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Found 10 results

  1. We appreciate the helpful and heartfelt responses to our post about finding an adult cat, and we are grateful to Anita at Anita's Cat Sanctuary, and Sue at Friends of Animals/Riberas Pet Store for offering numerous beautiful cats shelter, food, care and safety. Just before Thanksgiving, we found Mango patiently waiting to be noticed in the cat shelter at Friends of Animals/Riberas Pet Store. She now roams our home, noticing every nook and cranny, alerting to all the new sounds, finding new hiding places, and quietly watching her strange new humans as we go about our daily activities. She is a calico-colored American Shorthair (guessing her breed). Cat lovers, please remember to support and promote the two fabulous organizations we visited who offer safe haven to soooooo many beautiful cats. Mango will be well-loved. .
  2. Cat lost one block from Revolucion and 16th of September, during night of 6 December 2019 little grey/brown tabby, white stomach, might answer to his name Yoda. See picture below One thousand peso reward for finder if you see him or can catch him please call 376 108 0819 or email me at g3lindahl@gmail.com Thanks
  3. Hello - my partner and I are leaving Ajijic on Thursday and struggling to find help with a very hungry stray cat we discovered living in a construction site on Zaragoza. Lakeside Friends in Riberas says they are only taking kittens. This kitty is young, but not a kitten. Any advice, or anyone up for fostering this sweet soul?
  4. Canadian retirees looking at providing house/pet care near Lake Chapala. Rates are negotiable for this preferred location and time period 2+ weeks between November 2018 and March 2019), We lived in Panama for 2 years, Frank speaks Spanish, I speak French. contact me for details, business4biz@gmail.com http://thehometeam.site/
  5. A Mexican friend found a cat this morning in downtown Ajijic, near the church. He/she has a rabies vaccine tag dated 2016 from The Hampstead Animal Hospital, in Hampstead, New Hampshire. http://www.hampsteadanimalhospital.com/ I've contacted the clinic, and by law, they cannot give me the client's name. The clinic did say that they only have a local number for the owner. and will continue to try to contact them from their end. I believe that the owner is probably snowbirding here on the Lake. If you know this cat or people from New Hampshire in general, please share this information, widely and liberally. Thanks! My friend says that the cat is "huge."
  6. Ramon's hind legs have become paralysed over the past several weeks. Blood tests normal. No pain. All other systems working normally. A challenging case for a really good cat vet...do you have a recommendation? Thx.
  7. A friend of mine passed away and although this cat is a gem, I already have one that is female and she really does not like him. He does not claw furniture, is affectionate and not jumpy at all. He goes outside but was hoping for someone with a good size yard who will really give him the love and attention he deserves. He originally had a chip but there is no denying that he is pure bred. Please PM if interested.
  8. We were recently adopted by a beautiful, all black, short hairy, affectionate male kitten here in Joco. He looks healthy and is full of mischief. Not sure of his age but he's at the point of transitioning from kitten to young cat. Still not very big. We've fallen in love with him and are thinking about the necessity of bringing him NOB by plane when we both need to fly back to Washington. Not sure what all he'll need. Neutering, deworming (eats like a pig and does not gain weight), first vaccinations, etc.? Can anyone recommend a good veterinarian Lakeside that won't take us to the cleaners that might prepare him with the proper treatment and documentation necessary to pass US Customs? I heard of a good one in San Antonio but have no name or address. Any suggestions Mainecoons? All recommendations and advise would be greatly appreciated. It's been a long time since we've been "parents" to a Feline. We are rusty and out of practice. Never owned a cat in Mexico. Just NOB years ago. Thanks in advance!
  9. Greetings All, I am a 48 year old woman with over 25 years animal, eco-home and garden care experience, including Veterinary Assistant experience both in Northern California and Mexico. I've lived in Mexico for about 6 years and am considering moving to the Lake Chalapa, Ajijic area in the next couple of months. I am available starting September 3rd for animal/home/garden sitting (ideally something with in walking distance to town/lake so that i can not only walk your dog(s), but take a look around and possibly find myself a long term place near the Lake/Town to call "home". For more about me, please view my website at ecologyproductions.com You may contact me directly at oak5productions@gmail.com Thank you for any leads, Kirsten
  10. Cat Shelter in Riberas HELP! An overflow of CATS The Cat Shelter in Riberas has record high of 58 adult cats and kittens. The adoption rate is the lowest ever and in the “kitten season” (spring) we accepted a record high number of orphaned kittens. Currently we have 24 kittens that are 3 months old or less. The adult cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and certified as healthy. There is no adoption fee on cats who are over a year old. These young juvenile cats make great pets. They are socialized, gentle and already have a personality. These young ones make a terrific companion and they will be very grateful to have a forever home. If you prefer a kitten, there is a lot to choose from, the kittens are cute but also they require a lot of work. Call today at the Carretera on the way to Chapala #212 Riberas del Pillar, just before the Catholic Church. Our open hours are Monday through Saturday 10-2:00. Closed Sunday. Please open your heart and give a kitty a happy home and you will be glad you did. For cats photos and information and shelter news visit our Facebook page Lakeside Friends of the Animals https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lakeside-Friends-of-the-Animals/347757175420328?fref=ts
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