm Paul, Jay Shuffle and Chelo "Just Jammin'" Friday 22 oct. 6:30 pm Noe, Paco & Jimmy "Dancing, party, fun" Saturday 23 oct. 6 pm Indigo & Belen "The lovely girls"
  16. Helloooo everyone!! Just letting you know that know we have more things in our menu! Come and try the 14 delicious Cheeseburgers, Quesadillas, Panninis (soon), Frenchies and... Why not! Having a Flan or Garrafa ice creams as a dessert! Tuesday 13. 6pm Rafael Buccio & Jimmy Barto "A unique duo" Wednesday 14. 6:30pm Paul & Jay Shuffle " Just Jammin' " Friday 16 6:30pm Noe, Paco & Jimmy " Dancing, party & fun! " Saturday 17 6pm Indigo & Belen " The lovely girls"
  17. We want to let you know that starting these Monday we are open. Now we DO MONDAYS! ? Tuesday 6 October Rafael Buccio "The gentleman" Wednesday 7 October Paul & Jay Shuffle " Just Jammin' " Friday 9 October Noe, Paco & Jimmy " Dancing, party & fun! " Saturday 10 Indigo & Belen " The lovely girls"
  18. Tuesday 29. 6pm Rafael Buccio "The gentleman" Wednesday 30. 6:30pm Paul & Jay Shuffle " Just Jammin' " Thursday 1. Starting at noon till 2pm Abimael " The Dominican Sax" Friday 2 6:30 pm Noe, Paco & Jimmy " Dancing, party & fun! " Saturday 3 6pm Indigo & Belen " The lovely girls" We want to let you know that starting from this Sunday it will be our closing day and now Mondays we will be open. NOW WE DON T DO SUNDAYS
  19. At Just Chillin' we are making the music season!! For the next week will have "JUST JAMMIN' " with PAUL AND JAY SHUFFLE, all Wednesdays they will be playing at 6:30 p.m. Don't forget TODAY Noe, Paco and Jimmy will be plaing at 6:30 pm for those who love to dance and party! Saturday 19 Indigo and Belen starting at 6:00 pm with an acustic sound and Indigo beautiful voice. Tuesday 22 Rafael Buccio - The gentleman- starting at 6:00 pm WEDNESDAY 23 PAUL AND JAY SHUFFLE - JUST JAMMIN' - STARTING AT 6:30 pm Don't forget CHILLIN' COLLEGE and NFL Football !! 2X1 House Tequila Shot $70 Beer Bucket (5 beers) Please ask if theres a particular game you want to watch.
  20. Helloooo! This is our schedule for this week. Tuesday 8 At 6pm RAFAEL BUCCIO "The gentleman" Thursday 10 At 6pm MARK & TRACI "On the road from Guatemala" Friday 11 At 6:30pm NOE, PACO & JIMMY "The best party group in town" Saturday 12 At 6pm INDIGO & BELEN "The lovely girls" * PROMOTIONS Saturday and Sunday Collage and NFL games!!! Because we love football 2x1 house tequila and $70 Beer Bucket!!!(5 beers)
  21. Hello everybody! This is our schedule for the next week! Tuesday 18 LAST PERFORMANCE of Rick and Teresa Jasper, the best Jazz in Town ( starting at 6pm) Thursday 20, The Jayks the cool band (6:30 pm) Friday 21 Noe, Paco and Jimmy for party, party and party! Best dancing group (6:30pm) From Saturday 22 to Tuesday 25 CLOSED for Pau's B-Day! Opening again Wednesday 26 normal hours.
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